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DSA-2398-2 curl -- several vulnerabilities

Severity CVSS Published Added Modified
8 (AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:P/I:P/A:P) April 13, 2012 January 28, 2013 March 03, 2014


curl and libcurl 7.2x before 7.24.0 do not properly consider special characters during extraction of a pathname from a URL, which allows remote attackers to conduct data-injection attacks via a crafted URL, as demonstrated by a CRLF injection attack on the (1) IMAP, (2) POP3, or (3) SMTP protocol.

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Upgrade all packages built against source package curl.

Use `apt-get install` to upgrade any installed packages from this list:

  • curl
  • libcurl3
  • libcurl3-dbg
  • libcurl3-gnutls
  • libcurl3-nss
  • libcurl4-gnutls-dev
  • libcurl4-nss-dev
  • libcurl4-openssl-dev

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