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Sun Patch: NSS_NSPR_JSS 3.13.1 Solaris: NSPR 4.8.9 / NSS 3.13.1 / JSS 4.3.2 M

Severity CVSS Published Added Modified
9 (AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C) August 02, 2009 August 02, 2009 June 23, 2014


From Sun Patch 125358-15

Sun has released a security patch addressing the following issues:

13341290 DIS-TRUST DIGINOTAR ROOT CERTIFICATE 13341314 (CVE-2011-3389) RIZZO/DUONG CHOSEN PLAINTEXT ATTACK (BEAST) ON SSL/TLS 1.0 (from 125358-14) 12301816 SUNBT6989121 ENABLE AES CRYPTO INSTRUCTIONS (AVALABLE IN WESTMERE SYSTEMS) IN NS 12305711 SUNBT7008530 CERTUTIL -T -D "SQL:." DUMPS CORE 12307252 SUNBT7015161 CORE DUMP WHEN TLS SESSION TICKETS ARE ENABLED AND SESSION CACHE IS 12306440 SUNBT7011578 ENHANCEMENT TO MAKE NSS SEARCH FOR A COMPLETE CHAIN THAT WOULD END 12306340 SUNBT7011215 PROBLEM WITH CERTIFICATE IMPORT INTO CERT9.DB AND TRUST FLAGS USING 12307757 SUNBT7017553 SSL_RECONFIGFD TRIES TO ACCESS ELEMENTS OF A NULL POINTER. 12309095 SUNBT7025511 POSSIBLE MINOR MEMORY LEAK IN SNI CODE 12309169 SUNBT7025937 MEMORY LEAK IN SSL_CANBYPASS 12304214 SUNBT7001826 NSS SUPPORT REQUIRED FOR SOCKET DIRECT PROTOCOL OVER INFINIBAND (from 125358-13) 6938843 NSS having CKM_TLS_MASTER_KEY_DERIVE_DH enabled causes SSL/ECDHE to fail 6985467 Certutil is able to read and display a der cert from a file 6985501 (CVE-2010-3170) Browser wildcard certificate validation issue (from 125358-12) 6963575 NSS does not support CKR_PIN_LOCKED from C_Login 6938650 libnssckbi: invalid length for nicknames containing multi-byte characters 6963577 Remove support for Netscape SSL server names (SEC_OID_NS_CERT_EXT_SSL_SERVER_NAME) 6963579 An invalid CRL should not cause all certificates issued by that CA to be considered revoked. 6963580 Unable to build pk11util on OpenSolaris (SunOS 5.11) 6965841 Crash in ServerSessionIDLookup or SSL handshake in client hello (from 125358-11) 6879749 Re-initialization of NSS 3.12.3 dumps core. 6926538 Linux installpatch does not handle 64 bit systems 6929079 Add multiple roots to NSS 3.12.6 6929081 CERT_PKIXVerifyCert considers a certificate revoked if cert_ProcessOCSPResponse fails for any reason 6929082 Support for TLS compression RFC 3749 6929093 Implement new safe SSL3 & TLS renegotiation (RFC 5746) 6929103 NSPR logging timestamp month number is off by one 6919819 Remove unused header file plresolv.h 6929098 PR_StringToNetAddr("",ptr) fails on platforms that use inet_addr 6929099 PR_StringToNetAddr("", *ptr) behaviour is inconsistent on windows & solaris 6930970 Expose TLS enableRequireSafeNegotiation in JSS (RFC 5746) (from 125358-10) 6899482 NSS fails to load softoken looking for sqlite3.dll 6899486 (CVE-2009-3555) SSL3 & TLS Renegotiation Vulnerability 6899542 NSS uses PORT_Memcmp for comparing secret data. 6899543 Timing attack against ssl3ext.c:ssl3_ServerHandleSessionTicketXtn() 6899544 If PK11_ImportCert fails it leaves the certificate undiscoverable by CERT_PKIXVerifyCert 6899546 PK11_ImportAndReturnPrivateKey leaks an arena 6899547 PK11_DEREncodePublicKey leaks a CERTSubjectPublicKeyInfo 6899549 NSS include files key.h and pk11func.h are deprecated 6899561 PR_LoadLibraryWithFlags should have a way to set LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH flag with LoadLibrary 6899565 (CVE-2009-1563) Array indexing error in NSPR's Balloc() leads to floating point memory vulnerability 6899487 Expose Support for SSL & TLS Renegotiation settings in JSS 6899568 Fix leaks in PK11Token.c function make_cert_request() (from 125358-09) 6874694 pkix_HttpCertStore_FindSocketConnection reuses closed socket OCSP fails 6874700 Multiple object leaks reported by tinderbox 6874701 object leak in libpkix library upon error 6874702 Cryptokey framework requires module to implement GenerateKey when they support KeyPairGeneration 6874707 update RSA/DSA powerupself tests to be compliant for 2011 6874708 CERT_PKIXVerifyCert reports wrong error code when EE cert is expired 6874709 Passing NULL as the value of cert_pi_trustAnchors causes a crash in cert_pkixSetParam 6874710 NSS 3.12.3 (and later) doesn't build on AIX 5.1 6874712 crash freeing named CRL entry on shutdown 6874714 Improve DES and SHA512 for x86_64 platform 6874715 During NSS_NoDB_Init(), softoken tries but fails to load crash 6874716 cert7.db/cert8.db "corruption" when importing a large certificate (>64K) 6874717 assert if profile path contains cyrillic chars. 6874719 (CVE-2009-2404) Exploitable heap overflow in NSS shell expression (filename globbing) parsing 6874721 When using cert9 (SQLite3) DB, set or change master password fails 6874722 DBM needs to be FIPS certifiable. 6874723 NSS_InitReadWrite("sql:configdir") leaves behind a pkcs11.txu file if is in configdir 6874725 Need function to identify the one and only default internal private key slot. 6874726 Need a generic function a la SECMOD_OpenUserDB() that can be used on non-softoken modules. 6874728 NSS_InitReadWrite("sql:dbdir") causes NSS to look for "sql:dbdir/" 6874732 (CRLDP) implement crlDistributionPoint extension in libPKIX 6874734 libPKIX returns wrong NSS error code 6874736 NSS_ENABLE_PKIX_VERIFY=1 causes sec_error_unknown_issuer errors 6874737 libpkix ocsp checker should use "date" argument to obtain the time for cert validity verification 6874738 Miscellaneous crashes in signtool on Windows 6874740 PK11_ImportCRL reports SEC_ERROR_CRL_NOT_FOUND when it fails to import a CRL 6853831 utilrename.h referenced in multiple header files in /usr/include/mps missing in Solaris 10 6874742 Calling SSL_SetSockPeerID a second time leaks the previous value 6874745 CERT_NameToAscii reports "Invalid AVA" whenever value exceeds 384 bytes 6874746 crash in certutil or pp when printing cert with empty subject name 6874747 A failure to import a cert from a P12 file leaves error code set to zero 6874748 NSS_RegisterShutdown can return without unlocking nssShutdownList.lock 6874750 crash when PORT_NewArena fails 6874752 IO timeout during cert fetching makes libpkix abort validation 6870083 RH4:NSS3.12.3xDS5.2:error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object 6846470 Messaging Server pipe_master program fails after installing NSS patch 119211-20 6874819 Crash or data corruption in NSPR's TransmitFile and SendFile on HPUX 6874820 PR_ExplodeTime() works only if given a PRTime argument between year 1901-2099 (from 125358-08) 6821612 NSS 3.12.x series 6821617 cert name matching: RFC 2818 vs. backwards compatibility (wildcards) 6782276 Error override "trust flags" don't override invalid CA certs in NSS 3.12 6821618 Stop honoring digital signatures in certificates and CRLs based on weak hashes 6799382 CERT_AsciiToName incorrectly parses a name in which an RDN has two or more AVAs separated by '+' 6821620 add environment variable to disable/enable hash algorithms in cert/CRL signatures 6767341 Need to add RPATH to 64-bit libraries on HP-UX 6764022 Using NSS 3.12 makes Directory Server daemon ns-slapd dump core on some Unix platforms 6821630 In prlink.c errStrBuf is not thread-safe. 6821631 ForkAndExec is crashing on Solaris 8/9 due to environ being NULL 6821633 support HmacSHA256, HmacSHA384, and HmacSHA512 6821634 add support to JSS to initialize NSS with more options 6821638 Wrong OIDs for SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512. 6821640 Add SEED support to JSS. 6821643 Expose the TLS session ticket extension (STE) 6821645 JSS doesn't support AES Key unwrapping (from 125358-07) 6737818 Add Entrust root CA certificate(s) to NSS 6737820 Add VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary CA - G5 to NSS 6737821 Add thawte Primary Root CA to NSS 6737822 Add GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority root to NSS 6737826 Add Trustwave Certification Authority certificate to NSS 6737827 Add COMODO Certification Authority certificate to NSS 6737828 Add Network Solutions Certificate Authority root to NSS 6737829 Add DigiNotar Root CA root to NSS 6763177 add network solutions and diginotar root certs to NSS 6763626 Don't send an SNI Client Hello extension bearing an IPv6 address 6737832 Fix PK11_GenerateKeyPair for ECC keys on the 3.11 branch 6737834 Can't import certificate into cert database in FIPS mode (certutil). 6737837 PK11_Authenticate, PK11_DoPassword fail on 3rd party slots if NSS softoken is in FIPS140-2 mode 6737838 Session cache locks not freed at shutdown. 6612960 Assertion failures if SSL_ForceHandshake is called 6737841 threads hanging in nss_InitLock 6737843 memory leak in trustdomain.c 6737846 certutil -L -h token doesn't report token authentication failure 6737848 certutil -K behavior doesn't match usage 6737850 modutil -disable command not disabling modules' slots 6737852 Lock from ssl_InitSymWrapKeysLock not freed at shutdown. 6737854 Certification path validation fails when "Authority Key Identifier" extension contains key identifie 6763630 NSS misbehaves badly in the presence of a disabled PKCS#11 slot 6737862 The primordial thread is attached again in _PR_CleanupIO in PR_Cleanup. 6763248 "RC2/CBC/NoPadding cannot use a null parameter" error message pops up when trying to import a PKCS12 6752510 NSS.pc requires NSPR >= 4.6, but NSPR.pc doesn't exist 6725359 private directory is missing in SUNWprd package for OpenSolaris 6492310 lint warnings in keythi.h (from 125358-06) 6643071 Installpatch of T121656-16 on linux is failed by dependency error. 6657288 Add Identrust, Truktrust, SwissSign Roots 6657292 key search functions ignore the nickname argument 6657317 Correct NSS error string for SEC_ERROR_OCSP_RESPONDER_CERT_INVALID 6657320 built-in root certs module shows no slot name 6657322 Optstate not freed in ocspclnt. 6657815 get offset from UTC out of NSPR 6657816 PR_ImplodeTime only works with years 1901-2099 6657818 A process created by PR_CreateProcess with an inherited fd can't pass any inheritable fd to a child 6657820 PR_CreateProcess() function drops empty string parameters 6657822 port NSPR to Windows XP / Server 2003 64bit for AMD64 6657823 Unix: clean up NSPR when the NSPR library is unloaded 6657826 PR_GetFileInfo much slower on Windows than native system call 6657829 PR_CallOnce/PR_CallOnceWithArg do not set NSPR error code if once->initialized is TRUE and once->sta 6657830 add capability to parse long command line option names 6657834 memory leak in prcmon.c 6657837 Use getaddrinfo/getnameinfo 6626993 JSS should have a method that states true/false if a token needs login 6630163 spurious javax.crypto.ShortBufferException with SUNWjss (4.0,REV=2004. (from 125358-05) 6624319 Add multiple new roots to NSS 6549319 NSS needs a function to indicate bypassability of a private key 6624326 certutil -T crashes if -h <token> specifies a nonexistant token 6624328 NSS allocation functions don't always set SEC_ERROR_NO_MEMORY 6624329 SSL_CanBypass leaks memory 6624331 Bug in PK11_ListPrivKeysInSlot 6624334 OOM crash in softoken 6624335 unexported api calls in p12plcy.h 6624337 unexported api calls in pkcs12.h 6624338 pk12util leaks password strings 6624342 libSSL leaks global array of trusted client auth CA names 6624343 Infinite loop in CERT_CertChainFromCert 6624344 PK11_FindCertFromNickname sets no error code when token not found 6624346 PK11_FindCertByIssuerAndSN must validate input arguments 6624348 Do not send hello extensions when using SSL v3.0 6624350 ssl_GetPrivate can corrupt non-SSL private structures 6624351 two public SSL functions require PRFD* to point to SSL layer 6624352 RSA certificate request succeeds even when underlying pkcs11 module returns error 6624354 Make DEBUG_PKCS11 work for optimized builds, too 6624356 Three root CA certs don't have explicit CKA_TRUST_STEP_UP_APPROVED flags 6580347 PR_Accept() on IPv6 socket returns invalid argument on Windows 6596161 PR_SendFile spins on Solaris due to Solaris sendfile return 0 (to mean sendfile failure) (from 125358-04) 6605712 Revert JSS build to support Java 1.4 again 6526738 Add nspr.pc to SUNWprd and nss.pc to SUNWtlsd (from 125358-03) 6560823 Unauthorized OCSP response error (from 125358-02) 6555587 memory leak in mp_bdivmod 6555589 Export DER_Generalized* and DER_TimeChoice* functions 6547236 crash in certutil when high validity value is specified 6555590 DER_TimeToGeneralizedTimeArena and DER_TimeToUTCTime don't check for valid range and may leak 6555588 bogus PKCS12_KEY_USAGE in secoid table 4926429 PR_vsnprintf can crash with finite precision string specifiers and non-NULL terminated strings 6524809 JSS SSLSocket.close() may be blocked and not interrupting the thread (from 125358-01) 6507762 Two SSL2 security vulnerabilities found in NSS 6507627 overflow in session counter leads to crash 6423970 certutil does not detect and report error when unsupported ONB curve is specified on command line 6524565 Changes in Daylight Savings Time computations 6524651 Update HP-UX IPv6 code

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