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Sun Patch: SunOS 5.10: kernel patch

Severity CVSS Published Added Modified
6 (AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:P) November 08, 2009 September 15, 2010 June 23, 2014


From Sun Patch 142909-17

Sun has released a security patch addressing the following issues:

6963704 Seville: two pcieb nodes remain unconfigured on first config-free boot 6973132 storing large ACLs in wrong dmu object type 6974188 processor name update for SPARC T3 6974576 fix for 6929152 should be removed (from 142909-16) 6958695 I/O subtree init blocked by pcieb instance collisions 6959396 panic in e_ddi_borrow_instance() after upgrade across pcieb rename 6963656 ddi-mp needs to be more supportable 6968413 disable by default in-kernel use of CPC counters 6960948 scsa driver delivers ses "scsiclass,03S" un-backoutable record to driver aliases (from 142909-15) 6928627 Solaris showing messages for unknown "volume 0" 6941417 platform-specific settings needed for XAUI 6953425 upgrades of systems using SVM-backed file systems and swap are failing 6956176 bad trap panics seen on RF machines on running MAUDR tests 6961031 n2cp AES CFB mode data size checking is too strict (from 142909-14) 6467718 libprtdiag needs to treat value of CPU's clock-frequency property as unsigned 6566758 race condition in uadmin(A_SHUTDOWN) 6615402 recursive mutex enter on the hash lock in arc_evict_ghost 6696372 ZFS boot: krtld needs to ignore -Z and its argument on SPARC 6834743 system panic due to lgrp_ functions during OS installation 6837893 add new fields to ibt_hca_portinto_t 6859421 several x86 platforms (DomU, B100s/x, ELX nic based systems) all hang at DEBUG enabled miniroot boot 6861737 assertion in lgrpplat.c hit on platform with >32 cores 6863653 need in kernel OFED RDMA CM API 6891449 zvol_strategy() check for zv == NULL too late 6892542 panic while issuing diag resets during I/O for mptsas device driver 6896190 "Failover completed successfully" is printed a few times while failover is actually failed on a TPG 6898657 zfs upgrade -v and zpool upgrade -v version URL has changed 6910795 use the invariant %stick for sun4v system tick 6911444 rebooting off snapshot: assertion failed: vfsp->vfs_count != 0 (common/fs/vfs.c) 6912010 panic if hotspare is created during heavy I/O 6912096 compiling Perl using -fast produces invalid instruction 6914638 RAID passthrough should use Default descriptor instead of SCSI I/O descriptor 6916726 FMA: certain DIMMs can give a false fault.memory.dram-ue-imminent 6920705 diag reset fails - Device is gone 6923030 NOTICE: ds_get_hv_pri failed: 0x1 is seen on LDOM guest booting 6923197 mpt_sas driver should create the phy number property to help locate the disk 6924052 iostat within guest domains report 100% busy following a control domain reboot 6927876 for 4k sector support, ZFS needs to use DKIOCGMEDIAINFOEXT 6928826 panic: assertion failed: ab->b_buf == NULL, file: ../../common/fs/zfs/arc.c, line: 1738 6929152 kernel bcopy/copyin/copyout on Niagara2/RF could run substantially faster 6930150 sd should support ZFS sending physical block size aligned I/O to FMODs in emulation mode 6931325 multiple Encode devid failed for path target WARNING messages during M3000 system reboot test 6931570 add flash devices' VID/PID to disk table to advertising 4K physical sector size 6931950 vdisk does not timeout when backend does not exist 6934287 check_resync_regions create huge number of entries in the callback table 6934885 'zfs recv' not output valid option of '-e' 6935088 ElPaso panics: kernel heap corruption detected 6939097 /dev/openprom driver needs to be able to handle SAS/SATA HBA attached SATA DVD drive 6939707 domain can panic on 'ldm stop' 6940470 mdi_failover() with async flag won't return the failover status to target driver 6940624 spurious DS console message: Service 'agent-system'/client already registered 6941020 mpxio failover on 7410 may take more than 3 minutes 6942295 use-after-free panic in dsl_dataset_user_release_one 6942627 can't reboot - get HV: error = 0x8 6942719 px driver needs to support VPCI 2.0 6943088 disable memory DR after a domain migration 6943145 Solaris user verbs api change to include IBV_ACCESS_SO flag and functionality 6943272 CP3260 (Monza) systems hung during net booting 6943734 parallel rdmacm operations on same CMID can cause panic with rdsv3 6944892 ibt_ip_path_handler_t(9e) is passed src_ip_p > required 6945146 sol_ucma: codes cleanup for issue reported by coverity tools 6945163 sol_uverbs: codes cleanup for issues reported by coverity tools 6945577 LDoms DS fails to register SP 'pri' if more than 10 active domains booted 6945836 fast crash dump broken: bzip2 internal error: BZ_UNKNOWN_ERROR 6946030 perf bits in L2_CONTROL register should be programmed only for events with SL bits equal to 3 6947049 SDIO: emlx and nxge devices have issues at Solaris on sdio domain (Scottsdale) 6948911 snapshot deletion can induce unsatisfiable allocations in txg sync 6949808 ibt_aget_ip_paths() can result in panic 6952268 zfs recv usage message needs a little more work 6956938 cpu_parity_error fix is applied to i-cache instead of d-cache (from 142909-13) 6953276 incorrect version for cpc_terminate symbol 6950720 igb leak (mac_register_priv_prop) 6948974 -U option should leave pkgs that don't exist in global zone 6861794 zoneadm attach complains that local zone does not contain patches that are in the bad_patches file 6800618 zoneadm attach fails on branded zones: mount operation is invalid for branded zones 6948824 p2v support does not support SUNWCreq or lower metaclusters 6939070 ldmad problem with largefiles (file > 2GB) 6936753 crash dumping hungs several platforms with error "86: BZ_RUN error BZ_PARAM_ERROR at page 0" 6935843 JDS Solaris Print Manager About Dialog requires rebranding 6935779 Fabric xlate should look for correct RP from both BDF and Address 6937136 TRU errors (568-572) resulting in 2 diagnosis' 6923471 use new property to safely increase MPS and overall system performance 6911965 mr_sas driver missing key performance CTIO feature present in Linux/Windows version 6908270 insufficient test for "segkp_fault: bad unlock" panic in segkp_fault() 6948614 unable to boot failsafe after BFU 6941908 sysdc_leave() can race with sysdc_update() and trip over 0xdeadbeef 6915111 zfs_iter_snapshots() can miss snapshots 6915113 zfs_send() should use recursive snapshot holds for replication streams 6917142 zfs_iter_filesystems() can miss filesystems 6915353 dsl_dataset_user_release() should retry on EBUSY 6923572 cannot dump to zvol when spa_config_lock is held as writer 6887372 DTLs not cleared after resilver if permanent errors present 6932959 ZFS allows too many devices to be faulted 6923585 deadlock while booting from mirrored rpool with removed submirror 6929202 "zpool status" command hang when all the disks in a pool failed 6941175 panic assertion failed: scl->scl_writer != curthread,file: common/fs/zfs/spa_misc.c, line: 327 6914746 sprintf_blkptr() causes NULL pointer dereference 6918925 txg sync lasts a fraction of zfs_txg_synctime 6923102 spa_load_impl() leaks nvconfig if type is SPA_IMPORT_ASSEMBLE 6948185 p_user.u_cdir should not be NULL for the zpool-zfsroot process 6921757 zpool can't be autoexpanded after set autoexpand=on on LUN expansion 6931401 creating a version 4 FS succeeds when it should fail and report that the pool must first be upgraded 6942232 ztest changing readonly props 6917437 fmd utilities (fmadm, fmstat) hang on error injection followed by fmd restart 6929453 panic in zfs-test hotspare_replace_003_pos 6912425 zpool import updates cache even with altroot 6915289 check for completed replacement in spa_vdev_resilver_done_hunt() in incomplete 6720637 want zdb -l option to dump uberblock arrays as well 6848238 zdb -bcsv does not report all corruptions 6896791 want zdb option to set aok and zfs_recover 6900971 zdb rewind behavior needs to be revisited 6918420 zdb -m has issues printing metaslab statistics 6902304 Hamilton B4: SunVTS 7.0: netlbtest internal loopback test fails for ixgbe0 or ixgbe1 6900377 atomic operations on cp_haltset limit IOPs 6897638 variable names in igb.conf are incorrect 6902785 igb should return failure immediately when finding error with dma handle 6917570 mutex lock leak in igb 6919678 mac loopback needs to be removed from igb internal loopback test 6895400 SDIO Error Handling Support for RF Platform 6886597 fmd service transitioned to maintenance on shutdown 6906041 remove unnecessary #include <ldom.h> from generic-mem DE 6882613 igb panic on Serpa systems 6879375 MADs may be vulnerable to corruption 6906596 network connection lost when subnet manager stops/starts 6915876 hermon is not handling timeout during flash correctly 6919694 ibt_free_qp() fails for QP assosiated with connection not yet initiated 6922514 tavor, hermon: duplicate call to freerbuf when mtt_bind fails, causes panic 6932984 IBTF and HCA drivers need to more completely support FMR and ibt_map_mem_area() 6939784 potential double free in hermon_ci_map_mem_area() 6879323 RDS fixes for Oracle RAC 11gR1 6939072 Oracle RAC failure with cable pull destructive testing with RDS driver 6947451 ibtl_cm_chan_open_is_aborted() panics in an error path 6852941 bad trap panic in contract_process_hwerr 6924278 lwp_exit() race causes proc with bad p_tlist, panicking ps(1) 6846565 mpt_sas implementation of WWID breaks existing ok2rm LED functionality 6948701 cfgadm can't unconfigure the path when mpxio is enabled 6844925 PIOMAPSIZE of 1GB is too small on sun4v 6839498 callout subsystem should be less brittle wrt memory allocation failure 6901289 THREAD_FREE_HASH() hash function should be reconsidered 6919691 X4450(Tucani) was hung booting 6933239 assertion fail in callout.c on Emerald system 6932552 early calls to cv_reltimedwait() are even less safe post 6919691 6831623 add Connected Mode to IPonIB 6915698 fix for 6901527 does not handle error path correctly 6919788 bad mutex panics on IB Tavor card systems in 32-bit mode 6919407 no longer able to configure IPv6 for ibd with x86 systems 6812488 account lockout needs to perform additional checks 6733022 memory leak in nsldapi_sasl_open() 6865456 memory leak - berval in nsldapi_sasl_do_bind 6551734 libsldap: memory leak in __ns_ldap_getParam() 6611693 lidsldap: memory leak in __s_api_sasl_bind_callback() 6731903 per-user nscd not functional when using libumem debugging 6688321 PCI enumerator should use SMBIOS for slot labels when available 6688291 PCIe slot number of 0 should be respected 6813504 IRQ routing table is more reliable than PCIe slotcap register for giving slot labels 6813507 need to override incorrect slot-names property on Sun-Fire-X4600-M2 and Sun-Fire-X4600 6813522 need to override incorrect slot-names property on X2200-M2 and X2100-M2 6902034 pci_label_missing_lookup() relies on bus enumeration being invariant 6902039 pci_label_missing_lookup() mechanism can't be used if we already have a bogus slot name/num 6938519 hostbridge instance number incorect when using pci_label_missing_lookup() 6684577 ld should propagate SHF_LINK_ORDER flag to ET_REL objects 6655655 single-phase COMMIT processing for NFS3 and NFS4 server 6538954 kmem_cache_alloc() doesn't scale for anon structure allocations when cache magazines are empty 6524709 executables using /usr/lib/ as the ELF interpreter dump core (from 142909-12) 6937524 add Auto-Registration SMF service to open and limited profiles 6931722 vdisk using failfast or multipath can hang during heavy I/O 6929029 hat_kpm_fault() on sun4v forces kernel panic 6922984 libsldap locking around LDAP connection management is incorrect 6922272 SATA framework does not handle >2TiB disks 6937622 DKIOCGMEDIAINFOEXT returns the wrong physical block size 6912305 px driver fails processing PCIe errors injected via Raven error injector 6911993 Fabric Xlate should not send rc.xx-msgs on systems with a real PCIe RP 6909794 diagnosis incorrect for errors pex_rec_ca_pio_wr_req and pex_rec_ur_pio_wr_req 6922098 fabric-xlate can do beter work when logged PCie header is corrupted 6907851 X4450 (Tucani) panics: occurred in module "ixgbe" due to a NULL pointer dereference 6902786 ixgbe should return failure immediately when finding error with dma handle 6908305 ixgbe watchdog timer fails to work with fix for 6902786 6917647 potential mutex lock leak in ixgbe 6918426 ixgbe spams system log with function messages 6907226 memcpy() may produce bad copy when interrupted 6901121 assertion failed: hubd->h_intr_pipe_state == HUBD_INTR_PIPE_ACTIVE 6908623 hubd_config_one causes unnecessary delay 6916004 Type 7 USB keyboard dead 6935545 usba may try to load consconfig from disk after bop_unmountroot() and before mounting root FS 6896720 new CPU added to lgrp partition list too early during boot, causes intermittent boot hang 6889322 add NLP2020 PHY support to nxge 6874797 Solaris needs to support I/O subtree reparenting 6945467 devfsadm -r dumps core post I/O subtree reparenting 6949477 generating devinfo snapshots can lead to panics 6943725 potential use of freed pointer in e_ddi_free_instance() 6949932 ddi_alias_to_currdip() and ddi_strdup() leaks 6717615 ambiguous treatment of offline CPUs with respect to DR 6794962 CPU DR incorrectly rejects some attempts to remove vcpus 6908683 cooperative guest migration panic in cmt_balance 6927091 cooperative guest migration should account for some %stick variation across CPUs 6929496 deadlock with mdeg_notify_clients and mdeg_unregister hit with DEBUG, causes login hang (from 142909-11) 6933010 cfgadm doesn't list internal "C0" disk cont./disks, lost ablility to unconfig & lite Blue OK2RM LED 6930358 make the core set of GLDv3 driver APIs committed 6667363 ndd ioctl logic can be handled in the GLDv3 layers 6886669 igb driver needs to support Brussels 6942780 mac_add_name() has typo 6942832 uninitialized variable in mac_ndd_get_ioctl() 6926803 uata:ata_ghd_complete_wraper() panic'd in module "uata" due to a NULL pointer dereference 6899895 ldm set-mau command hangs and fails before succeeding after multiple attempts 6809524 missing files in SUNWzoner package 6782858 Solaris needs Broadcom 5718 network support 6295364 post_syscall has lock inefficencies 4715408 stat(2) sometimes returns an incorrect size for /etc/mnttab 6763469 fuser(1M) no longer sees mnttab consumers (from 142909-10) 6937884 s/Sun/Oracle/g 6935816 removal of T142910-05 results in igb going haywire 6917781 system may not boot after removing 142909-xx 6919983 "fmadm faulty" and "svcadm disable fmd" cause core dumps 6926499 xaui get path fails 6917448 processor name update for UltraSPARC T3 6893749 minor formatting issue where prtdiag columns are too narrow 6915871 cooperative guest migration problem with multiple vnets 6914644 Solaris cannot differentiate between new SP state notifications 6892591 per-MMU context id domains for sun4v 6879357 fmd dumps core while processing a DR event 6806653 billions and billions of root-hub lookups 6773920 improvements for sun4v PI c2c and membuf diagnosis 6834746 multiple leaks in cpumem-diagnosis while running fmstress 6753228 array overrun in nscd initialization 6687689 smp_start: get unknown iocstatus:90 when power off/on Vela 6652443 system_esbq lock contention 4720206 ::findleaks shouldn't cache results across state changes 4743353 libumem's module fails to load on idle targets 6216775 ::whatthread would be useful 6245779 kmem.c dcmds truncating addresses 6266121 kmem buffer history should be easier to get 6304072 libumem seems to use more heap than it needs 6336202 d4fc7824::typegraph made mdb crash 6581855 add ::kmem_slabs dcmd to report slab usage per cache 6799290 need to uniquify stacks in kmdb 6875845 ::whatis should be able to dump the bufctl/vmem seg 6881824 ::whatis needs to be faster, smarter, and modular (from 142909-09) Revision skipped. (from 142909-08) 6935018 S10U9 patch for ldoms agents should depend on 6915529 user-level Domain service loopback client registration fails in some scenarios 6906986 Bostons panic and will not boot - PCIe Fabric error 6886977 RFE: zoneadm attach option to make zone match newly installed zone 6837729 registering kernel DMA memory through uDAPL fails 6848646 fault diagnosis for downrev firmware needs work 6858031 ibd: one receive memory region is required to fix performance and scaling problems 6861355 ibd datalink device in the 'unknown' state 6863983 NFS/RDMA - 1 client, 2 servers - Hermon Device Errors seen (CQE local protection error) 6884097 ibt_map_mem_iov() fails (hermon reverses SLEEP and NOSLEEP) 6886372 hermon should support 4K IB MTU 6901363 IPoIB packets are dropped 6901527 ibd panicked using NICDRV load_unload stress test in UD mode 6912430 when using uDAPL with multiple ports, small msgs on one port can corrupt msgs on another port 6914930 panic - Tavor Infiniband card - assert fail: curr!=NULL, ../ib/adapters/tavor/tavor_wr.c, line: 3004 6915799 kernel panics in hermon driver when using uDAPL with multiple HCAs simultaneously 6894485 ibd is not lint clean 6826775 devid_str_decode_id leaks 6764832 provide user-level processor groups observability 6831680 cputrack(1) leaves its victim with unneeded cpc context 6901343 CPC context flag updates are not always atomic 6908152 dormant thread CPC context affects CPU CPC consumers 6806595 ncp/n2cp CPU event handlers incorrectly handle unknown events 6680702 RFE: want a mechanism for Solaris to know if it is an LDOM and if so what type 6873151 RFE: unique ID for LDOMs to facillitate asset tracking 6712763 RFE: need information about control domain from within a guest domain 6934669 virtinfo missing calls to l10n functions setlocale/textdomain 6671120 add new performance events for Shanghai processor 6770238 add new performance events for Istanbul processor 6434380 expanding the basic privilege set in order to restrict network access and IPC 6912229 multiple applications mishandle privilege operations, in particular they ignore the basic set 6915244 in.tftpd mishandles privileges operations 6915782 zlogin mishandles basic privileges 6915778 lpd-port mishandles basic privileges 5097228 provide 'zpool split' to create new pool by breaking all mirrors 6429996 zvols don't reserve enough space for requisite meta data 6468151 inconsistent behavior with volsize property 6644648 want "zfs send -R a/b/c@snap | zfs recv d/e" to create d/e/c[/...] 6667683 need a way to rollback to an uberblock from a previous txg 6678033 resilver code should prefetch 6698011 ZFS incorrectly reports file systems as children when attempting a rename 6730529 trying to import a pool that is already imported should have a better error message 6796577 array overrun in lofi driver 6816106 ops on previously forced unmap of lofi with crypto enabled causes panic 6826241 sync write IOPS drops dramatically during TXG sync 6839260 want zfs send with properties 6841580 ZFS stack overflow when upgrading to userspace accounting 6850025 want to preserve local properties for zfs_recv 6850030 snapshots on read-only dataset shouldn't affect zfs_receive 6855486 zfs_receive should keep trying to set properties even after some fail 6859446 scrub doesn't pause correctly 6869229 ZFS should switch to shiny new metaslabs more frequently 6876139 writev - gABI test case hangs with ZFS filesystem 6879915 spa_vdev_setpath can suspend holding spa_namespace_lock 6880831 memory leak in zpool add 6881015 ZFS write activity prevents other threads from running in a timely manner 6885138 would like ability to specify exact receive path when receiving "zfs send -R" stream 6885998 bad ASSERT() in traverse_zil_block() 6889824 infrastructure for ZFS notification of external faults 6889826 ZFS retire agent should be able to repair pools 6889827 ZFS retire agent needs to do a better job of staying in sync 6891438 zfs_ioc_userspace_upgrade could reference uninitialized error variable 6891441 zvol_create_minor sets local variable zv but never references it 6891442 spa_import() sets local variable spa but never references it 6893929 user/group quotas passed to "zfs create" are not properly set 6895088 panic: existing znode ffffff84e4747da0 for dbuf ffffff8271678e18 6895446 vdevs left open after removing slogs or offlining device/file 6896756 assertion failed: 0 == dsl_pool_user_hold(dp, ds->ds_object, htag, &now, tx) 6897692 ZFS import leaks an nvlist 6897933 zfs_get_data: assertion failed: db->db_offset == offset 6897958 ASSERT in metaslab_class_space_update() with 8+ exabyte pool 6897978 zfs send should ignore unknown properties 6897980 zdb doesn't display correct name for TX_{CREATE,MKDIR}_ATTR 6897982 zfs_replay_create() needlessly sets 'name' for TX_MKXATTR 6897984 zdb shouldn't bother displaying name for TX_MKXATTR records 6898790 assertion failed: alloctype == VDEV_ALLOC_LOAD || alloctype == VDEV_ALLOC_ADD 6899159 injection isn't trashing pools 6899160 pool recovery info sometimes not appearing 6899862 ZFS txg time tunables should be more flexible 6899867 mstate_thread_onproc_time() doesn't account for runnable time correctly 6899923 vdev_offline/vdev_add deadlock 6900437 uninitialized variable in zfs_set_prop_nvlist() panics 'zpool create' during installation of zfsroot 6900484 default volblocksize is no longer being reported correctly 6900497 zdb -S could be much faster 6901122 destroy snapshot by delegated user succeeds without descendent permissions when -r or -R used 6902693 can't install from DVD 6903705 dedup=fletcher4,verify doesn't byteswap correctly, has lots of hash collisions 6904147 spurious 'zfs receive' errors when receiving properties 6905188 panic: kernel heap corruption when doing "zfs rename -r" 6908211 'zfs inherit -S volsize <volume>' core dumps 6909909 memory leak in zfs_receive() 6911611 zfs_send()'s use of snapshot holds is still racy 6914241 in ztest_vdev_attach_detach() the code is choosing a random leaf incorrectly 6915030 race condition in ztest can end up causing spa_vdev_split_mirror() to offline a replacing vdev 6916662 received mountpoint invalid after upgrade to zpool v22 6931823 allow filesets with dedup enabled to be imported (from 142909-07) 6933979 nxge: undefined symbol 'hv_niu_cfgh_tx_logical_page_info' 6903292 running flag not set on IPMP underlying e1000g interfaces 6913835 e1000g driver passes bad messages up the stack when jumbograms received 6882711 interrupt binding interface for niumx 6848789 LDoms static Direct I/O support 6767139 nulldriver 6921943 PCIe error handling may not decode epkt header logs correctly 6826513 ldd gets confused by a crle(1) LD_PRELOAD setting 6713821 lx branded zone warnings printed to console when booting tx 6551906 update the kernel RPC/RDMA transport protocol to latest definitions 6845259 nfsd should honor the '-p proto' and '-t provider'options 6197327 client mounts should fail gracefully when RDMA is disabled 6821368 rpcib:rib_svc_rcq_handler panic with Tavor in T1000 system 6762215 bad mutex panic in rib_svc_scq_handler() while handling IBT_WC_WR_FLUSHED_ERR errors 6836780 rpcib max send/receive buffer values too low 6837810 need better rpcib connection management 6760947 NFS/RDMA port should be changed to IANA assigned 20049 6762173 RDMA panic on writes from Linux client 6790590 readdir fails from Linux client against Solaris server 6790588 Linux client fails to decode READ replies from Solaris server 6790586 Solaris server should better handle chunked RPC/RDMA messages 6826476 rpcib leaks memory registrations while handling multiple chunks 6788618 NFS mounts fail due to rcpib running on server's Infiniband network 6856642 NFS/RDMA client bad mutex panic at rpcib:rib_clnt_cm_handler 6875892 NFS/RDMA client panic: rib_rbuf_free 6915315 wrong order of rw_enter() calls in rib_detach_hca() can cause deadlock 6850110 NFS/RDMA client panic: clist_deregister 6770204 NFS/RDMA: client panic at clnt_compose_rpcmsg(): bcopy: arguments below kernelbase 6919008 server panic at: rdma_svc_postrecv 6901332 possible null pointer dereference in rfs3_read() (from 142909-06) 6925099 applying 142909-03/142910-03 produces errors in /var/sadm/patch/142909-03/log 6885796 ATTN button doesn't work after system reboot until running cfgadm configure once manually 6906321 no console message is printed when inserting a card 6906708 missing sys/ddi_hp header files on BFU'ed system 6904360 PCI hotplug errors during net boot (jumpstart) on x86 systems 6812139 SVM dereferences NULL from sm_get_component_count and panics 6751272 RFE: Solaris timezone patches should not require reboot 6634608 Super Top USB disk enclosure caused panic 6885249 USB disks hang with I/O pending when Thunderbird is started alongside 6580939 RFE: provide unique hostid for each non-global zone 6667924 physical to virtual utility for native zones 6803127 zoneadm dry-run attach dumps core 6868481 p2v should handle absolute path archives 6893156 zonecfg(1M)'s grammar rejects property names and resource types where it expects property values 6874636 RFE: zoneadmd should mount cluster branded zones as native in alternate roots 6894901 zoneadmd can hang if fdetach() return EBUSY 6213465 non-global zone's /dev directory has wrong group owner 6572723 zoneadmd should allow LOFS mounts on files 6903478 need better error msg for flar made on system with ZFS root (from 142909-05) 6907480 SATA DVD drive does not work on Rainbow Falls platforms 6765706 panic assertion failed: pwr_p->pwr_hold >0,file:../../sun4/io/px/pcie_pwr.c,line: 698 6741065 Solaris should support cooperative migration 6873667 domain running Sun Cluster should notify the cluster framework when it is migrating 6704999 extend xaui enum to work in platform independent world 6709649 console-logging enhancement for sun4v systems 6748170 error injector should have a hidau test 6773223 RFE: guest epkt for faulted SP 6773225 RFE: diagnosis of a faulted SP 6797776 Solaris support for UltraSPARC T3 platforms 6843550 add functionality to support T3 CPU to error injector 6875113 error injector causing some correctable cpu_mem errors to reset T5220 system (kdirfcs & kdirfco) 6896107 status is reported as "Removed" on repair of *.strand fault case 6899888 faulted strand remains on-line when fmd is expected to reissue fault 6906230 panic after SP reboot 6631327 generic SPARC CPU and memory diagnosis 6631328 generic SPARC CPU and memory recovery 6691060 POPC dropsie 6848640 de rules need to treat the payloadprop constraints as "may" propagation 6773928 n2cp should support CKM_AES_GCM 6929559 feature KU 142909-04 and 142910-04 failed to accumulate generic patches (from 142909-04) 6919528 x86 systems not installing due to boot block issue on zfsroot 6881922 remove Solaris support for SPARC-Enterprise-T3120 6873566 Core File Gathering/Firmware Diag Buffer support 6892609 add support for REG_ACCESS IOCTL in Solaris SAS2 storage driver (mpt_sas) 6892984 add support for "System Shutdown Initiated" RAID action 6892985 add support for extended FW Diag Buffer in Solaris SAS2 storage driver (mpt_sas) 6892995 add time stamp to IOC Init message for Solaris SAS2 storage driver (mpt_sas) 6901371 IOCTL path locks if issued after forcing fault 6889844 deleting hot spare as first operation after reboot fails 6883972 mpt_sas driver is false positive detected by wsdiff 6873301 ixgbe shared code update (version 3.1.9) 6869047 pcitool could not work correctly on sun4v platform if use "-s" option 6868087 facility to allow external processes to subscribe to FMA protocol events 6535637 add Severity level to payload of list.suspects event 6579970 Eversholt constraints can't access conf properties for path other than "to" or "from" path 6726394 fmd_fmri_replaced should be properly supported for hc-scheme 6726478 non-relative horizontal expansions don't always work 6765185 ddi_dma_mem_alloc should ignore devacc_attr_access 6778240 generic historic diagnosis rules 6778345 need better error message if "fmadm replaced" finds the original fru is still present 6783915 numerous drivers using devacc_attr_access without specifying DDI_DEVICE_ATTR_V1 6796601 fmadm faulty doesn't show the year when events happen 6802474 port libfmd_msg to ON 6810965 port fmdump -m to ON 6820523 fmdump -V should display the complete time for all files, not just errlog files 6826128 allow separate serd n/t parameters for different types of PCIEX CEs 6839469 checks for replacement of faulty DIMM not working on Intel systems 6841968 syslog-msgs inadvertently uses wrong msg priority, causing msgs to be output to all windows 6844214 typo in pciex.esc can cause Eversholt to run slow 6844639 libtopo: add DIMM serial to chip-select nodes on X4140/4240/4440 6844880 fmd_asru_hash_apply_*() should take const char pointer 6844881 fmd should update topo snapshot on EC_DEV_{ADD, REMOVE} 6844882 fmd should be more careful with topo timestamps 6847899 unknown libtopo error when a topo builtin fails to initialize 6847905 memory leak in zfs builtin when injecting repeated DR events 6850083 libtopo: need to add JEDEC id for Hyundai Electronics to jedec_tbl in the chip enumerator 6855750 fmadm faulty will fail to expand message tokens that reference event payload 6858736 add genleaf support for "firmware mismatch" and "firmware corrupt" 6874078 fminject should always add __injected payload 6874080 fmd_case_add_ereport() should add any __injected payload from ereports into the suspect list 6881060 subdirectories in /var/fm/fmd/ have overly restrictive permissions 6886098 ddi_fm_acc_err_get()/ddi_fm_dma_err_get() copy data when they don't need to 6886100 DDI_FLAGERR_ACC accesses on x86 should use i_ddi_prot_io_get8() calls as on SPARC 6890955 oodles of FMA messages upon fmd start-up 6891338 Eversholt should allow strings to be concatenated 6892864 setserdsuffix() should work with integer type 6893144 add door_xcreate for creating private doors with per-door thread creation control 6895743 fmadm faulty hangs in door call to deadlocked fmd 6895968 fmdump hangs when low on memory and malloc fails 6896205 fmd module to forward selected protocol events for external subscription 6896220 sysevent_evc_xsubscribe and other GPEC modifications 6897161 pathfunc functions should allow function as first argument 6898017 problems with adding serial numbers in fmd_case_add_suspect() 6900146 fmd is core dumping 6900161 ur-u, ca-u and badreq-u propagation errors missing where faulty device is beneath PCIe-PCI bridge 6900163 need to handle 6900189 should allow drivers to override serd parameters for PCIEX correctable errors 6900624 if too many open files, shouldn't just blame the fmd module that discovers it 6900975 sysevent_evc_{unbind,unsubscribe} off-by-one in subscriber list traversal 6860401 FMA CPU Topology & Memory Topology needs to support Magny-Cours (Multi chip Module) 6843035 need support for Magny-Cours processors 6876338 Memory Error injection needs tuning to support Multi-Chip-Module (AMD Magny-Cours) 6844241 Unexpected Trap on AMD Phenom-equipped machines 6899162 assertion failed: GROUP_SIZE(parent->cmt_children) <=1 with daily.1105 and above 6897799 cmt_lineage can be incorrect 6903691 assertion failure in pg_cmt_cpu_active 6899220 chip_id is not correctly derived on Barcelona, leading to panics and/or wrong CPU topology 6899212 cmi_hdl_impl structure is not exactly duplicated in the generic_cpu mdb module 6898147 inappropriate nvlist_free in x86gentopo's chip enumerator 6814342 FMA for Intel Nehalem EX 6874673 produces wrong fault 6891395 libfmd_agent does not scale to large numbers of CPU's 6834648 MC# Handler should not clear MC banks on uncorrectable errors 6853745 same ereport is generated every 10 seconds automatically in looping after error injection 6893457 CMS_API_VERSION needs to be bumped 6900835 fix nhmex KAs "Suggested Action..." to be more precise 6893468 need to clean up some unwanted code in nhmex_cpu.c 6898461 return value from address_to_socket not checked (lint) 6898698 add timer constrain to discard_fatal fault prop statement 6726533 vdisk failover should handle storage/storage-path failures (a la mpxio) 6699505 vdc_init_attr_negotiation() should compare msglen to the size of vd_attr_msg_t not vio_ver_msg_t 6710930 Solaris needs to support large sector size hard drive disk 6874225 sd returns disk size -1 sector 6856230 service domain panics when exporting a file as a single-slice disk 6701045 iSCSI boot on x86 6714847 iSCSI boot, SPARC part 6751246 DHCP releases the lease before sync is committed on iSCSI disk 6422549 delay nl7c_init() call until after the root is mounted 6811108 need workaround for 6798547 - add option to disable iSCSI boot 6647764 Solaris storage driver Transport Layer Retries (TLR) support 6902614 st: assertion failed: tval, file: ../../common/io/scsi/targets/st.c, line: 8987 6502086 DBU errors should be diagnosed as HV defect/fault 6502089 ferg.invalid errors should be diagnosed as a fault 6884095 FRU does not report chassis-id, part-number and serial in some cases (DRAM errors) (from 142909-03) 6924015 S10U9 RE nightly image from 2/5/10 fails to install on SPARC and x86 (from 142909-02) 6897072 scsi_hba_detach return failure incorrectly with tran_open_flag statement 6862543 aac should support power management commands for logical disk 6849551 many duplicated ereports are delivered to the DE 6828976 Fast Crash Dump 6878030 live crash dump is much slower than reboot dump 6626023 crash dump size is excessive on large memory machines 6898505 kmem_verify oddities around Fast Crash Dump integration 6898202 hat_flush_range is not correct for x86 6897467 savecore dumps core - arithmetic exception 6896294 savecore dumps core - segmentation fault 6817644 UltrasparcIV+:cpumem Diagnostic Engine should support anonymous TAG errors 6892713 booting a DEBUG kernel on an Ultrasparc-II draws "undefined symbol last_l2tag_error_injected" 6815302 implement futimens, utimensat(POSIX.1-2008) -set file modification times with nanosecond granularity 6539657 touch(1) does not set the nanosecond timestamp of a file correctly 6897583 touch(1) calls both futimens(2) and utimensat(2) on newly created files 6720954 add memory dr feature to LDoms 6657218 page_numtopp_nolock cpu_vm_data_destroy race condition causes panic 6316862 SB1000/SB2000 ASSERT panic in cpu_vm_data_init: L2CACHE_ALIGN <= L2CACHE_ALIGN_MAX 6286816 page_numtopp_nolock is inefficent 6862410 panic in S3 on Ultra 20 6696311 kmem_cache_alloc's use of CPU macro is not preemption friendly, causes panic 6814019 recent kmem_impl.h fix broke ::kmastat 6887924 PP_ISKAS needs to be defined in terms of VN_ISKAS for vnodes 6871169 kphysm_add_memory_dynamic panics testing vmstress + DR 6877160 guest domain panic at platsvc:mdeg_notify_client+10c 6874763 memseg_alloc_meta() incorrectly maps page_t pages 6873569 multiple calls to memlist_read_lock() can cause deadlock hazard 6886354 DR failure with "memory span duplication" error 6886782 panic after pagefault in seg_kpm after LDom add-mem on primary 6887644 domain hang/deadlock during LDom mem DR when trying to grab a write lock 6684912 memleak in sata_target_devid_register() 6771975 nv_sata fails to intercept new devid registration on target detach/reattach 6555476 pcacheset_cmp is inefficient 6459880 panic: v_pages list not all clean; running tsufs testsuite on x64 systems 6395956 snapshot dir needs real c/mtime 6399128 want tool to examine backup files (zstreamdump) 6465047 zfs unshare usage message is wrong 6475340 when LUN expands, ZFS should expand too 6482588 zfs destroy -r aborts and dumps core when destroying a file system (while snapshotting is going on) 6563887 in-place replacement allows for smaller devices 6566744 vdev_open() should be done in parallel 6574286 removing a slog doesn't work 6599442 zpool import has faults in the display 6606879 should be able to grow pool without a reboot or export/import 6612218 inherited ZFS set mountpoint mounts children before parent 6650218 commit callbacks API for the DMU 6696242 multiple zfs_fillpage() zfs: accessing past end of object panics 6696372 ZFS boot: krtld needs to ignore -Z and its argument on SPARC 6696858 zfs receive of incremental replication stream can dereference NULL pointer and crash 6706578 single zil writer should not abuse the slog 6709782 issues using zdb with -e option 6726045 vdev_deflate_ratio is not set when offlining a log device 6736004 zvols need an additional property for COMSTAR support 6736356 zdb -R/-C needs to work with exported pools 6747932 add a ZAP API to move a ZAP cursor to a given key 6759975 zplprops unavailable to examiner of in-progress receive 6760420 zfs unmount -f causes recv to fail 6761101 zdb/mdb crashes when printing bp with bad checksum, compress or type 6770808 error 37 when encountering multiple pools w/same name but unique bootfs 6771468 ::blkptr prints incorrectly on 32-bit 6771708 zdb: Assertion failed: fill == bp->blk_fill (0x0 == 0x25), file ../zdb.c, line 671 6775100 stat() performance on files on ZFS should be improved 6785914 ZFS fails to drop dn_struct_rwlock in recovery code path 6788152 ZFS panic deadlock: cycle in blocking chain via zfs_zget 6790232 ZFS-related assertion failure: vp->v_filocks == 0L, file: ../../common/fs/vnode.c, line: 2344 6793430 zdb -ivvvv assertion failure: bp->blk_cksum.zc_word[2] == dmu_objset_id(zilog->zl_os) 6793967 zpool status -x sometimes incorrect 6801810 commit of aligned streaming rewrites to ZIL device causes unwanted disk reads 6801926 assertion failed: zvol_get_stats(os, nv) == 0, ... 6802734 support for Access Based Enumeration 6803121 want user-settable refcounts on snapshots 6803605 should be able to offline log devices 6805596 spa_check_rootconf panics if it finds a disk with a destroyed pool 6809340 snapshots should be considered as descendants via zfs allow -d 6817789 zfs allow usage statement incomplete 6819150 add back label support in GRUB/ZFS code 6820274 GRUB could do a better job of finding a menu.lst file 6827779 rrwlock is overly protective of its counters 6828083 spa_check_rootconf doesn't always get its devid 6830541 zfs_get_data trips on a verify 6832077 zfs_inactive() can clobber v_count 6832481 ZFS separate intent log bypass property 6832861 zcmd_alloc_dst_nvlist's default size is too small 6833815 scheduled snapshots deleted per snapshot policy can lead to replication failures 6835751 typo in zfs upgrade -v 6836743 zfs_ioc_pool_set_props() leaks nvlist if configfile is only property 6836768 zfs_userspace() callback has no way to indicate failure 6837148 set_bootfs() returns garbage 6837523 GNU xgettext's useless comments should be filtered 6837608 zpool upgrade -V usage not correct 6840236 AMD errata 91 needs more work 6840575 incorrect message from zfs allow when dataset name is a snapshot 6840704 PV guests sometimes hang at login prompt 6841321 zfs userspace / zfs get userused@ doesn't work on mounted snapshot 6842809 ZFS history needs to record system info on import/create 6842815 SUNWzfsu package dependency on SUNWPython is not captured 6843014 ZFS B_FAILFAST handling is broken 6843069 zfs get userused@S-1-... doesn't work 6843235 zpool resilver stalls with spa_scrub_thread in a 3 way deadlock 6843474 zpool status -v hangs when all disks are unavailable 6843568 ztest fails when calling dmu_objset_destroy() 6843700 zfs_znode_move() does not ensure valid file system pointer 6844069 vdev_probe() starvation brings txg train to a screeching halt 6844090 ZFS should be able to mirror to a smaller disk 6844900 zfs_ioc_userspace_upgrade leaks 6846163 ZFS continues to use faulted logzilla, bringing system to a crawl 6848242 zdb -e no longer works as expected 6851824 zfs_ioc_rename() can be called with a NULL zc_name 6852821 memory leak in zfs_putapage 6852962 zpool attach on root pool in a guest LDOM fails with cannot attach new device must be a single disk 6853862 refquota property not send over with zfs send -R 6854612 triple-parity RAID-Z 6854621 RAID-Z should mind the gap on writes 6856020 ztest keeps creating and doesn't destroy threads 6856021 confusing grammatical error in chmod error output 6856566 zpool import -F can cause panic 6857433 memory leaks found at: zfs_acl_alloc/zfs_acl_node_alloc 6858551 zfs receive did not mount all filesystems 6859997 ZFS caching performance problem 6860318 truncate() on zfsroot succeeds when file has a component of its path set without access permission 6860996 %temporary clones are not automatically destroyed on error 6861581 ZFS frees in synching context during rollback 6861803 updates needed for triple-parity RAID-Z version bump 6861983 ZFS should use new name <-> SID interfaces 6862126 quota -v doesn't print quotas if ZFS filesystem is mounted with double '/' 6863088 ZFS panic in dnode_hold_impl from readdir() 6863456 system panic by load_nvlist(spa, spa->spa_config_object, &nv) == 0 while running ZFS test suite 6863965 6861983 introduced check_rtime warnings 6865875 ZFS sometimes incorrectly giving search access to a dir 6866143 cannot boot from physical DVD media 6867188 ZFS checksum ereports could be more informative 6867241 fix for 6866143 breaks pxegrub menu load on non-primary NIC 6867395 zpool_upgrade_007_pos testcase panic'd with BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) 6868130 ZFS hold/release "zfs hold -r tag snapshot" failed to check the existence of snapshot 6868276 zfs_rezget() can be hazardous when znode has a cached ACL 6868951 add kstats for ZFS data prefetch (zfetch) 6869090 filebench on Thumper with ZFS RAID-Z causes checksum errors from all drives 6869470 panic from refcount_remove when destroy clone 6870347 assertion failure in dmu_tx_willuse_space(): refcount_count(&tx->tx_space_written) + delta <= tx->tx 6870564 panic in zfs_getsecattr 6871680 kstats for ARC evicted bytes by L2ARC state 6871683 ztest should exercise deferred destroy 6872547 ztest LUN expansion test fails 6873635 zdb should be able to open a pool with a failed slog 6873654 system panics when a slog device is offlined 6873727 zfs destroy -d <fs> should fail more gracefully when children are present 6875236 zdb should be able to dump the spa history 6875779 ZFS user accounting callbacks can be simplified 6876733 sdt:::arc-hit and sdt:::arc-miss provide inconsistent args[0] 6876808 want ::refcount to print refcount_t details 6878178 panic still happens in zfs_log_create after fixing CR 6820006 6878496 dmu_objset_own returns EINVAL instead of EROFS in some situations 6881321 ZFS test rsend_012_pos panics when running daily.0807 archives 6882204 want objset as a private property 6882206 want unique available as a private property 6882947 dump_nvlist() should live in libnvpair 6883640 need to post autoreplace sysevents on pool open for cache and spare vdevs 6883696 zfs-diagnosis ENA handling is busted 6885320 assertion failed: rm->rm_freed != 0 (0x0 != 0x0), file: ../../common/fs/zfs/vdev_raidz.c, line: 298 6885860 zfs send shouldn't require support for snapshot holds 6886074 ZFS shouldn't add zero length arrays since nvlists apparently can't handle them 6886081 Solaris needs reparse point support (PSARC 2009/387) 6887242 want to be able to dump specific metaslab(s) for specific vdev 6889828 libzfs changes to allow spare offline/online 6889830 zpool_iter() should be tolerant of recursive invocation 6891564 7410C - zfs panic in recv_new_check() 6891726 ztest_fzap runs too much 6891731 zfs_vdev_max_pending should be 10 6892867 zdb can loop forever in dump_history() 6892882 zdb -ddddd prints garbage from stack between dataset summary and rootbp 6893087 removing and inserting a faulted vdev clears faulted state 6893088 new ereports need to be generated when clearing a vdev 6893090 clearing a vdev should automatically detach spare 6893099 zpool_clear_label() would be useful 6897005 ZFS holds broken on 32-bit i86pc 6303630 "reg" property of pci-ide and display devices are not IEEE-1275 compliant 6638136 remove obsolete ndi_ra_xxx logic from px_msi code 6695081 race condition between pciehpc_intr() and pciehpc_init() 6719587 pcihp module fails DEVCTL_AP_CONTROL ioctl() for 64-bit consumer 6783012 add support for PCIe Alternate Routing-ID Interpretation 6837240 Solaris Hotplug Framework 6897970 'hotplug set' prints unexpected warning messages sometimes 6900565 ddihp_change_node_state() is not needed (from 142909-01) 6858457 remove Solaris support for UltraSPARC-AT10 processor 6853833 E25K deleteboard results in "memory operation refused" 6851335 CAPI.os/files/realpath/T.realpath{5,6} failed in VSU'03 6842387 too many EQs are reserved for PCIe messages on platforms with a large number of available EQs 6836576 integrate CPU Idle Notification into ON 6831759 FBDIMM Idle Power Enhancement (FIPE) driver for Solaris 6806540 SPARC and x86 bridge/switch Nexus driver should be merged 6874831 pcieb_intr_init should call pcieb_intr_fini on error 6875564 assertion failed: un->un_pm_count == 0, file: ../../common/io/scsi/targets/sd.c, line: 9852 6563082 kbd -s issues ioctl when default accepted 6873400 USB enumeration should handle BUS_CONFIG_ONE in a better way 6834482 MODE_SENSE command with PAGE CODE 0x3 or 0x4 is handled incorrectly in scsa2usb 6881590 some USB drives return bogus page 83 data 6883392 some SCSI commands added to scsa2usb blacklist may not be filtered correctly 6364304 memory leaks are found in "init_cpu_info" (from 142539-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142481-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 142481-01) 6755947 serial keyboard (input-device=ttya,output-device=screen) fails to set baudrate (from 121128-01) 5034470 fix for bug 4126922 is incomplete, still LOFS stack overflow panic possible (from 138098-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138081-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138081-01) 6621054 vnex handling of ddi_dev_nregs is broken (from 138375-01) 6684776 SCSI second disk no longer attaches after liveupgraded (from 138381-01) 6549656 failed to attach one or more drivers message seen when hot-plugging Atlas card (from 137028-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 128346-01 into Solaris S10U5 update. (from 128346-01) 6527811 events not generated for Hotplug Slots in configured I/O Box (from 138644-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138324-03 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 138324-03) 6671273 uata driver infinitely executes timeout processing and not return IO to target driver 6745207 reproducible panic on Sun-Blade-1500 running testsuite ddivs with ZFS root filesystem (from 138324-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 136891-02 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138324-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 136891-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 136891-02) 6368155 "px: [ID 781074 kern.warning] WARNING: px1: spurious interrupts from ino 0x4" during rebooting (from 136891-01) 6627545 atapi DVD timeout reset can trigger PCI target aborts and fatal pci errors/BERRs (from 139941-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139553-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139553-01) 6709455 settime should be able to manipulate files with wrong timestamp (from 139946-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139508-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139508-01) 6753257 niumx does not re-distribute all registered interrupts (from 140401-01) 6691119 error injection of Urgent Error on SPARC Enterprise Mx000 is not reliable 6719379 add rsf_pmmi counter to SPARC Enterprise Mx000 CPC 6725885 cfgadm output should omit SB1-SB15 on M3000 6732303 error injection for SPARC Enterprise Mx000 should support injecting error on physical address (from 141034-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141723-02 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141034-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141723-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141723-02) 6787376 chmod core dump by SIGBUS while removing ACE recursively (reworked) 6847175 backport of 6677411 is incorrect (from 141723-01) 6787376 chmod core dump by SIGBUS while removing ACE recursively (from 141054-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141012-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 141012-01) 6721814 eeprom command fails with concurrent ipmitool (from 141562-02) 6786319 ipif_addr_ready isn't recovered after link flap (from 141562-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141740-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141740-01) 6690022 IPMP doesn't recover on router failover as arp entry is not updated by GARP (from 142055-03) 6871750 Batoka paniced when setting up link-aggregation on Batoka (from 142055-02) 6815015 DS invalid handle warning messages seen on creating a large number of domains 6833994 LDoms domain services module needs to support more than 64 ports 6847264 panic BAD TRAP with PM multidomain LDoms load/stress test (PM_13) 6853590 reboot stops at ok prompt when domain services cannot be initialized 6855530 failure to store boot command can lead to unexpected reboot behavior (from 142055-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139983-04 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 139983-04) 6807726 DS module prints spurious "WARNING: ds@2: <unreg_ack: handle 0x1 in use" to console 6813225 LDoms domain services legacy "pri" service does not work correctly with userland DS 6837770 ldmd fails to start after an SC resetsc with fix for 6813225 installed (from 139983-03) 6791719 139983-01 and 139983-02 are missing postinstall add driver commands for vlds driver (from 139983-02) 6770256 Domain Services loopback doesn't work 6770263 Domain Services client service registration request should not force reregister 6770266 Virtual Domain Services should implement FWARC/2008/563 and FWARC/2008/696 (from 139983-01) 6689118 LDoms Domain Services (DS) extensions for user program API 6753387 no ereports sent to root domains after rebooting control and panicking both root domains 6753970 libds corrupts memory in fmd etm module 6756916 vlds driver doesn't throttle misbehaving clients 6756919 libds entry missing from usr/src/Makefile.lint (from 142346-02) 6876555 142290-01 must be acc&obs by feature patch 142346-01 (from 142346-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142290-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 142290-01) 6818764 mem_cache driver is broken on SUNW,Sun-Fire-15000 platforms (from 143558-01) 6467491 64-bit processes must point %fs or %gs to null selector to utilize [fs|gs]base (from 143574-01) 6627041 add PSN nv-pair to the authority portion of the FMRI scheme (from 143360-01) 6781351 FMA reports wrong slot number on E4900 6838137 FMA reports wrong slot number on V240 (from 143611-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142259-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143613-01) 6873580 prtconf -v shows stale firmware revision after flashing controller firmware 6873602 unknown events into mpt_sas driver should not be reported 6878420 MPTIOCTL_GET_ADAPTER_DATA does not fill in some values correctly 6878430 commands sent using MPTIOCTL_PASS_THRU can timeout before they should This revision also accumulates BugId 6878545 from generic Sustaining patch 143523-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 142675-01) 6770908 Solaris needs driver for LSI SAS2004/SAS2008 with IT/IR firmware 6853385 correct typos in strings displayed to end-users 6853840 fix lint warning in mptsas from Studio13 (from 143903-01) 6873296 etc/security/crypt.conf should be renamenew class (from 143905-01) 6873298 var/yp/Makefile and etc/default/yppasswdd should be renamenew class (from 143911-01) 6868072 illegal instruction or I-MMU miss panic happens instead of D-MMU miss 6897829 bcopy optimization in 6629200 could be better (from 143054-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143119-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143119-02) 6875401 in elastic mode, a guest at the reboot menu can stall ldm commands (from 143119-01) 6832285 recursive mutex panic when failures from hv_ldc_rx_set_qhead() are not handled properly 6840358 i_ldc_rxq_drain should not call i_ldc_set_rx_head if the queue is empty (from 143933-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143897-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143565-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143128-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143583-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142390-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143583-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142390-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 142390-03) 6774092 unable to unconfigure tape device encountering I/O error after FC cable is pulled 6860483 st detaches when it shouldn't (from 142390-02) 6876262 SYSTEM PANIC during board unconfigure operation (from 142390-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140157-03 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 140157-03) 6719539 system hang following a TEST_UNIT_READY of st_open() (from 140157-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140681-02 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140157-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140681-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140681-02) 6644096 commands issued to a rewind device node of a HP LTO-2 tape drive will cause ASC 0x4 (LUN not ready) 6752352 Connected command timeout for Target for HP Ultrium 2-SCSI (from 140681-01) 6689239 minor number encode decode goes wrong for larger instance number leading to panic in mutex_exit (from 143595-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143354-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143597-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143907-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143597-01) 6452402 bge stays in state "standby" after aggregation created and plumbed (from 143907-01) 6836071 onboard bge PHY is streaming garbage when unplumbed (from 143605-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143521-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143607-01) 6852351 mr_sas driver should have dtrace probes added in critical places for performance and debugging 6874823 mr_sas driver should automatically enable MSI and MSI-X interrupts 6879730 mr_sas returns stale DMA data to applications 6879745 inapproprate FMA check points exist in mr_sas driver 6891602 some FMA checkpoints still not handled correctly in mr_sas driver (from 143943-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143909-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 139949-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139503-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139503-01) 6317111 newboot: x86 diskless client refuses to use NFS vers3 for root filesystem 6350002 newboot: failed VFS_MOUNTROOT() panics with useless error message 6350006 BAD TRAP panic when using unknown NFS protocol version in fstype property (from 141536-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141780-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141780-01) 6804371 fault not reported on domain for UE Hyperpriviledged mode error (from 141899-03) 6807849 need to bring n2cp module up to first class crypto citizen status 6810206 n2cp0: cwq 2 stalled and was taken offline (from 141899-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140386-04 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141899-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140386-03 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 140386-04) 6641483 Niagara crypto drivers need to support the dynamic addition/removal of crypto units 6678770 SOS8 optimizer mishandles 64-bit fields 6704365 LDoms manager invokes "(mutex_owned(&c2cp->m_lock))" in n2cp_md.c on Huron 6716447 assertion failed: ncpus >= 8, file: ../../sun4v/io/n2cp/n2cp_md.c, line: 136 6711773 hot lock in n2cp_start inhibits scaling 6717693 panic at n2cp:n2cp_offline_cpu ->n2cp_cwq_q_unconfigure 6724382 legal removal of crypto failed due to crypto drivers mishandling CPU/crypto unit DR operations 6726907 mau/cwq structures not reused after processor offline/online operations 6734064 Huron-based system panicked in n2cp_offline_cwq 6734608 guest domain panic at dr_cpu_check_cpus() call 6767071 race condition during CPU DR 6792241 correct possible ncp/n2cp kstat protection problems 6838313 panic when threads with no crypto unit try to map to a new CPU (from 140386-03) 6784968 n2cp hogs memory when it hits WARNING: alloc_hmac_ctx: keylen (64) > maxlen (32) (from 140386-02) 6735903 panic sync timeout on Maramba (from 140386-01) 6746885 ssh error: "2: Corrupted MAC on input." when AES CTR is used with the n2cp driver (from 138283-05) 6730150 138400-04 should require 138283-04 (from 138283-04) 6717698 guest domain panics at n2cp:block_final_start during test run (from 138283-03) 6693530 n2cp lacks support for >64 bits long AES counter (from 138283-02) 6674393 n2cp needs to support CKM_AES_CBC_PAD 6708219 CKM_AES_CBC_PAD encrypt final produce a wrong output (from 138283-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 137291-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 137291-01) 6656706 scalability improvements for n2cp (from 142541-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140151-02 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 140151-02) 6837313 T5440 panicing - panic message: bad kernel MMU trap at TL 2 (from 140151-01) 6724943 WARNING: n2rng: logic error on rng(0), only 0 matches found (from 143354-03) 6774715 ixgbe link status is not well maintained 6874953 kstat link status indicates full duplex even when there is no link 6879035 ixgbe.conf does not show the correct value of max mtu size 6884293 ixgbe driver can corrupt LSO packets under a special condition 6893562 ixgbe driver does not support SunVTS External loopback (from 143354-02) 6906746 postinstall script needs to be modified in patches T143354-01 and T143355-01 (from 143354-01) 6848306 update ixgbe with the latest shared code ( from Intel 6854452 need to add Niantic EM (ixgbe) device ID in Solaris 10 6855939 Niantic UDP packet rate is 30% lower than Oplin due to excessive TX interrupts 6863015 ixgbe driver does not need to drop TX packets when some function calls fail 6865071 workaround for 82598/82599 H/W TX descriptor limit can panic the system (from 143359-02) 6893742 "fmstat -s -m cpumem-diagnosis" can cause fmd to overflow stack (from 143359-01) 6872501 no need to set retire=0 on internal proxied faults if asru is in hc scheme (from 143521-02) 6843221 running dladm show-link against unplumbed nxge interfaces creates spurious link down notice messages (from 143521-01) 6821518 nxge should support XAUI transceiver type 6856725 nxge may unmap memory while dblks are still referencing it 6858142 panic in nxge module due to a NULL pointer dereference 6870200 jumbo frames and "nxge_use_kmem_alloc=1" make nxge interface unusable 6870221 nxge for niu needs to handle rx-dma-channels and tx-dma-channels more gracefully 6873102 guest domain panics when running network load tests with hybrid I/O 6873178 assertion failed: nmp, file: ../../common/io/nxge/nxge_txdma.c, line: 688 6877282 while plumbing a hybrid vnet in the service domain panic occurs in nxge 6879284 nxge hot plug not working, if no NEM plugged in for the Dual 10GbE Fabric Expansion Module 6891309 guest LDom cluster node reboot is causing the node to wait for quorum forever (from 143576-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143131-04 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143576-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143131-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143576-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143131-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143586-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142242-04 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143586-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142242-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143590-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143515-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143515-01) 6802542 memory leak in fabric-xlate 6834933 functions in fabric-xlate.c leak memory (from 144019-01) 6845932 for a certain error case hxge can leak memory 6855304 warning messages appear when hxge internal loopback is run 6857709 read of all rdc stat registers during empty recovery of one channel leads to non-operation of hxge 6888002 blade gets hung during heavy stress test with hxge 6888003 need to avoid rbr empty in hxge 6888018 msix parity error falsely reported in hxge (from 144021-01) 6654479 missing self-identifying scsi(4) compatible form for SAF-TE (from 144023-01) 6748376 DAT-72 mt -f /dev/rmt/x offline sometimes does only a rewind and does not eject tape (from 144110-01) 6706515 Solaris 8/9 page retire message spooks customers (from 140559-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138223-03 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 138223-03) 6744624 cron may ignore jobs when initializing if system clock is reset (from 138223-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 137017-03 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138223-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 137017-02 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 137017-03) 6577081 atq and atrm fails if /var/spool/cron/atjobs resides on ZFS (from 137017-02) 6618839 crontab(1) temporary file creation can be circumvented 6620661 possible race condition issue in crontab(1) (from 137017-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 125108-02 into Solaris S10U5 update. (from 125108-02) 6344121 `crontab -e` doesn't invoke vi as default editor (rework) (from 125108-01) 6344121 `crontab -e` doesn't invoke vi as default editor (from 120816-01) 6208425 UNIX98/UNIX03: *vsc* "at" called from /usr/xpg4/bin/sh should run same when SHELL is NULL/unset (from 123194-01) 6270017 cron/at-jobs log warning about not obtaining latest contract from popen(3C) (from 143603-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143519-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143623-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143528-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143528-01) 6815860 zlogin(1) needs to be largefile safe (from 143927-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143137-04 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143927-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143137-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143137-04) 6851038 panic seen in vfs_unmountall due to corruption caused by mddb_mb_ic_t (from 143137-03) 6885655 Oban master panicked in RESYNC_NEXT during cluster shutdown (from 143137-02) 6277113 kstat qlen == 0 panic during completion or mirrored write 6518645 continuously rebooting a system with SVM root hangs (from 143137-01) 6648266 mdioctl to nonexistent set causes panic (from 144056-01) 6845806 wrong machine name returned by sysinfo in Solaris 8/9 containers (from 144182-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143357-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 140788-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140175-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140175-01) 4725622 NFS thread pool library calls to _nfssys() do not handle error codes right (from 142242-05) 6177650 wrong error code returned when key does not allow requested operation 6437677 C_GenerateKey with missing CKA_VALUE_LEN attr should fail with CKR_TEMPLATE_INCOMPLETE 6439989 CKM_CMS_SIG & WTLS missing from pkcs11_mech2str mapping 6606384 SCF consumers crash after mechanisms are disabled using cryptoadm when using libumem 6636169 softtoken is confused by .nfs files 6636960 C_GetOperationState should fail if there is no active digest operation 6681527 meta_SetOperationState() doesn't return a slot session to the idle pool 6739381 memory leak in pkcs11_kernel when n2cp is used for digests 6815120 C_Logout with metaslot can leave metaslot object info in memory 6905996 arcfour should return failure on invalid key (instead of dumping core) (from 142242-04) 6666204 meta slot opens and closes /dev/urandom needlessly for every read (from 142242-03) 6755655 len is not set in soft_digest_common() 6842872 race condition in fork() and C_Initialize() causes deadlock in pkcs11 6859220 crashes in RC4 when doing a Java benchmark 6862202 token_session mutexes are not covered by at_fork handler 6862207 PKCS11 softtoken:C_Initialize() sets softtoken_initialized to TRUE also when it fails 6862268 C_Initialize() does not correctly clean resources when it fails 6900477 libpkcs11 needs to be friendlier (from 142242-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141922-02 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 142242-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141922-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141922-02) 6560563 should handle premature library calls better (from 141922-01) 6782907 certificate signing request (CSR) using certutil fails on T1/T2 based systems (from 142245-02) 6912505 T2000 with system firmware 6.7.6 panics after ncp patch install 6916911 ncp_attach should unregister itself from the KCF on failure (from 142245-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139975-03 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 139975-03) 6641483 Niagara crypto drivers need to support the dynamic addition/removal of crypto units 6713547 crypto DR changes incompatible with pre-LDOMs firmware 6724382 legal removal of crypto failed due to crypto drivers mishandling CPU/crypto unit DR operations 6726907 mau/cwq structures not reused after processor offline/online operations 6752332 kstat alignment error panic during crypto dr testing 6767071 race condition during CPU DR 6792241 correct possible ncp/n2cp kstat protection problems (from 139975-02) 6720251 panic in ncp_map_mau_to_cpu() with recursive mutex_enter (from 139975-01) 6639784 memory leak in LD_affine_pt_add() 6660074 19.55% performance regression openssl-rsa2048-ncp_engine-multi-cpu-verifys SPARC-Enterprise-T5220 6670640 eliminate global request lock from NCP to improve scalability 6681281 sun4v crypto threads prevent CPUs from joining processor sets 6685568 ncp_alloc_mau2cpu_map memory leak 6686544 NCP performance slow on T5140/T5240 when only one UltraSPARC T2 Plus is enabled (from 143051-01) 6669994 add a domain service to support OS identification - Solaris 6813200 Logical Domains Agents 6892130 ldmad can fail to daemonize 6898423 misc minor errors in ldmad (from 143122-02) 6848158 format to auto-configure EMC array LUNs to different values (from 143122-01) 6776708 unable to write EFI label with mounted partitions (from 144369-01) 6871366 mkfs_ufs may try to use an imagined extra cylinder (from 144373-01) 6871957 picl hangs on a LDom guest (from 140169-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 123332-02 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 123332-02) 6696985 command line option to change tftp server's default "Rexmt-interval: Max-timeout:" (from 123332-01) 6301318 in.tftpd fails with files >32MB with default block size (from 142247-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141906-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141906-01) 6732673 picld has memory leak in libpiclfrudata plugin (from 143052-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143920-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143052-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143920-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143920-02) 6882508 frequency of legacy PCI card is not displayed (from 143920-01) 6875281 prtdiag on M-series reports wrong information about the interleaving factor in some cases (from 143356-01) 6666687 picld core due to inadequate error checking in snmpplugin (from 143556-04) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141030-10 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143556-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141030-09 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143556-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141030-08 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143556-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141030-07 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 141542-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140391-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143569-04) 6724379 crash in papiJobStreamOpen when printing using Firefox 3 (from 143569-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141026-09 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143569-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141026-08 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143569-01) 6760057 output messages of accept(1),reject(1) changed after 127127-11 applied (from 143585-01) 6814100 fmd gets a seg fault in the OPL event-transport::exs_accept() routine during startup (from 144043-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144015-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144015-01) 6595460 incorrect picno is assigned by cpustat/cputrack for eventnames with numbers (from 144049-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144017-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144017-01) 6881276 after installing mpt patch 141743-02 or later drive capacity is incorrectly reported (from 144258-01) 6907830 rquotad(1M) doesn't return quotas for ZFS if NFS client mountpoint differs from entry in /etc/mnttab (from 144389-01) 6915560 Callisto platform FMA initialization disables PCI cfg space on 2 CPU config 6928013 missing files from SUNWfmd 6928191 WARNING: mod_load: cannot load module 'intel_nhmex' 6929595 fdd-mdg should not call into libipmi funcs 6933154 need to add code in fdd-msg to workaround CR 6933053 (from 144453-01) 6837019 df on ZFS filesystem inside zone reports size 0 (from 144624-01) 6719555 heap segment of fmd process grows continuously when DSCP network on XCSF is unconfigured (from 140078-01) 6382066 XGE needs to support MSI/MSI-X to improve performance on SPARC platforms 6382075 XGE needs to support multiple rings 6631997 system panicked with BAD TRAP: type=8 (#df Double fault) when plumb XGE interface (from 138872-02) 6746366 patches 138872-01/138873-01 missing a dependency (from 138872-01) 6367706 aggregation can't work on XGE (from 142249-01) 6512019 NICDRV test00 timeout because couldn't establish the TCP connection on ixgb IPv6 interface 6735760 ipcse field of H/W context descriptor in ixgb is not correctly set 6789109 Kirkwood ixgb interface plumb fails - ixgb_init_send_ring: alloc tx buffer failed 6807413 ixgb phy_type kstat is incorrect (from 128324-02) 6551317 ixgb works unreliably if dohwcksum=0 6561420 panic: assertion failed: free_srbdp->bufp == 0L, file: ../../common/io/ixgb/ixgb_rx.c, line: 53 6575448 dladm show-aggr fails with ixgb v1.4 links stuck in standby 6578630 ixgb can't receive multicast packets unless snoop at the same time (from 128324-01) 6341836 ixgb needs to support LSO 6487956 ixgb has low TX performance on E6900 with jumboframe 6510988 remove useless #pragma weak from ixgb driver 6512004 ixgb didn't export link status via kstat link_up counter (from 143523-04) 6921561 SPARC blades panic after SAS zoning reset button through CMM (from 143523-03) 6920244 sas2flash hangs M4000 system (from 143523-02) 6870234 Erie: upgrading firmware of Erie HBA with Solaris sas2flash turns HBA inactive 6878545 new MPT Events are not seen after the initial 50 events 6890270 Solaris gen2 driver: inaccessible drives not removed after zone configuration 6892600 add support for IOC Fault Watchdog in Solaris SAS2 storage driver (mpt_sas) (from 143523-01) 6866119 system panic when multiple applications access mpt_sas 6870264 resets can timeout during heavy I/O (from 144045-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143135-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144045-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143135-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143135-03) 6813620 LACP link aggregation fails to recover if only one link restored after both initially fail (from 143135-02) 6824686 deadlock between aggr_port_delete() and i_mac_notify_thread (from 143135-01) 6827274 LACP link aggregation with vlan and 3 links does not come up after a reboot 6865416 aggregation with LACP defaults if it is unplumbed then re-plumbed (from 144494-01) 6422446 one-way trap door in swap(1M) in-use checking (from 144511-01) 6881914 pkgrm via zone migration does not run class action scripts 6905313 installing native zone using system images fails (from 143128-05) 6908360 49.3% vdb407_nvSeqWriteBs128kFs1g_zfs-raidz performance regression x86 (from 143128-04) 6863127 need workaround in the mpt driver for LSI B2 erratum 15 and B3 erratum 14 6863500 implement packet-specific timeout mechanism in mpt (from 143128-03) 6726858 mpt should not probe its own SCSI ID during BUS_CONFIG_ALL 6792878 Connected and Disconnected command timeouts are still seen with firmware introduced via CR 6573359 6824856 Sun Fire V440 Internal RAID volume continues to resync after every boot w/ patch 138888-07 (from 143128-02) 6648939 mpt attach failure causes timeouts to fail (from 143128-01) 6666252 mpt0: unknown event 13 received 6832891 mpt should be fixed for SAS disks what CR# 6694720 did for SCSI (from 143935-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138318-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144761-01) 6829206 fm modules faulted after installing in a Sun Blade T6340 (from 140557-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140413-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140413-01) 6745345 ber_printf() malforming the octet string refusing the "O" format option (from 142436-08) 6919554 passwd -r nisplus -e fails with permission denied (from 142436-07) 6196330 copious process.max-file-descriptor syslog complaints due to 4353836 fix (from 142436-06) 6930785 passwd command crashes on LDAP client using passwd_compat, if the new password is in the pwd-history (from 142436-05) 6921761 per-user nscd: endless loop in _nsc_trydoorcall_ext() causes main nscd daemon to become unresponsive 6925984 nscd: error in using read-only access lock when generating per-user switch configuration 6938437 CDDL-licensed files backported to Solaris 10 (from 142436-04) 6337505 sendmail is unable to use LDAP mail aliases > 256 bytes 6467484 sun_compat.c no longer needed 6547700 sendmail's ratecontrol limit is off by one 6790772 array overrun in sendmail 6913961 upgrade sendmail to 8.14.4 6922943 nscd failing because FD limit is too low when using files backend with enumeration (from 142436-03) 6927186 patches created for sendmail fixes should be combined (from 142436-02) 6920600 new sendmail restarter forces the use of '-bl' which is not recognized by sendmail 8.13.8 (from 142436-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 127882-03 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 127882-03) 6792153 sendmail hang - contains a buggy reimplementation of sleep() (from 127882-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 125896-03 into Solaris S10U5 update. (from 127882-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 125896-02 into Solaris S10U5 update. (from 125896-03) 6258349 RFE: mail.local should support large files 6419990 sendmail fails on a large (> 2TB) file-system 6563321 mail command fails with fifofs attr vattr.va_nodeid hitting max value (from 125896-02) 6568603 mail.local leaks memory (from 125896-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 125808-01 into Solaris S10U4 update. (from 125808-01) 6476317 mail.local -b option needs work (from 143899-01) 6226132 sendmail's receiving daemon should be restarted upon death 6330693 teach sendmail start method to build config files automatically 6690815 sendmail needs a local daemon mode 6848025 minor clean-up needed in sendmail start method scripts (from 141030-10) 6619071 when LDAP config'd w/ mult. auth. methods, nscd keeps creating connections if 1st auth. method fails (from 141030-09) 6895515 nscd aborting in libumem (from 141030-08) 6810407 schema defined in is not strictly compliant with RFC 4512 Syntax 6842419 idsconfig(1M) fails to set up an LDAP server a second time 6890468 idsconfig must support DS 7.x 6901652 nscd could better handle running out of naming enumeration contexts (from 141030-07) 6863709 nscd dumps core after receiving SIGHUP (from 141030-06) 6856084 Sparks DNS backend should return canonical name before aliases 6864296 private __res_ndestroy interface may now be removed from dns_common.c (from 141030-05) 6563443 nisaddcred and chkey have issues in md5 password encryption with passwords > eight characters 6839693 ldapclient init w/profile with more than 16 objectClassMaps core dumped on Solaris 10 x86 (from 141030-04) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138874-05 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141030-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138874-04 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141030-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138874-03 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141030-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138874-02 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 138874-05) 6805959 per-user nscd doesn't reap child processes after these exited, such child processes remain as zombies (from 138874-04) 4904603 disable ldaplist to not show userpassword attribute or just user logged in 6615693 nscd only checks the file_dac_read check privilege and not the euid for access to the shadow file 6832170 Compat behavior change on Sol 10u6 10/08, no longer adheres to the use of *LK* in the /etc/shadow (from 138874-03) 4622166 ldapaddent does not escape some special characters in DN for exec_attr, services and tnrhtp database 6844186 fix for 6715843 incomplete in Solaris 10 patch gate (from 138874-02) 4796766 idsconfig and ldapaddent should support project database 6329516 unlimited password guesses allowed 6509374 idsconfig doesn't create container for projects 6580192 nss_ldap: __ns_ldap_endEntry() called twice by top_down_search() 6677547 Native LDAP client to disable vlv searches for netgroups 6715171 nss_ldap and passwdutil do not support all shadowAccount attributes 6715843 ldapaddent is not accepting a one character entry for the tnrhtp file 6797378 'ldapaddent -d passwd' does not print 'x' for the password field (from 138874-01) 6561249 idsconfig prints out incorrect information for VLV indexing when run against DS5.2 & 6.0 (from 139935-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139568-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139568-01) 6585350 nss_nisplus: getbymember() does not follow NSS_DBOP_GROUP_BYMEMBER protocol 6669386 nss_ldap getbymember always returns NSS_SUCCESS (from 139948-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139504-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139504-01) 6493513 changing password (in files repository) dumps core when libumem is in effect (from 140165-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140144-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140144-01) 6774895 Solaris 10 ldap_cachemgr hang (from 140167-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140146-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140146-01) 6740474 confusing 'password too short' message from Native LDAP (from 140391-03) 6699250 nscd core dumps in NIS do_getent 6741305 nscd core file generated during storage pool reconfig (from 140391-02) 6633347 nscd (sparks) can give inconsistent name resolution if started without a resolv.conf file (from 140391-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138263-03 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 138263-03) 6737284 nscd does not return NSS_TRYLOCAL for foreign NSS backends for enumerated searches when using compat 6740382 nscd needs improved permission checking (from 138263-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138046-02 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138263-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138046-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138046-02) 6537549 nscd dies with SIGPIPE (from 138046-01) 6636228 foreign NSS backends, nscd does not return NSS_TRYLOCAL when processing getgroupsbymember 6644077 nscd rejects foreign nsswitch backends (from 122085-01) 6225117 passwd -r nisplus -e username will corrupt the user's passwd (from 141022-02) his revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140917-02 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141022-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140917-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 140917-02) 6793742 libnsl memory leak with "dail()" function call in strsave (from 140917-01) 4300326 UDP replies from rpcbind and mountd can be sent with wrong source address 6466160 rpc.nisd can hang for 3-4 minutes attempting NIS+ callback if connection to client silently fails 6626381 rpc.nisd on subdomain-replica deadlocked when trying to access NIS+ admin group in cache (from 143357-05) 6801080 zoneadm attach sometimes complains that packages are not installed when they actually are (from 143357-04) 6845531 zoneadm attach not error checking correctly 6897681 zoneadm attach -b <patchid> does not take into account SUNW_PKG_HOLLOW=true (from 143357-03) 6879229 failures during execution of getpagesizes testcases in Solaris 9 BrandZ (from 143357-02) 6873318 zoneadm attach -u ignores /var/sadm/install/gz-only-packages (from 143357-01) 6848271 zoneadmd: initial assignment of IP address ending with .0 .255 (cidr) doesn't work 6849138 unable to remove devices from a non-global zone 6849271 C-style comments in s9_boot ksh script can cause 5.9 containers to boot very slowly 6873495 BrandZ (Solaris 8) error messages on UFS mount (from 145024-01) 6932788 prtdiag -v exit status error when V_VBAT Sensor's status is warning (0volts) (from 138764-02) 6790477 "interrupt 0x70014280 at level 4 not serviced" messages during Cougar card testing (from 138764-01) 5055199 passthrough is not supported 6710882 aac driver reports size instead of last lba for read capacity 16 6729289 fib should be exposed for development 6729821 driver should not panic when firmware encounters fatal errors 6729830 aac should not free outstanding cmds if IOP_RESET fails or not supported 6729837 AAC_IOCTL_TIMEOUT should be increased 6729844 ddi_umem_iosetup parameters and return value should be corrected 6729849 aac should not use one global aac_acc_attr for different instances 6748185 system panic on x4150 (from 140003-03) 6915045 second soft partition's metainit creates 2 duplicate entries in metastat and (from 140003-02) 6715266 potential memory leak issue on SVM deamon (mdmonitord) (from 140003-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139468-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139468-01) 6563247 disk configured to a hotspare can not be offline using the cfgadm (from 143117-01) 6736242 volume names of autorepartitioned EFI disks consist of random data 6741763 metareplace panics in stripe_replace() due to ignoring error return from stripe_replace_dev() (from 141026-14) 6899054 hang with lpstat -v when xfn listed in nsswitch conf 6922197 remote printing broken if banner page is disabled 6926134 files printed from the global zone should reflect the subject's label 6928330 cancel(1) does not print localized message if destination or request-id were specified 6941553 banner Title field switches to standard input if source file path is longer than 23 characters (from 141026-13) 6838950 normal printjobs are not printed after unmount of form 6919673 job can be resumed by using spool file number even though there is not such a job number (from 141026-12) 6919676 lpstat output message under powersave mode needs to be fixed (from 141026-11) 6887645 "Title:" is not printed on banner page (from 141026-10) 6876517 PRINTMGR still produces java.lang.NullPointerException error (from 141026-09) 6869007 multi print jobs deleted by cancel(1) 6884615 files with no world rights don't print with 140397-07 or above 6891815 job can be canceled by using spool file number even though there is not such a job number (from 141026-08) 6864234 lpstat -o {jobid} does not output status "on <queue>" (from 141026-07) 6852857 USER-HOST information displayed by the command lpstat -R is not correct 6854837 job id is different between `lpstat -o` and banner page's Job number when lpd protocol is used 6854839 job id is different between lpstat -o and lpstat -p when lpd protocol is used 6856895 printer request ID mismatch while the sequence number is 0 6863498 "standard input" doesn't get printed to "Title:" even if the data is given to lp via its stdin 6866698 statement for 'lpstat -p' is changed 6869028 print jobs are not arranged as lp -q specified (from 141026-06) 6668786 lpstat -t return non-zero code without printers defined 6751244 lpstat -p with a printer list as argument fails 6821124 SUNWpsr package issues 6827166 a request submitted from client to server using "ipp" service cannot be canceled using "lpd" service (from 141026-05) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140397-11 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141026-04) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140397-10 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141026-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140397-09 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141026-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140397-08 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141026-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140397-07 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 140397-11) 6761767 lpc topq subcommand causes sigsegv 6783023 lpstat -v dumps core without printer name 6786505 number of copies incorrect when using stdin 6795878 cascading banner page produces lp@ instead of user@ 6799460 lpmove disabled source printer after it executed 6801755 printmgr sets printer to localhost in an LDAP environment 6813037 unable to cancel print jobs when printer name contains a hyphen 6819279 "lpstat -p -l " doesn't report "-l" information 6821590 lpstat -lp output for remote printers is that of local printers 6841806 incorrect pointer modification in massage_control_file() (from 140397-10) 6591929 lp prints postscript source from standard input 6739383 print commands accept, reject, disable enable don't report status after execution (from 140397-09) 6619120 lpmove (1M) core dump when invokes without parameter 6723892 lpstat cores with the queues created with the "-s ipp://" or "-s lpd://" options (from 140397-08) 6740079 lpstat -R does not show queued jobs 6752372 lpstat -o output is incorrect 6808025 incomplete fix for 6699255 6815222 lpstat -o reports incorrect job# for general user 6815300 lpstat output for remote queues does not match the behavior prior to S10U5 (from 140397-07) 6749323 'lpstat -o' does not display the host info along with the owner of the request 6757330 discard zero byte size printjob to remote queue 6759604 general user on the lp client can cancel root user's print job 6768197 after hold the print request on print server, "lpstat -p" output showed "now printing" result 6780792 control file name containing 'localhost' is useless in a network context 6789790 'lpstat -o' does not display the host info along with the owner of the request with ipp service 6799466 lp issue: lpmove should give friendly message as previous version 6799485 lpr -t does not tell the data from stdin is troff to printers after 127127-11 6799615 return from stat() should be checked when looking for zero byte files 6802265 massage_control_data() does not check for H<hostname> 6806136 file name either not printed or printed incorrectly in banner page 6815198 lp -d .. -H hold not working after patch 127127-11 is applied 6815933 lpstat -l 2 -p <print queue> always shown Processing Job (regression) (from 140397-06) 6816214 feature patch 140397-05 has incorrect revisions for accumulated sustaining patch 138627-06 (from 140397-05) 6712446 guest PPD-cache builder consumes 100% host CPU in VirtualBox on WinXP 6740381 lpstat -o does not report status for remote Windows printers 6759910 lpstat doesn't display (-D) Description (from 140397-04) 6794602 lp dumps core in s10u7 on several commands in basic print test package (from 140397-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138627-05 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140397-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138627-04 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140397-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140192-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139958-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139487-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139970-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138848-02 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139971-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138627-03 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140395-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139390-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 138627-07) 6740381 lpstat -o does not report status for remote Windows printers 6759910 lpstat doesn't display (-D) Description (from 138627-06) 6752577 lpmove dumps core after moving job since applying 127128-11 (from 138627-05) 6752568 lpstat -o reports "Failed to contact service for <printer>: not-found" (from 138627-04) 6699255 127127/127128-11 break lp operation if the prinit server and client have different kernel versions 6699689 lpadmin: adding description (-D) corrupts /etc/printers.conf and leads lpstat to core dump 6720586 "nobanner" entry gets added when using "-i" with lp 6724477 cancel segfaults when running cancel <printer> 6737146 127127/127128-11 break -H hold for non-privileged user 6740759 lpstat always reports "Forms allowed: (none)" after making form available to printer 6784584 bring the many Solaris 10 printing patches into a single patch to fix the S10U5 regressions (from 138627-03) 6715450 lp -P m- not working correctly (from 138627-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138116-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138627-01) 6694850 list_remove() implementation in PAPI has some problems (from 138116-01) 6698648 127127/127128-11 break lp -P 6698649 127127/127128-11 break lp -H hold 6698650 127127/127128-11 break lp -q 6704910 printing not properly parsing options (from 138411-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138118-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138118-01) 6699182 patch 127127-11 breaks the cancel -u command (from 138848-02) 6718897 lpstat regression (from 138848-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138112-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138112-01) 6180823 printmgr(1M) says banner "always" when it's "never" 6667354 printmgr fails to add/modify printer 6689188 modify queue displays incorrect printmgr values for file contents, notification, printer type (from 138858-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138120-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138120-01) 6708442 Solaris printmgr gives unknown error when attempting to add network printer (from 138870-01) 6707986 lpset/ldap/printer-uri/libpapi incompatibilities cause printing problems (from 139390-01) 6653471 lpadmin(1) may enumerate wrong printers 6655640 ppdmgr(1M) may not include all cache files 6735837 PRINTMGR 'Description' not displayed in overview (from 139487-01) 6724904 lpr -r -s no longer an accepted combination of options (from 140192-01) 6729885 many lpd-port processes let remote printing nearly hang (from 142257-05) 6838180 TCP corruption seen with Northstar cards 6925276 e1000g not consistent with link_lock usage 6933844 NULL ptr deref in e1000g_rx_setup() due to inconsistency between recv_list & rx_desc_num (from 142257-04) 6909134 e1000g doesn't use ddi_get/ddi_put to access its I/O space 6919873 panic: BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) in module "e1000g" during ifconfig plumb group ipmp0 (from 142257-03) 6877343 e1000g's default tx/rx resource consumption too high for jumbograms (from 142257-02) 6681751 e1000g minor_perm inconsistent between package postinstall script and default minor_perm file 6797885 need to add support for network device (8086,10ea) in a new Intel system 6803799 need to add network device support (8086,10ef) for a new Intel system 6808388 e1000g inteface experience packet lost when switch between joining and leaving a multicast stream 6846262 T2000 FMA shows 6870404 e1000g_reset can call e1000g_start after releasing DMA resources 6881588 e1000g functions should return when e1000g_check_dma_handle() fails 6888320 e1000g emits scary mutex message on the console 6893285 e1000g 'pciex8086,105e' with PHY type igp I/O devices have been retired 6895459 e1000g share code update v3-1-10-1 (from 142257-01) 6820747 kstat output incorrect for MMF version of e1000g making it impossible to troubleshoot 6847888 HW initialization updates for 82541 and 82547 chips 6855964 e1000g driver corrupting LSO packets causes chipset hang and significant performance regression (from 126428-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 123334-05 into Solaris S10U4 update. (from 123334-05) 6479343 e1000g_transition should not check for single-user mode when applying to alternate root (from 123334-04) 6454256 check for Sun Cluster in e1000g_transition needs to be changed (from 123334-03) 6464716 wrong application name referred in e1000g_transition Synopsis part of print-out messages (from 123334-02) 6458990 add a new non-interactive flag to /usr/sbin/e1000g_transition 6460844 patch 123334-01 assumes /etc/hostname.ipgeX files exist; if don't - script fails to run 6461277 /usr/sbin/e1000g_transition updates more files than needed (from 123334-01) 6428335 transition from ipge to e1000g NIC driver 6459125 e1000g_transition is incorrectly packaged 6458975 change file permission of e1000g_transition 6459175 CDDL in e1000g_transition should be removed (from 142259-07) 6800807 fix for CR 6642391 is not complete: need to fix for extvtoc (from 142259-06) 6427672 iostat -E reports excessive number of Soft Errors on SATA drives (from 142259-05) 6890445 panic string: BAD TRAP: type=31, ssd_dkio_partition() 6917151 DKIOCPARTITION does not fetch correct data beyond 128 EFI GPEs 6922596 DKIOCPARTITION ioctl can cause data corruption (from 142259-04) 6897090 141444-09 SUNWssad incorrectly merges the ssd.conf file (from 142259-03) 6397566 missing iostat/Kstat information 6463086 per-partition kstat should be created when a partition gets non-zero size 6901327 creation of a hardware RAID via raidctl fails to create a valid VTOC and disk label (from 142259-02) 6808004 fdisk fake cylinder size should be a multiple of 4k (from 142259-01) 6676447 sd tests for non volatile cache incorrectly in sd_send_scsi_SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE_biodone() 6708257 DVD-ROM (not OS installation disk) can not mount from guest domain of LDOM 1.0.2 (from 143350-05) 6602216 UFS vnevent_remove/vnevent_rename needs to occur before namespace manipulation 6861149 UFS panic: ufs_putapage: bn == UFS_HOLE (from 143350-04) 6460239 panic: assertion failed:(threadp())->t_flag file: ../../common/fs/ufs/lufs_debug.c, line: 198 (from 143350-03) 6709826 UFS log size should be large enough by default to avoid panic described in Sun Alert 200854 6758800 lufs_alloc() can create a log smaller than ldl_minlogsize 6890755 assertion failed: SEMA_HELD(&bp->b_sem), file: ../../common/os/bio.c (from 143350-02) 5009506 UFS throughput hampered by poor scaling in lockfs code (from 143350-01) 6838326 UFS: VFS_VGET() can return a vnode for a removed file in transit (from 143897-03) 6627861 Nemo should consider that the source address could be NULL for IB (from 143897-02) 6832866 BAD TRAP occurred in dls_header_info function of module "dls" due to a NULL pointer dereference (from 143897-01) 6860669 system hang in dls_multicst_remove() (from 144051-03) 6932833 vhci_do_scsi_cmd retry not enough (from 144051-02) 6820741 bad buffer can be retried forever in the ssd layer, as vhci_scsi_start wrongly returns TRAN_BUSY 6892828 vhci panic while running fcinfo hba-port in initiator while testing COMSTAR FCoE testsuite (from 144051-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143120-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143120-03) 6616570 target 'target port groups' are not properly represented in mpapi 6721274 TPG relative identifiers should be device identification (page 83h) relative TP identifier aware 6865431 scsi_vhci loses path state awareness under failover/load 6915604 path state is not updated after failover success (from 143120-02) 6661528 with mpt patch 125081-14 installed, a server reboot causes error messages and volume failover on 6540 (from 143120-01) 6475502 device specific load-balance setting not displayed by mpathadm 6684754 scsi_vhci pgr out getting 4B 90 FCP_DL field not sufficient to complete the transfer (from 145049-01) 6755097 C_GetMechanismInfo() via pkcs11_kernel doesn't obey kernel provider policy (from 145051-01) 6940972 unable to configure/attach USB Hub after power loss (from 145102-01) 6898546 fix TLS renegotiation problem in OpenSSL (CVE-2009-3555) (from 145103-01) 6703821 unable to get the list of disks with error:CIM_ERR_FAILED (from 143125-02) 6936089 not able to upgrade from S9U9, S10U6 to S10U9, S10U8 (from 143125-01) 6524226 can't upgrade systems that have svm volumes (from 143909-06) 6918441 Kawela chip issues DMA to invalid address under heavy load 6975658 fix for 6874779 inadvertently removed the fixes for 6920486 & 6901490 (from 143909-05) 6931589 igb fix for latest Intel Barton Hill support 6949010 igb: 82575 phy is not released correctly (from 143909-04) 6874779 Solaris igb driver needs to support Intel 82580 Barton Hills (from 143909-03) 6901490 igb does not return failure when setting external loopback fails 6906795 igb driver can corrupt LSO packets under a special condition 6920486 igb driver does not log "link is down" into messages file when pulling out cable (from 143909-02) 6890117 igb driver reports link status as down before auto neg has had time to complete (from 143909-01) 6870811 igb needs to integrate the latest Intel shared code (from 142900-15) 6960650 sustaining S10U9 KU should require U8 failsafe patch (from 142900-14) 6213799 VMODSORT support for NFS: AKA "close()/fsync() slow on clients with lots of memory and cached pages" 6645655 ip_sioctl_move() can cause "Deadlock: cycle in blocking chain" panics 6836714 arc_read_done may try to byteswap undefined data 6854659 creating file using O_EXCL with Linux NFSv4 client results in bogus mtime 6882199 resource.removed event needs to be posted much earlier 6882227 spa_async_remove() shouldn't do a full clear 6894234 NFSv4 server ignores SGID bit when using Linux client 6902544 panic in sctp_error_event 6907448 IPv6 link local address of shared local zone should failover when IPMP detects failure 6910767 deleting large holey objects hangs other I/Os 6917776 prioctl (PIOCUSAGE) returning skewed pr_wtime 6928798 NULL netstack_XX causes boot time panic 6946546 fix for 6868082 devfsadm must rely on device_maps breaks add_allocatable on Trusted Extensions (from 142900-13) 4953227 mdi_pi_get_addr() shouldn't skip the leading 'w' 6513772 readdir_r() and associates should use per-DIR locking 6536893 customer still sees ddspe's under FMA - even after replacing US3is 6791831 netstat -a can generate garbage if legacy and non-legacy snmp consumers are run simultaneously 6807339 spurious checksum errors when replacing a vdev 6821379 cannot ftp get in binary mode of an Samfs offline file 6849167 40% write regression with multiple shares 6878888 INIT chunk containing unrecognized parameters results in malformed INIT-ACK 6896437 IPMP doesn't failback a duplicate address correctly 6899084 loopback send() hangs after a process sends OOB/urgent data 6904937 thread spinning in anon_array_enter causing ps and other proc tools to hang 6906110 bad trap panic in zil_replay_log_record 6906946 ZFS replay isn't handling uid/gid correctly 6929369 tcpCurrEstab can be inconsistent with simultaneous SNMP clients 6942486 IP does not drain queued UDP traffic if soft rings are enabled (from 142900-12) 6737518 tod_validate() may miss register corruption 6757667 rst for eager connection causes ipcl_tcpconn_cache leak 6785049 todm5819p_rmc driver can generate time reversals of min/hour/day/etc minus 1 second 6826573 system crashing while installing 6882903 swap_avail and freemem of vmstat output occasionally generate spikes 6893473 memory scrubber thread memscrub_scan() invokes no_trap() without on_trap() 6901728 6736189 has broken the fix for 6175313 6910864 memscrubber should not scrub pages *scheduled* for retirement 6934597 race condition panic between ipcl_get_next_conn() and udp_open() 6939941 problem with moving files in ZFS (from 142900-11) 6422839 system panicked in ip_multicast_loopback due to NULL pointer dereference 6801244 ps takes too long when many AS segments because of rm_assize 6809174 SCTP stack seemingly not handling packets out of order 6875154 6801244 fix misses corner case 6902651 SCTP packets encounter delays after a interface link drop (from 142900-10) 6396272 Solaris kernel, using Sun Studio 11 and patch 120759-03, fails to build due to not finding _memcpy 6846343 sctp_icmp_error() drops ICMP_FRAGMENTATION_NEEDED msg from IP, preventing sctp from sending mss 6847615 deadlock between zfs_dirent_lock and zfs_rmdir 6858637 system panics by accessing freed intr_vec_t when detaching the device 6898245 suspended zpool should not cause rest of the zfs/zpool commands to hang 6915092 race condition in px_add_intx_intr() may result in INO timeout for multi-pil configuration (from 142900-09) 6586537 async zio taskqs can block out userland commands 6640014 global zone servers should support labeled zone clients using UNIX domain sockets 6662000 ifconfigs hang due to ref count prob on the ire 6738063 vmem_destroy() destroyed too much 6747441 GRUB/vdev_get_bootpath, spa_get_rootconf, zpool_get_physpath should take care of spare vdev 6766960 sock+LOFS -> Solaris incompatible 6793877 lockd and Apache can block ZFS force-unmounting on behalf of clients 6822816 assertion failed: zap_remove_int(ds_next_clones_obj) returns ENOENT 6833999 3-way deadlock in dsl_dataset_hold_ref() and dsl_sync_task_group_sync() 6844158 assertion failed: vd->vdev_ops == &vdev_mirror_ops, file: ../../common/fs/zfs/zvol.c, line: 1054 6846024 allow GRUB to findroot /boot/grub/menu.lst if opening menu.lst from the boot device fails 6847118 hang in ZFS during rollback 6871629 3-way deadlock with mod_lock, dtrace_lock and sprlock 6880764 fsync on ZFS is broken if writes are greater than 32kb on a hard crash and no log attached 6892298 buf->b_hdr->b_state != arc_anon, file: ../../common/fs/zfs/arc.c, line: 2849 6920075 panic: no more nucleus memory after memlist alloc (from 142900-08) 6599009 bogus conn_ref assertion in ip_open() 6660359 conn_oper_pending_ill assertion failure in ipcl_conn_cleanup() 6768813 ipsq_pending_ipif can be NULL in ipif_ill_refrele_tail due to race condition 6812856 pending ioctl is not cleaned from ipsq during tcp_close 6839841 SCTP panic in ip:sctp_faddr_alive due to too-short srto_max 6860702 ibt_cm_ud_proceed(9f) does not populate SIDR response with private data 6867268 on T2000: vn_rele: vnode ref count 0 6879853 ibt_free_qp() should return ERROR when called when async open_rc_channel has not completed 6879858 need mechanism to skip FLUSH QP when DREQ is received for OFUV clients 6901968 ibcm needs fixes for PSN and RNR retry count 6902883 thread hangs in page_lock_es() 6912605 erroneous comment in tcp_wput_iocdata 6912616 duplicate initializer for iocp in tcp_wput_iocdata 6912829 panic in ipsq_xopq_mp_cleanup/RD due to NULL ill->ill_wq on lo0 during zone shutdown/reboot (from 142900-07) 6224278 iwscn should be deobfuscated 6338460 ptm closing before pts may foul up console redirection 6421805 superfluous code in iwscn driver 6528421 nce_res_mp is schizophrenic 6782947 IRE_BROADCAST IREs can hook up with non-NCE_F_BCAST NCEs 6789848 system panics if SCTP peer restarts while we do have queued data fragments 6809637 IPv6 logo testing issue when Packet Too Big Message received 6840848 ZFS boot error "panic - kernel: bop_alloc_chunk failed" when /etc/system file is >8k 6843101 SCTP causes system panic under high load 6885489 assertion failed: (obj->saddr_ipifp)->sctp_ipif_refcnt != 0 6885549 sctp_instream_cleanup fails to NULL sctp_uo_frags 6887930 Tavor: "SRQ number != SRQ index" can cause firmware to corrupt DDR memory 6900155 extra free in the error path for hermon_mr_common_reg() & tavor_mr_common_reg(); 6907809 fix copying shm accounting and segment list information 6913469 longjmp() from a signal handler disables subsequent atfork handlers (from 142900-06) 6840801 race between CL_TICK and disp() leaves onproc thread with t_waitrq set 6887205 program using POSIX AIO gets unexpected SIGPOLL (SIGIO) signals 6899523 thread stuck in udp_quiesce_conn due to flaw in UDP perimeter mechanism 6908371 copyright year needs updating to 2010 6911810 panic: NULL pointer dereference in unix module - page_retire_hunt() 6915007 page_retire_hunt may perform unnecessary memory scans (from 142900-05) 6747527 BAD TRAP: type=31 when accounting is turned ON for zones 6781488 IPSQ timer restart logic can deadlock under stress 6806943 tcp_multisend() assumes that the IRE it looks up is valid 6880963 Solaris 10 panics on G5 system with 1TB memory (from 142900-04) 4697677 permissions of underlying directory affect permissions of mount point 4815729 hasmntopt(3C) incorrectly finds substrings 4981612 IBTF support for re-registration handler 6307489 getmntany() should not stat meaningless special devices 6583365 add PortChange event 6599411 fix for 4697677 has security regression 6605724 detection of SM fail-over must be sped up 6813095 NAT sessions are not created if the NAT rules are inserted when the IPMP group is failed 6813502 mntfs is not fork-safe 6829227 ipfil_sendpkt() may trigger panic 6833247 IPonIB should create the MCG if it does not exist 6839683 add support for port change event 6839806 in an IPMP group, INACTIVE flag is missing on a STANDBY interface after undo-offline 6845344 IBD driver should attach if PKEY is Valid with fullmembership bit set 6850969 readdir(3C) of HCA /devices path doesn't always create IB minor devices 6850975 removal of a partition on the subnet manager is not reflected in dladm 6873976 ibd lint warning on incremental build 6876435 NE_IFINDEX_CHANGE event must be emitted, when physical interface index changes 6882984 SOCK_RAW and IPPROTO_UDP may prove toxic post 6558864 6886536 UFS delete thread running at 100% sys time blocks network packet processing on interrupt CPU 6897171 phyint_hook_ifindex must be removed from phy_if_t (from 142900-03) 6452935 BAD TRAP in ip_squeue_set_unbind during CPU reassignment/offline due to stale sq_rx_ring pointer 6778854 system panics in unix:sfmmu_ismtlbcache_demap 6808307 need access to the included SCTP counters 6819644 non-existent function 'ipif_extract_lifreq_cmn' mention in comments of ip_if.c 6828280 indentation in ill_ring_add() is incorrect 6865228 memory failure in ip_soft_ring_assignment would leave ill_lock held 6882077 setting ip_squeues_per_cpu >1 creates multiple SQS_DEFAULT squeues 6886158 stats exported in CR 6808307 can be erroneously reset by kstat and netstat 6897183 ip_squeue_soft_ring_affinity() doesn't always decrement ill_waiters (from 142900-02) 5076262 reduce CE reports from retired pages due to memscrubber 6338698 application deadlocks on an lwpchan lock when a watchpoint is enabled on a thread stack 6608848 prstat/getvmusage is strangely slow when faced with mmap load 6623662 xc_one() dies prematurely with "XC SPL ENTER already entered" 6667053 pse array size calculation is broken by newboot putback 6788613 px: WARNING: px1: ino 0x18 blocked and disk warnings during high stress test 6798475 IPv6 logo testing version 4.0.3 fails on Solaris 10 6815882 aio_cleanup_thread() can get stuck after missing to process the aio_doneq 6828675 multicast socket fails to bind in Solaris 10 TX, but works in regular Solaris 10 6848081 during LUN configuration, mpxio registers keys on LUNs that already have keys registered 6850147 holdlwps() in close() is a major performance hit in highly-threaded applications 6870082 page_retire()/page_trycapture should not try to retire non-relocatable prom_ppages 6882902 ::interrupts dcmd does not compute the correct 'Shared' value for MSIs in px driver 6888928 ipmp interface fails since probe packets are not sent through that interface 6891613 prevent page_retire_hunt from adding a page to the pr_pending_q again and again (from 142900-01) 6541723 system panics in routing dereferencing a bad pointer 6621614 SCTP bundles partial data chunk 6661261 IPv6 SCTP ABORT has incorrect port numbers 6722352 SCTP_COMM_LOST event is not sent up 6726200 comments in qdrain_syncq() do not match the code, and multiple typos in strsubr.c comments 6780627 endless loop between drain_syncq and qdrain_syncq when Q_SQQUEUED is set and q_sqhead==NULL 6799372 bad trap in sctp_user_abort 6816657 use of SHM_LOCK can leak free pages 6848845 pages_locked value is leaking 6856367 ipif_select_source can loop endlessly under certain situations 6867095 application fails after upgrading from 137137-09 to 138888-01 or later 6881751 KU rejuvenation post Solaris 10 Update Release 8 (from 140562-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 121394-03 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140562-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 121394-02 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 121394-03) 6564094 BAD TRAP panic in aio library while running global_dev/tc_aio_read assertion 13 (from 121394-02) 6748772 incorrectness in AIO syscall requests (from 121394-01) 4954646 polled kaio blocks DR delete_memory_thread if aiowait not called 6183621 rejuvenation patches cause signal handler race condition (from 127762-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 128032-01 into Solaris S10U5 update. (from 128032-01) 6547464 label daemon cores upon file moves in libtsol (from 141544-01) 6691249 TX zones can fail to halt (from 142263-01) 6755849 mntfs code is not MT safe and causes panic (from 143352-01) 6877975 TCP_corrupt exposes corruption from using LSO on Hermon (from 123271-01) 6347629 stream head freed before iwscn is done with it (from 125174-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 126308-01 into Solaris S10U4 update. (from 125174-01) 6452679 AF_UNIX sockets should allow much more than 128 outstanding connections (from 126308-01) 6460268 connection refused on local Unix socket when many connect/close requests occur simultaneously (from 141550-02) 6478655 kcf should not log complaints as frequently as it does 6882364 networking wedged up behind blocked taskq_thread() worker (from 141550-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141773-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141773-01) 6803803 rnd_chpoll() should not reject (EINVAL) events==0 (from 118814-01) 6230025 Solaris needs to support an application-watchdog-timer on LW8 6228652 ntwdt's one-second-based timer can expire early by at most one second 6228655 last-minute code review of ntwdt reveals there are things to improve 6226428 ntwdt incorrectly specifies True/False in LW8_MBOX message (from 120038-01) 6257191 sar doesn't normalize for number of CPUs giving incorrect results (from 137133-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138157-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138157-01) 6588453 Solaris 10 iostat/vmstat performance degradation due to large number of devices 6643959 iostat -m no longer shows mount point 6644731 iostat should not take last configuration snapshot as it's not used to print statistics data 6647838 mount points for SVM/md devices don't appear using iostat -m option (from 138318-03) 6762286 sar -d busy part is more than 100 for NFS related stuff (from 138318-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 127759-03 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138318-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 127759-02 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 127759-03) 6634715 sar -o saves corrupt data in the file after fixing CR#6521106 (from 127759-02) 6691671 127759-01 clashes with 125022-01 on /usr/sbin/sar (from 127759-01) 6521106 sar -c incorrectly reports averages due to 32-bit truncation (from 125022-01) 6298631 sar should use sysinfo.updates when calculating freemem and freeswap (from 139943-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139514-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139514-01) 6724580 todm5819p_rmc driver should protect against century register corruption (from 142528-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139945-03 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 139945-03) 6862877 [FUJITSU] system may hang up during DR connect operation (from 139945-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139509-02 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139945-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139509-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139509-02) 6776419 [Fujitsu] ngdr patch 139509 should acc/obs 127723-01 (from 139509-01) 6726756 cfgadm-unconfigure operation succeeds with "Hardware specific failure" error message (from 127723-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 125201-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 125201-01) 6705252 (rework) system board cannot be disconnected after DR fails to unconfigure CPU (from 125200-01) 6705252 system board cannot be disconnected after DR fails to unconfigure CPU (from 137123-03) 6452574 we should improve management of the /dev/.devlink_db file 6520627 TSlvm sometimes gets NORESULT (from 137123-02) 6855420 TX: USB built-in floppy drive should automatically populate the Device Manager 6868082 TX: devfsadm must rely on device_maps file with multiple hot-pluggable USB devices 6920272 libdevinfo is too connected, libbsm must not depend upon it (from 137123-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138169-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138169-01) 6635401 deallocate core dumps in libbsm:audit_allocate_list() when /etc/security/device_maps too big (from 142330-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142005-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 142005-01) 6667054 devfsadm assumes loading of the audit module implies device allocation (from 143895-01) 6850124 dlopen reports "No such file or directory" in spite of ENOMEM when mmap fails in anon_map() (from 143131-08) 6895005 client can't access server's exported pseduo-FS after the underneath ZFS-FSs are unshared 6901748 MVFS and NFS pseudo namespace tree do not work together 6926015 dead code in exportfs() 6935556 unable to mount sec=krb5 with NFSv4 if filesystems are shared differently 6936129 get_root_export() should use tree_parent instead of VOP_LOOKUP("..") to find the ROOT exportinfo (from 143131-07) 6893811 nfs4_make_dotdot() should not assume fn_parent!= NULL (from 143131-06) 6505192 NFS client hang after all async worker threads are stuck in condition variable 6897605 deadlock in nfs4_active_reclaim() on r_lock if file and its XATTR are hashed in the same r4hashq_t 6912345 nfs4_active_data_reclaim() will panic when the exported filesystem does not support xattrs (from 143131-05) 6758280 nfs_async_manager doesn't schedule nfs_async_start even if async reqs are enqueued 6900751 corrupt call_table / callist structure leads to networking hang (from 143131-04) 6762222 lockd burns CPU cycles, NFS pathologically slow 6831781 "[NFS4] NFS server not responding - still trying" messages during heavy TCP traffic (from 143131-03) 6888022 NFSv4: grpid mount flag is not effective for files (from 143131-02) 6577647 NFS writes aren't interruptible if there are too many outstanding writes 6887666 mmap() on NFSv4 mounted filesystem can be non-interruptible 6887889 possible non-interruptible hang in nfs4_write() with directio, append and intr (from 143131-01) 6833526 4-way hang in the NFSv4 client 6853999 bump mi_srvset_cnt in remove_mi() 6861594 NFSv4 client deadlock 6863148 fn_move() still can dereference a NULL fn_parent 6868260 panic in nfs4delegreturn_cleanup_impl() even after fix for 6721281 6874901 race between find_nfs4_server_all() and nfs4_server_rele() (from 142236-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141914-02 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 142236-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141914-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141914-02) 6523693 mountd core dump in nfsauth_prog 6661313 mountd does not deal well with malformed authentication requests from NFS server kernel 6696163 clnt_max_conns can't be set on amd64 6817942 RPC loadbalancing with clnt_max_conns > 1 does not work 6834333 ASSERT(p->cku_err.re_errno != 0) in clnt_cots_kcallit() triggers because re_error is not set 6839714 mountd may leak netbuf's (from 141914-01) 6743447 connmgr_get also should check state flag in retry case (from 143519-01) 6802893 /var/nfs/v4_state fills up with tons of entries; prevents NFS service from starting

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