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Sun Patch: SunOS 5.10: Solaris kernel patch

Severity CVSS Published Added Modified
10 (AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C) January 14, 2008 August 18, 2011 June 23, 2014


From Sun Patch 144500-19

Sun has released a security patch addressing the following issues:

7061007 U10 KU 144500-18 and 144501-18 are not delivering hardlink properly (from 144500-18) 7039794 mpt_sas driver update needs to include support for LSI SAS2308 device 1000,87 (from 144500-17) 7055590 patchsetup tool erroneously pulled in ZFS test packages into Feature KUs (SPARC and x86) (from 144500-16) 6350065 ndata memory stolen; found on floor of krtld's chop shop 6991467 unable to generate sgen entry on SAS tape products with SAS 6Gb/s HBA 7036026 can't re-target interrupts for NIU because of fix for 6948283 7039583 fix for 6600474 breaks binary compatibility 7040258 compiler bug causes problems with libelfsign, causing all crypto to fail 7044546 panic running nicdrv_stress(2.0) and in nicdrv 7045894 nxge panics when unplumbing a hio enabled vnet in guest domain 7052248 6946736 did not list all patch deliverables (from 144500-15) 6651136 zfs_link_destroy() should use reader vn_vfsrlock instead of writer vn_vfswlock 6983711 kern L2 cache instr uncorrectable errors are no longer diagnosed 7045541 system panics on shutdown after install of T144500-13 (SPARC) or T144501-14 (x86) (from 144500-14) 7044441 need to uprev SPARC Feature KU to keep in sync (from 144500-13) 6289672 gcore(1) will produce zero-sized LDT notes 6481274 zone_set_root() should not directly access private vnode field vp->v_vfsmountedhere 6482159 kernel hangs in pcic_attach at boot time on Fujitsu FMV6800MG laptop 6690298 UNIX98/UNIX03: *vsx5* scanf() %% conversion tests fail 6745274 IPfilter: several bug fixes need to be sync'd in with v6 NAT after integration 6748307 pstack(1) prints the wrong signal number with a signal handler frame for a 64-bit SPARC process 6749445 ipfstat -f does not show ttl but rather expiration tick 6814187 running newtask -c pid, could hang the system in pool code if the target process is in lwp_create 6833870 sl not set correctly on hermon 6848998 setting linger time to 1 in a SCTP socket causes an abortive shutdown 6912478 SCTP_COMM_LOST notification is generated even if SCTP association is not established 6915303 ipfstat command in non-global zone can't reach data for -s/-t switches 6924074 mdb :r command corrupts quoted string args for 64-bit debug target 6947685 deadlock between nxge_m_stop() and nxge_check_hw_state() 6962224 zones can leak memory in zone_set_privset() 6962232 zone_setattr has uninitialized variable 6966028 at reboot list.suspects are not being replayed via ETM, only list.updated are sent 6967430 apparent fmd live-lock in 6968855 make password construction requirements apply to root 6968856 prevent accidentally enabling locked accounts 6971921 hot lock in ibd_acache_lookup 6972396 ipfstat and ipnat does not need change effective IDs 6972465 ipnat does not work in non-global zone 6977076 memory leak in nxge_start when >1Mb dblks and jumbo frames are used together 6985610 null pointer check is not necessary 6991553 UNIX03: POSIX.sdo/ar/ar.ex fails 1007 1008 1010 6992239 XSAVE feature check incorrect 6993001 passwd/passwdutil could be clearer about when it doesn't change a no login account 6994300 Oracle Enterprise Manager and LDoms hangs on T3 server 6998684 deadlock between zfs_inactive() and zfs_write()/as_fault() 6999814 generic-mem DE can be indicted by fmd should it exceed its module memory limit 7000649 eft is faulted on memory UE reportedly due to exceeding module memory limit 7003716 ixgbe failing to allocate rx dam buffer/initialize rings 7005279 ipsec_check_inbound_policy: Policy Failure for the incoming packet - message could be improved 7009264 panic occurs when mptsas init chip fail during resume 7010842 lp segfaults when asked to print stdin 7011304 link problem with QSFP/copper cables 7011341 vnet driver registers the HV API for hybrid I/O even when hybrid I/O is not configured 7013632 incorrect assertion in IPoIB driver "ASSERT(!wc->wc_flags & IBT_WC_GRH_PRESENT);" 7016515 duplicate messages received when running NICDRV over SDP over Hermon on debug kernel 7016818 a number of LDAP return code errors in pam_authtok_store don't support nowarn 7017526 use after free in papiJobCancel() 7020002 Solaris panic on vnet port (re)attach during live migration 7020637 SCTP_CANT_STR_ASSOC event should be sent up if an association cannot be set up 7021812 1-N SCTP socket in a shared IP zone gets the wrong source addresses 7022022 possible NULL pointer dereference in mr_sas driver 7023220 udapl dat_evd_free() function has a memory leak 7025403 some kstats are not set on Twinville 7025404 ixgbe does not work after flow control is enabled 7025407 tunable of UDP enable needs to be added in RSS Field 7025839 FMA test failed on LSI2208 controllers 7026241 SDP panic when trying to send a packet 7026401 APM (automatic path migration) does not work with hermon on x64 7027287 Solaris linker hangs in infinite loop on broken symbolic link 7029003 after APM fails over, it does not properly fail back 7029310 panic in ip_input() during live migration 7029406 panic: assertion failed: _ret_ == 0, file: ../../common/io/ib/clients/ibd/ibd.c, line: 1933 7030472 from disk-monitor seen on T4 blades 7030612 pwrite returning EIO instead of EFAULT when pointing to an illegal address 7034960 big performance drop from lock contention in hermon_cq_handler 7036314 libsoftcrypto not enabled for T4 and AES_CFB128 7038090 mptsas_ioc_reset() backport is incomplete 7038525 mptsas_suspend spins while waiting for commands completion 7040369 CQE local transport retry count exceeded error comes too late (from 144500-12) 6542161 UNIX03: fdatasync() should be a cancellation point 6548032 renaming a directory that is mount point should be disallowed 6587075 need better solution to figure out IOMMU BYPASS DMA support for sun4v platforms 6811319 panic in module "scsi_vhci_f_asym_lsi" due to a NULL pointer dereference 6882143 DSL pool cleanup should happen after we drop spa_namespace_lock 6900692 dsl_dataset_destroy()/spa_vdev_remove_evacuate() deadlock 6904865 memory leaks in fmd_case_add_suspect() if defects are diagnosed 6914204 zfs commands hang trying to get spa_errlog_lock owned by sync_thread stalled by ZIO error 6915549 e1000g_start() performs double-free in failure path 6920295 possible deadlock between ZFS range lock and address space a_lock 6927316 cfgadm -c unconfigure followed by mpathadm list lu panics system 6931697 ZFS should keep writing data to vdevs with an active hot spare 6934970 dld tx queue accounting and flow control are inefficient and unfair 6946852 Solaris support for SPARC T4 platforms 6951201 sfmmu_t objects may cross pagesize boundary causing panic 6962284 mr_sas driver should support the LSI SAS2208 6963608 Assertion failed: weight >= space && weight <= 2 * space, file metaslab.c 6965062 LDAP peruser door lookup results in core dump 6967038 sfmmu_mlspl_enter, Deadlock: cycle in blocking chain 6971956 bad rwlock in dsl_dataset_user_release_onexit() 6979390 zpool import -d <readonly filesystem> <pool> cause system panic 6980126 e1000g0 reports - PCIEX-8000-5Y 6980763 RDSv1 fails to run with multiple zone clusters 6983234 need improved method of resourcing threads 6984809 ping failed from guest domain when network cable disconnected and reconnected 6985533 transient threads shouldn't interfere with CMT load balancing 6988320 mdb ::zfs_params should display zfs_txg_synctime_ms 6989320 sun4v prtdiag misreports 2.5GHz CPU frequency 6990481 pagesize misreports 2GB size 6991831 trapstat hang with 2GB pagesize 6992268 3 minute service 'blackout' when faulting cluster interconnect using RDSv1 6992669 recursive rename is stuck behind a rollback operation 6993054 potential NULL pointer dereference in created_before() 6993063 potential memory leak in zpool_clear_label() 6995225 SA_COPY_DATA is intolerant of misaligned .sa_data from cachefs:fscdir_create 6995401 readonly import pool with cache devices causes panic 6998264 disks being added multiple times to the same pool 6999220 UNIX03: /tset/CAPI.os/files/ftruncate/T.ftruncate 6 fails 7000011 ldapclient has broken IPv6 support 7003458 "zpool add" command cannot handle multiple replacing vdevs 7005193 priocntl(1) and priocntlset(2) should be applicable to LWPs in other processes 7009294 pmap(1) command should display correct pagesize for 2GB pages 7019356 extra VN_RELE in zfs_setattr() if user has exceeded user quota and file has extended attributes 7019358 small race in zfs_sa_upgrade 7019362 sa_find_sizes needs some refinements for handling multiple variable length attributes 7019370 zfs_aclset_common could cause creation of unnecessary SA layout 7022404 latent buffer overflow in cmd/priocntl/subr.c:str2pid() 7022675 priocntl(1) prints incorrect error message when given PIDs of different classes 7022852 priocntl(1) fails to change sched parameter of processes in the same class 7024004 CPUs should have CPU_DISP_REGULAR raised during boot 7025556 DTLB_HWTW_all counter omits DTLB_HWTW_L3_hit events 7025714 new dispatcher assert fails after domain migration 7025752 TETOS mpss_stress_19 hangs 7026310 workaround for crypto pkcs11_kms hang with nscd 7027005 update VID and PID for Pikes Peak controllers to be used with MPxIO 7030083 executables in crypto Makefiles need to specify path 7033210 [FUJITSU] acc/obsolete Fujitsu patch 146701-01 into Solaris 10 Feature KU 144500-xx 7033225 regression introduced due to platform specific content in platform neutral package (from 144500-11) 6801824 panic in vhci_scsi_reset_target 6958085 defect.sunos.fmd.module not visible via fmadm faulty 6991466 deadlock while replacing a submirror of mirrored rpool 7011852 kmem_verify oddities: corrupt buffer 7015448 primary panics when plumbing/configuring vnet ports bound to a tavor-sourced vsw 7028127 Solaris 10_x86 U10 feature KU 144501 should not rejuvenate awk patch 122035-05 7029470 IRB_REFRELE checks for IRE_MARK_CONDEMNED instead of IRB_MARK_CONDEMNED (from 144500-10) 6617470 ipftest is reported as false positive by wsdiff 6723334 memory leak in papi 6743894 psignal(3C) doesn't accept NULL, but current Open Group document does 6763596 scsa2usb returns negative pkt_resid when it fakes inquiry response 6776367 printf should not zero-pad NaN or infinity values 6786708 system panics in scsi_device_hba_private_get+0xc(0) 6803834 regression test failure for legacy/i13 6900422 IPfilter: using auth rules can hang the system 6904867 can get spurious "nosub" ereports if defects are diagnosed 6906541 IPfilter auth rules with quick and keep state not working as expected 6906555 IPfilter: kernel panic when using auth rules with keep state 6906634 IPfilter: problems with ipf_auth and ipf_global locks in auth code 6913037 px_dvma_map_fast limits large packet transmit bandwidth 6914077 size of buffer to hold packets pending authentication needs to be tunable 6920918 provide a way to extract byte counts of an IP in an ippool 6920919 provide a way to reset byte counts of an IP in an ippool 6928945 HDS AMS2100: MPxIO problem 6936509 fr_checkauth() fails to match packets matching IP pools 6940194 better interaction between rules and auth module 6941082 default values of fr_minttl and fr_icmpminfragmtu are higher then maximum 6943264 auth and fast routing panics when trying to play together 6944823 Solaris ixgbe driver needs to support Intel Twinville 6946368 need to extend ioctl() data for auth app by interface name 6946736 need to add simple auth tool similar to ipftest 6949821 remove dead code in fr_auth_ioctl() in ip_auth.c 6970764 Solaris needs driver for Intel SCU SAS/SATA Controller 6972603 PSARC 2010/297 remove preauth keyword 6975245 only one auth application will be allowed to open /dev/ipauth 6979330 My Disk, My Kingdom For A (specific) Disk 6984114 mr_sas is required to post driver version to firmware for sideband management tools 6984390 PCIe framework SW should initialize all funcs of multi-func device with same MPS 6985417 enable large TLB for kernel large pages on M-class by default 6997792 scsi_init_cache_pkt should support non-aligned buffer 6999273 memory leak in auth module 7000776 makedbm writes to read-only global string 7000943 SDP: data loss or a race whereby the read doesn't wakeup 7001419 ixgbe should use RX desc. bursting to improve RX throughput on M series 7001540 assertion failed: vpkt->vpkt_path != NULL 7002538 kmdb crashes when reloaded 7003329 buffer overflow in makedbm 7004239 CQE local transport retry count exceeded error comes too late 7006122 SDP: another "data loss or a race whereby the read doesn't wakeup" 7007098 VTS Processor.fputest fails in SL-4 on RF Platforms if running parallel with other VTS tests 7007672 mpt_sas handles IOCStatus incorrectly 7008669 panic if DMA fails to allocate memory 7014792 assertion failed: status == HERMON_CMD_SUCCESS, file: hermon_cmd.c, line: 303 7014947 x64 systems with more than 2TB support needed in Solaris 10 7019766 COREHEAP_BASE == 0xc0000000u assertion failure on older amd64 systems that have erratum 95 (from 144500-09) 6276696 USCSI should support a path selection mechanism in conjunction with scsi_vhci 6321430 scsi_inquiry(9S) should be updated 6352261 HBA drivers could make use of a scsi_pkt allocator 6414111 HBA drivers could make use of SCSA-ized DMA handling 6675356 multiple invocations of 'modunload -i 0' needed for maximum memory reduction 6726867 SCSAv3 6780376 PSARC/2008/675: SCSI_HBA_ADDR_COMPLEX 6797025 PSARC/2009/033 scsi_hba_pkt_comp(9F) 6808524 PSARC/2009/125 scsi_device property interfaces 6808900 PSARC/2009/103 ndi hidden nodes 6818075 need a way to find out if a device would be supported under mdi without trial and error 6848196 unconfig takes longer than config 6880942 SCSAv3: if enumeration fails, device remains in active map and no re-enumeration attempt occurs 6885919 SCSAv3:LCC Hot Plug causes assertion panic in file: ../../common/io/scsi/impl/scsi_hba.c, line: 4776 6886050 SCSAv3: scsi_hba_pkt_comp should detect double completions of same packet 6892438 target-port/attached-port phymask properties for SAS transport FMA 6898706 smp should register devids 6898776 assertion failed: DEVI(self)->devi_ref, file: ../../common/io/scsi/impl/scsi_hba.c, line: 7710 6899004 reduce resource usage of dam address maps 6899010 invoke deactivation callback when cancelling non-stabilized reports 6900854 mdb: dcmd to show SCSA and solaris view of targets 6904933 memory leak in eval_func() 6913819 SCSAv3: pmcs_scsa_tran_tgt_free: alignment error panic 6914412 FC initiator host panic when FC array mp_support change 6915456 pmcs should implement tgtmap activate/deactivate callbacks 6915736 Page Fault Panic in pmcs due to null pointer dereference 6916722 pathinfo state is unknown during cable pulls 6917501 expander reset causes panic[cpu0] 6917786 NULL softstate will be used in pmcs_scsa_tran_tgt_init in some cases 6917792 assertion failed: iport, file:.../pmcs_subr.c, line: 7763 6919171 cred_t sidesteps kmem_debug; we need to be able to detect bad hold/free when they occur 6928278 SCSAv3: scsi_hba_tgtmap_set_flush 6933787 SCSAv3: for mpxio, devid should be registered/transferred to client node 6936829 SCSAv3 ::damap headers being incorrect 6944220 SCSAv3: tgtmap bus_config needs to coordinate attach/hotplug window SCSAv3: fix for 6944220 performs poorly for bus_config_one of missing device 6946878 SCSAv3: fix for 6944220 performs poorly for bus_config_one of missing device 6946938 SCSAv3: sometimes phymaps observations fail to activate 6948076 instance code makes assumptions about promotion ordering of preassigns 6950461 SCSAv3: should be able to modunload the pmcs driver 6951142 scsi_ifsetcap should always update dma_attr_granular when tran_setup_pkt is defined 6951267 fix for 6948076 can still double-allocate a preassigned instance number 6951616 sunmdi.c should avoid unnecessary use of ct_dip 6952406 enumeration errors and disk failures during boot 6953230 simplify in_next_instance_block preassign support 6957458 in.ftpd should not execute too-long commands 6962100 SCSAv3: cluster heads could not detect power cycled jbods 6972021 fmd daemon got memory leaks by interrupt of calling interface fminject::fminject_fault_cpu 6974601 SCSI: probe/reset get chatty if lun-reset prop is not supported 6992681 misleading message is printed when the ftp connection is abort 6999590 NFSv4 should use filesystem generic function vn_under() to avoid code duplication 7002256 rpc.rexd core dump 7002956 wuftpd has memory leak in error path 7015516 MPxIO enabled disks can not come back when hotplug with I/O on pmcs testing platform 7020011 panic on heap corruption in all txtest net tests (from 144500-08) 6615564 mpt should check IOCStatus and IOCLoginfo 6634061 WARNING: /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/LSILogic,sas@0 (mpt0): mpt_get_sas_device_page0 config: IOCStatus=0x8022 6702538 mpt_handle_event: IOCStatus=0x8000, IOCLogInfo=0x31124000 6714685 Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) 6753086 iobustest netlbtest causes spurious ereport/fault on unplumbed bge devices 6944824 Solaris e1000g driver needs to support Lewisville 6953359 leak in Kerberos causes idmap to inflate and crash on 2010.Q1 6956591 bge driver stops working 6958856 fmd performance issue if "fmstat -m" called while disgnosis going on 6961910 active guest flag becomes '-t----' if a CPU is added after cpu0 was removed 6968287 SUN-FM-MIB.mib needs to be updated to reflect Oracle information 6979710 mpt driver should not print "No memory availablefor dispatch taskq" 6992573 mpt_poll does not timeout when it is receiving interrupts 6999592 mpt_handle_event(_sync)?: IOCStatus=0x8000, IOCLogInfo=0x31120101 warnings 7001042 memory shortage can trigger a panic due to dangling freed dircache node in dc_head linked list 7001161 netlbtest on bge interface fails 7001512 IOCStatus should be treated consistently in the mpt driver 7006805 mpt_check_task_mgt creates log entries with mpt_check_scsi_io_error tag 7008898 mdb $x command on amd64 doesn't display %xmm8-%xmm16, %ymm8-%ymm16 SSE registers 7011731 need to restore the old x86_feature variable for binary compatibility 7017151 32-bit xsave() does not properly disable the FPU (from 144500-07) 4088757 customer would like to increase ngroups_max more than 32 4994017 data structure sharing between rpcbind and libnsl leads to accidents 6764671 array overrun in librestart 6853435 many files incorrectly include the private <sys/cred_impl.h> 6950098 cfgadm -c configure fails to configure PEM adapter but does not indicate that there was a problem 6983289 link-editor and related tools should be back-ported to Solaris 10 7006394 zpool operation panics LDOM parents: mutex_enter: bad mutex, lp=306b99d4cc0 owner=2a100 7006919 system panic when run "hotplug disable" on M5000 (from 144500-06) 1220706 mkfile not internationalized 4095699 snoop: add support for 802.1Q VLAN tagging 6193135 mkfile should rock 6292043 DL_PROMISC_SAP should see *all* traffic, not just untagged traffic on GLDv2 links 6306794 GLDv2 drivers incorrectly strip the VLAN tag in raw mode 6375633 GLDv2 processes DL_PROMISC{ON,OFF}_REQ incorrectly 6425091 want 'zfs diff' to list files that have changed between snapshots 6434082 enhance snoop's VLAN filtering capability 6453746 change definition of enprintf in pfmod.c 6457476 GLDv2 kstats are not MT-protected, could cause missing increment in some cases 6466682 UNIX03 *vsx*: some unistd.h _POSIX2_* constants should return 200112L 6525584 UNIX03 *vsx*: unistd.h _XOPEN_UNIX constant is defined but with no value 6607350 UNIX03/UNIX98: *vsx4* fopen 48, fopen() succeeded when STREAM_MAX streams were already open 6667024 want a generic SCSI library 6667025 want a generic SES library 6681836 bug in ses2 setproperty control code with multiple props at once 6684116 memory consumption by the ZFS vdev read-ahead cache is unlimited 6687063 need to update product name for J4400 6687064 add vendor plugin for J4500 6687671 add libses support for J4200 6694186 ses_plugin_dlclose is backwards 6697754 ses2 plugin crash when setting invalid property 6700597 zfs send -R | zfs receive -d will fail if any of the file systems have non default mountpoints 6702485 enc_do_ucode() corrupts memory if image is not aligned 6702487 need to update product name for J4500 6703082 need to update parsing of J4500 STRING IN data 6705260 want to enumerate external enclosures in libtopo 6708201 primary enclosures should be easier to find using libses 6711988 spc3_types.h should know about WRITE BUFFER 6719105 ses2: incorrect parsing of page 15 (nickname) 6720531 ZFS should provide read-only import 6722809 want a way to identify enclosures as internal 6722859 libses should use common defines for critical/warning properties 6733267 allow a pool to be imported with a missing slog 6754978 assert in zio_vdev_child_io when using zdb -R to read submirror block 6757444 want zdb -R to support decompression, checksumming and RAID-Z 6768496 array overrun in libnsl 6782540 zpool cannot replace a replacing device 6791643 libses needs to link with libumem 6791646 ses2 ucode upload should allow selection of chunk size 6791689 need a userland mechanism for access to smp(7D) targets 6791730 libscsi and friends mishandle plugin paths with multiple candidates 6801500 want a per-filesystem 'rstchown' property 6831769 fmd dumps core repeatedly in libses with huge enclosure 6839917 FMA Platform Independent L2/L3 Cache Line Retire (CLR) 6846560 mpt_sas driver should support Disk Fault/OK2RM LEDs 6863750 kmem metadata in zfs_file_data impedes debugging non-debug crash dumps 6863967 substring and subhelp pages ignored due to length mishandling 6865470 need SPMS-generic Sun libses plugin 6870721 libses is incorrectly calculating the length of Vendor Specific enclosure information 6883722 want 'zfs recv -o prop=value' to set initial property values of received dataset 6886341 want a 'zfs send' option to ignore local property settings when restoring from a backup 6900516 add support for SPMS-1 rev 111 SUBCHASSIS ID 6900822 Sun libses plugin should support FRUID page 6900856 need SES_PROP_INTERNAL workaround for X4275 6900937 ZFS hang waiting for exclusive access to the dataset 6901298 libscsi should work around devices intolerant of odd INQUIRY lengths 6904180 need warnings when ::kmem_verify and ::findleaks are run against an inconsistent dump 6917177 support function to be the first arg of setpayloadprop 6928148 zpool import/clear -F does not display state timestamp correctly on SPARC 6942439 sporadic complete I/O halts 6947432 zfs list could accept "fs" as synonym for "filesystem" 6950437 missing logzillas should not fault pool when they contain no ZIL data 6954147 ZPROP_HAS_RECVD is not set recursively 6956211 libses index assignment scheme causes parsing errors for SES Additional Element Status diag page 6958471 assertion failed: BP_GET_DEDUP(zio->io_bp), file: ../../common/fs/zfs/arc.c, line: 3257 6961707 ZFS rpool panic at zfs: allocating allocated segment 6962613 REPORT GENERAL structure definition includes extra bit 6966172 Solaris mpt_sas driver can panic due to flood of events 6968241 SCTP needs to handle rather than assert partial delivery with no fragment with the B-bit set 6969535 SCTP should guard against invalid tsn values during shutdown sequence 6969626 disk may disappear after executing the hotplug command 6970326 LIST_SRCS left over in libzpool/ 6970613 updates to smp headers and the smp utility 6970954 sol_uverbs incorrectly checks/reports HCA attributes 6971273 zfs: allocating allocated segment 6971561 mptsas should support LSI SSS 6200 HBA 6971583 memleak in zil_alloc_lwb 6971619 replication reports success but fails to replicate shares 6971929 unable to add/remove ACE after doing idmap flush -a 6972862 rollback can leak log blocks 6973263 sctp_send_shutdown uses incorrect input to SCTP_FADDR_TIMER_RESTART 6973547 zpool import succeeds but prints error message 6973827 ACL upgrade from zpl version 2 -> 4 don't grab all the necessary tx holds 6973953 pool scrub status - 0.00% done, 1208223h54m to go 6974471 mpt_sas needs to turn off ok2rm (blue) led when an unconfigured disk drive is removed from system 6974566 installing Solaris with the internal DVD fails using the current "cdrom" devalias/path 6975122 hotplug list -v does not work properly after hotplug -q (query mode) 6975131 zfs_remove leaks xattr vnode holds, which can lead to zone halt problem 6975190 memory leak after ZFS stress testing 6975363 inserting data disk w/ high txg causes vfs_mountroot failure 6975471 syseventd dumps core in zfsdle_vdev_online 6975482 assertion failed: error == 0 (0x2 == 0x0), file: ../../common/fs/zfs/zfs_vnops.c, line: 1630 6976072 no rewind information from 'zpool clear -F' of a small pool 6976453 ibd_send should check allocb return value 6976461 misplaced ASSERT in ibd_async_link 6977470 zdb -vvv broken after zfs diff integration 6977589 unexpected mpt_sas error message on console after RAID volume created 6977619 NULL pointer deference in sa_handle_get_from_db() 6977913 RAID-Z/mirror hybrid allocator 6978245 SDP needs an overhaul 6978513 slow atexit processing causes akd to hang when remote replication completes 6978674 SEP command timeout after JBOD hotplug 6980783 hot spare vdev remains faulted 6981081 guest domains can't boot from exported DVD device on RF platforms 6981096 I/O stoppage in case only one target is online 6981112 memory leak introduced by fix for 6937608 6982186 clone is getting created after snapshot rollback 6982496 changing ownership of CIFS file doesn't always update mode correctly 6982565 cleanups in hc_fmri_str2nvl()'s failure path needs to be fixed 6982590 ip_tcp_input misses TCP header len/offset check in fast path 6982636 initial replication completed without replicating all share and LUNs 6982675 panic in ddt_object_exists 6982796 accessing storage pools hangs bui/cli if pool is faulted due to removal of logzillas 6983459 renaming rpool by import causes self destruction at the next boot 6983586 adding a zvol as a swap device should automatically turn off data caching 6984295 panic in hermon when "testof" allocates excessive resources 6984798 A/A toro not accessible after overnight run of nfs-rdma and IPoIB NFS ftp 6984839 checksum capab flags should include IP header checksumming 6984938 ibt_alloc_cq() returns incorrect error code when passed an invalid hid value 6985192 akinterface: pffaa_ibp0: failed and drop into maintenance while creating IB datalink under I/O load 6985611 mptsas driver should support LSI SAS 2308 HBA 6985703 dmu_sync writes shouldn't be dispatched to high priority zio taskqs 6985729 mkfile can trigger various dmu panics when file has spill block 6985989 acl_trivial_access_masks() needs to include ACE_APPEND in write deny mask 6986482 mptsas request inquiry page 0x89 for SATA target:a failed 6986538 "zfs holds -r" doesn't work 6987840 mpt_sas driver assert failure 6989015 ibt_close_hca should not fail when ha_qpn_cnt is non-zero 6989947 no_conn block of code in ip_tcp_input() could be inlined for readability 6990426 pcitool display iget_p->cpu_id field incorrectly 6990760 some timestamp updates are deferred too long 6992148 zfs diff shouldn't insist on finding a .zfs/shares 6992738 replace some hard-coded values with their #defined header file equivalents 6993558 unexplained "Connection refused" after successfully establishing 31 connections 6996868 "savecore: bad magic number" can be seen 6997342 null atime on zpl version < 5 root directory 6999374 RSS in IBTF and hermon need a couple of fixes 7000080 new panic in fm_clr_detach on sun4v 7009474 no link up/down message is output when plugging/unplugging the cable (from 144500-05) 6493182 pcieb need to set an appropriate ibc for error handling 6764768 array overrun in libadm 6778289 vm locks need to scale with the size of system (strands/memory size) 6785310 implement SMBIOS contained elements/handles 6796560 array overrun in uuencode 6807215 ifconfig keels over if asked to configure a v4mapped address 6841286 need x86 generic FMA topo enumerator 6853537 x86gentopo needs OEM-Specific SMBIOS structures 6855489 libmtmalloc has poor performance when free memory fragmented 6865771 derive topo relationships from SMBIOS contained handles/elements 6865814 derive chip serials & labels from SMBIOS 6865845 Export Initial APICID, SMBIOS based ID/instance 6866456 Generic Topology FMRI ereport 6891266 generic x86 enumeration for directly attached SATA disks 6898448 x86gentopo is too chatty 6902916 tcp_ioctl_abort should get the index for non-wildcard case 6903122 export SATA PHY from framework 6903228 memory leaks found in ddi_prop_search_common 6906979 generic x86 disk enum needs SMBIOS OEM extended structure 6910328 niumx should support kernel interface to retarget interrupts 6918101 x86gentopo compliance checks wrong 6919596 x86gentopo should not assume consecutive ordering among SMB_TYPE_X & SUN_OEM_EXT_X SMBIOS records 6922229 libmtmalloc would benefit from atomic operations 6922365 prefetch page_t on sun4v to speedup boot 6940925 x86pi deadlocks in modunload path 6943998 allow GLDv3 drivers to advertise multiple ranges of MTUs 6946742 sfmmu_mlspl_enter lock contention on mml_table 6948098 freemem_lock contention causes poor concurrent DISM MC_LOCK/MC_UNLOCK performance 6950961 creating and removing ISM and DISM is slow 6956454 ani_free_pool lock contention with multiprocessed ISM 6956786 provide a tunable to tweak the MAX_CACHED threshold in libmtmalloc 6961374 clock tick performs O(ncpu) operations 6966488 topo chip enumerator uses stale smbios handle 6967395 x86pi bay enumerator prevents static topologies 6971499 segvn_setprot(), segvn_claim_pages(), assertion failed: IS_P2ALIGNED(page_pptonum(ppa[i]), pgcnt) 6973326 cpu_supp_freqs leak on SPARC during CPU DR 6973928 mdb_page_lookup() broken by 6778289; breaks ::pmap 6976334 vnode entropy logic is brittle 6981297 need a clear ereport msg if etm can't make a connection to degraded SP 6983286 contig_mem_prealloc_base_size insufficient on RF platforms when NIU is used 6984239 panic during DISM detach when backing anon has holes 6986236 default action for error bits thought to be RsvdZ should be panic 6989226 page_llocks[] fanout does not take page demotion into account 6990582 nhmex x86gentopo detector/resource FMRI (from 144500-04) 6714700 logic error in strdoioctl 6763758 processor_bind() incorrectly reports old binding as PBIND_NONE for bound processes on unbind 6880856 need workaround for Intel 5500/5520 Error Source Id errata 6896082 hot codepath seen in FMA hurts TX throughput of FMA capable NIC drivers 6906740 zones need an improved reference counting mechanism 6909096 ::irmpools dcmd core dumps 6981166 sctp_lookup_by_faddrs() should not call pullupmsg() (from 144500-03) 5043377 provide chroot capability in SunSSH 5084954 value of dip can be incorrect in autovec 6669984 Solaris x86 needs to provide large number of interrupt vectors for MSI/MSI-x 6809398 default PATH in SunSSH should contain "/bin" 6810364 improve IRM reducing algorithm 6810759 remove md5crypt.c from SunSSH since it's not used 6813038 Subsystem keyword in sshd_config doesn't accept subsystem's options 6814783 priv_proc_cred_perm() bug allows me to truss unprivileged sshd process from its progeny 6835269 panic[cpu0]...BAD TRAP: type 31...occurred in "px" module due to a NULL pointer dereference 6850554 unplumb hio enabled vnet with linkprop set causes memory leaks 6866130 Interrupt Resource Management (IRM) support on x86 platforms 6876744 need new mdb debugger module for the new apix PSM 6912852 IRM fails recovery from failed callback function 6916041 pcitool(1M) enhancement for the new apix PSM on x86 6924882 I/O FMA framework should always panic when errors are detected asynchronously 6938259 vnet and vsw should support RxDringData mode 6941249 assertion failure in vio_allocb() 6944589 need pause API 6947063 add tunable to control RMW in sd driver for drives in emulation mode 6949300 ldc should support more than 64MB of shared memory mapins 6959875 vnet and vsw should setup data cookies correctly in RxDringData mode 6964830 remove the pcitool(1M) man page from the ON package 6965790 memory corruption when rebinding interrupts (with interrupt remapping) 6967440 ixgbe can't receive packets after CPU binding with dladm 6968165 ::ioapic and ::apic should be limited to kmdb 6968169 missing start dates in some interrupt related files 6968238 X4800 panics on hotplug offline operation when interrupt remapping is enabled 6971015 transmit race condition in RxDringData mode causes channel hang 6973261 allowing vpci API 2.0 negotiation causes panics on VF systems 6977559 panic during Oracle I/O load 6982725 vnet panics with NULL pointer in vgen_dringsend 6982861 sftp batch option does not return error code for failing 'ls' command 6984788 hardware read errors from DVD drive when booting/installing from DVD/CD, unable to install 6986479 update usr/src/common/bzip2 library to 1.0.6 (from 144500-02) 6458838 once intrd performs reassignment, MSI interrupts stop coming 6564773 cleanup pcitool versioning 6764835 provide command for printing processor group information 6796906 interfaces needed for querying and re-targetting MSI-x interrupts 6805710 px driver should support re-targetting MSI-x interrupts 6849547 PCITool enhancements 6851623 ddi_intr_enable() and ddi_intr_disable() fails randomly for dup interrupt 6852083 pcitool return status on SPARC is meaningless 6861041 system with IB adapters hung during boot 6867988 LDOM Primary panic when we supply command set-vcpu to primary 6887999 T5140 panic in px_ib_intr_redist during reboot test 6896543 ddi_intr_set_affinity could cause mem corruption 6920436 bnxe fails to initialize with MSIx interrupts on SPARC 6920774 issues with CMLB ioctl handling 6923529 provide command for printing PG utilization 6929493 fix for 6920774 is incomplete 6946728 anon segments are not coalesced, reducing Oracle munmap performance 6946737 Oracle realfree heap munmap causes xcall storm 6948283 renaming of existing ddi interrupt re-target interfaces 6951326 prom_vprintf() resulted in "kern_postprom: not owner" panic 6970465 duplicate ICOMPRESS code in ufs_vnops.c 6973973 Lonely Cache PG is created on M3000 6974181 kernel produced dump with corrupted buftag 6976708 savecore -f should not issue syslog messages 6981613 fix for 6976415 introduced a race condition in dump 6981768 enable by default in-kernel use of CPC counters for S10U10 6982856 reboot -d causes 'redzone violation: write past end of buffer' on x86 6996803 SUNW,EC_zfs,ESC_ZFS_bootfs_vdev_attach,sysevent.conf put in wrong package (from 144500-01) 4517853 debug.h should include macros to assert implication and equivalence 6256783 /etc/mnttab gets screwed-up when an unprivileged user tries to remount in a local zone 6280630 ZIL synchronicity 6312929 scsi_vu_errmsg doesn't handle descriptor sense data 6314069 sd needs to reissue MODE_SELECT upon receiving UNIT ATTENTION 6374545 disk write cache flush code overloads buf_t.b_list pointer 6388458 ZIL need not inflate blocksize that much 6391915 RFE: provide interval arg to zpool status to monitor resilvering 6437339 fix for 6312929 causes panic in scsi_sense_key() 6478419 should push all synchronous transactions in zil_commit_writer() 6493573 attempts to use SDP over the loopback device causes a panic 6494473 ZFS needs a way to slow down resilvering 6505339 dsl_pool_close() needs to call txg_list_destroy(&dp->dp_sync_tasks) to be nice 6516171 zpl symlinks should have their own object type 6535172 zil_sync causing long hold times on zl_lock 6538821 add Base Memory Management to ibtl and hermon 6561382 zpl version incompatability needs better error messaging 6566868 'zinject -c all' should not permit by regular user 6569720 zpool import -d <readonly filesystem> <pool> core dumps 6572591 meta dnode lookup causes bucket lock contention in dbuf hash 6579989 zl_lock hold time can still be improved 6583724 dnode_create should not call kmem_cache_constructor directly 6595532 ZIL is too talkative 6598837 zil_commit() might wait unnecessarily 6608465 zfs mount -v should only report progress if progress is slow 6620948 slow progress with stress tests 6649967 multiple '/' in path will confuse zinject 6668666 zpool command should put a bootblock on a disk added as a mirror of a root pool vdev 6675946 'zpool status' should show the progress of resilvering for individual disk 6683750 scrub -s has to wait until resilver completed? 6710343 dnode cache should register a dnode_move() callback to limit fragmentation 6716117 ZFS needs native system attribute infrastructure 6732237 lzjb_compress 6732341 gfs.h needs to be marked as Consolidation Private 6738159 slog can probably pack 2X more data per lwb 6743992 scrub/resilver causes systemic slowdown 6748500 zfs receive -I doesn't ignore existing intermediate snapshots 6761505 RFE: having ddi_strtoull() would be nice 6787285 truss(1) may fail to report function returns 6794306 df.c calls libzfs_init with an argument when none is expected 6798238 SPARC ZFS bootblk can not read a GANG block 6800232 memory leaks in ibdm_update_port_attr 6808244 changing vdev state doesn't update config file 6818478 disable IOC enumeration by default 6825126 ZFS snapshot can fail with EBUSY due to unplayed logs 6826620 df shows a wrong results for a ZFS dataset from a non-global zone 6830088 fast reboot support for SPARC platforms 6832231 new info ioctls for ibnex 6832234 new performance kstats 6834694 ZFS renames can potentially be committed without the data 6840819 ZFS does not automount directories after the pool is restored 6841252 resilvering not restartable - causing an excess reboot delay 6844896 recursive snapshots take a long time 6851278 add new performance kstats in tavor 6851389 zdb -l <block-device> should be discouraged 6851545 zvols do not give correct unit values to the DKIOCINFO ioctl 6852174 performance counters could show a lesser value for readings within the first second 6855073 spa scrub stats (eg %done) are reset on reboot 6857725 add device path to IBNEX_CTL_QUERY_HCA return data 6860487 ioctl IBNEX_CTL_QUERY_PORT should return ENOENT for invalid port numbers 6863610 ZFS mount can lose correct error return 6867667 sctp reassembly code is difficult to maintain 6875045 ZIL log blocks can have too much stuff in them 6878281 zpool should store the time of last scrub/resilver and other zpool status info in pool properties 6878304 can't create snapshot due to temporary '%rollback' dataset 6881631 zpool_vdev_name(): "c0t0d0s0/old" becomes "c0t0d0s0/o" on whole disks that were replaced 6882135 SCTP partial delivery can hang when handling out-of-order received fragments 6882947 dump_nvlist() should live in libnvpair 6884007 zfs_send() can leave temporary holds around 6885979 zfs_send -R fails to send snapshots that get renamed during the operation 6891437 DEADCODE in zfs_ioc_recv after dmu_recv_end 6891824 7410 NAS head "continually resilvering" following HDD replacement 6892983 MUR (Message Unit Reset) support to be added to Solaris SAS2 storage driver 6893126 add OFED ib_get_dma_mr() equivalent memory registration interface to IBTF 6894240 ZFS has a partially deleted file 6895223 zfs userspace/groupspace/allow/unallow/holds IOError in Japanese locale 6897432 ziltest_noslog fails after dedup putback 6899016 imapd deadlock between as_unmap()/zfs_rmnode and zfs_write()/as_fault() 6899970 scrub/resilver percent complete reporting in zpool status can be overly optimistic 6901523 e1000g does not return failure when setting external loopback fails 6903574 reply data for Task Management is not returned through IOCTL 6903656 add hardware-based 64-bit performance kstats 6906018 ibmf doesn't loopback in software all MAD packets for all HCAs that require it 6906022 ibmf misses subnet client class SUBN_ADM_AGENT as being able to use non-default Pkeys 6906236 assertion failed in the file zfs_replay.c line 686 6907687 ZFS pool is not automatically fixed when disk are brought back online or after boot 6908292 assertion failure in sctp_free_reass() when closing after partial delivery has occurred 6908422 driver fails to load with HBA supporting more than 8 phys 6909097 e1000g specifies incorrect flag when allocating tx DMA buffers 6909405 concurrent replication actions fail to destroy each others' snapshots 6909535 zfs_receive renames full-stream datasets within incremental stream in verbose mode 6909744 dedup should be set to off when a ZVOL is dumpified 6909931 dedup stats are computed incorrectly 6910346 add 1000,70 device-id to mpt_sas driver (SAS2004 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2) 6910752 mpt_sas driver performance can be improved 6910966 assertion failed: spa_sync_pass(spa) == 1, file: ../../common/fs/zfs/vdev.c 6911391 panic in dmu_tx_count_write() 6911420 ZFS device removal detection should work with SCSAv3 6911541 'zfs mount' coredump 6911570 shouldn't start an ereport on speculative read failure 6913010 assertion failed: error || lr->lr_length <= zp->z_blksz, file: ../../common/fs/zfs/zfs_vnops.c 6913949 bootadm must avoid fragile fstyp implementations to survive install not clearing the disk 6914208 sysevent zfsdle spawns too many processes during ZFS pool recovery 6914445 SCSA in Solaris 10 needs to support descriptor sense data 6914652 add support for concurrent IOCTL requests 6914674 remove unnecessary diag reset logging (listing active commands) 6915117 zfs_iter_snapshots() should deal with midstream snapshot renames 6915532 snapshot related activity causes akd to hang 6916703 ZIL: race on setting z_last_itx 6916723 ZIL: unnecessary scanning of the intent log tx chain 6916981 zfs recv needs better messaging when quota exceeded 6917066 ZFS block picking can be improved 6917482 zvol_dumpify() needs to ensure no writes are in flight before doing traverse 6917573 ztest hangs on dsl_pool_sync() 6918102 Solaris SPARC: sas2flash shows wrong information for the PCI address 6918569 zpool_in_use() reports s2 (backup slice) as being in use 6918666 MDC initiated after importing volumes 6919089 scrub/resilver can miss some dedup blocks if dedupditto is set 6919359 zfs:dsl_pool_scrub_setup_sync panics when importing a pool 6920442 ZIL: should use the stronger checksum fletcher4 6920880 assertion failure in dbuf_write_ready() 6921413 want mdb dcmd to print out zap leaf on-disk structure 6921421 zfs receive: recursive restore fails 6921545 spa_prop_get() can panic on faulted pool 6922123 under SCTP proto-stress testing an ASSERT in sctp_connect() is tripped 6922161 zio_ddt_free is single threaded with performance impact 6922550 under SCTP proto-stress testing an ASSERT in sctp_output() is tripped 6923083 ZFS/NFS/SMB ACL interoperability changes 6923241 'zpool split' set dedupditto as invalid value cause device offline 6923847 increase TCP_INIT_CWND max 6925762 zios blocked on mutex, holder blocked on read 6925996 delivered menu.lst needs pointer to ZFS pool level menu 6926242 disabling dedup on zvols needs to check pool version 6926290 zfs_hold_range() should handle fromsnap == NULL 6926291 in zfs_send(), errno can get clobbered before we use it 6928104 zfs send/rename race can leak snapshot holds 6928246 spa_history_log should use dsl_sync_task_do_nowait 6928621 Solaris showing messages for unknown "volume 2" 6929652 dsl_sync_task_group_wait() can wait too long 6930022 zfs rename of non-shapshot is slower than necessary 6930145 zfs(1M) set volsize command failed without any error 6931083 problem with ZFS 6932460 can't configure ibd interface on 32-bit x86 systems 6932590 zdb -vvv causes core dump 6933472 ibmf:ibmf_i_mgt_class_to_hdr_sz_off is missing default and MAD_MGMT_CLASS_VENDOR2_START 6934774 "zfs userspace" can panic systems 6935158 Assertion failed: used <= spa_get_dspace(dd->dd_pool->dp_spa) 6935418 passthrough-x should apply to all ACEs 6935668 zvol_minor_lookup() can return wrong zvol 6936079 disappearing 56char symlink targets 6936265 mismerge in ZFS mdb module 6936821 scrub/resilver I/O should not be suspended 6937522 ibd CM thrown tons of CQ moderation warnings into syslog 6937574 move FMANOTE messages to msgbuf or ibtf buf only 6937608 ZFS DE should ignore ereports prior to pool import 6937998 txg_wait_synced() is called when unmounting ZFS snapshots 6938089 dedup-induced latency causes FC initiator logouts/FC port resets 6938228 needs to be easier to sync ZFS boot support in GRUB with libfsimage/pygrub 6938335 zfs send -R can still miss renamed snapshots 6938757 SMB and NFS referrals not working correctly 6938788 several small issues with new ZFS GRUB code 6939680 zfs_sa_upgrade can leak slink pointer 6939859 ZFS maps first SID incorrectly when no fuid table exists 6939983 assertion failed: zap_count(os, DMU_USERUSED_OBJECT, &count) != 0 || count == 0, in dsl_dataset.c 6940770 panic in sa_find_idx_tab() after receiving into pool when version shouldn't have allowed it 6940833 vxio`vxioioctl() panics when ZFS passes it a NULL rvalp via ldi_ioctl() 6940889 add interval (count) args to zpool list 6940961 back out change to media.c - breaks on disks without a label 6942045 zoneadm -z <zone> halt hangs after manipulation of xattrs 6942276 remove symlink upgrade code 6943284 sa_attr_iter() can use uninitialized value of length_start 6943714 sparc fast reboot should not kmem_alloc(...KM_SLEEP) when single-threaded 6943992 'zpool scrub' should not restart the existing scrub silently 6944388 dsl_dataset_snapshot_reserve_space() causes dp_write_limit=max 6944623 dbuf_read_done() locking performance improvement 6944833 avoid prefetching dbufs in dmu_sync() path 6945682 divide error panic 6945935 potential mutex problem in zfs_zaccess_aces_check() 6946467 'zfs send -Ri' should include clone origin snapshots in the specified interval 6946512 want zfs_send() to pass back debug info 6946555 hot lock in ibt_map_mem_iov / ibt_unmap_mem_iov 6946681 system panics in a loop with "pf zfs_fuid_create" 6946760 mutex problem in bplist_enqueue() 6947609 not inheriting inherit_only directories correctly 6947963 kmdb doesn't work on M4000 and M5000 6948890 snapshot deletion can induce pathologically long spa_sync() times spurious arc_free() can significantly exacerbate 6948890 6949698 bootadm needs to be updated to include Oracle in the GRUB title 6949730 spurious arc_free() can significantly exacerbate 6948890 6949904 mptsas request inquiry page 0x83 for target:b, lun:0 failed! 6950116 need to optimize hermon_ci_unmap_mem_iov() for RDS performance 6950168 remove the logging of Unrecognized capability 0x3 in mpt_sas driver 6950219 large ghost eviction causes high write latency 6950273 CIFS attributes aren't always updated when timestamps are updated 6950285 race between removing a top-level vdev and updating the vdev labels 6950914 remount can cause panics 6951024 arc_adapt can lead to wild arc_p adjustment 6951283 hotspare_import_001_pos FAILs unless doing a sync before detach 6951583 kernel panic during ifconfig -a 6952177 SA handling of on-disk corruption can be improved 6952269 several memory leaks in zfs_mod 6952522 El Paso panics: assertion failed: refcount_is_zero(&dn->dn_holds), file: ../../common/fs/zfs/dnode.c 6952565 panic[cpu0]/thread=ffffff00202a3c40: Deadlock: cycle in blocking chain 6952570 GRUB capabilities files not updated to reflect new ZFS version 6952867 recursive rw_enter in dsl_dataset_clone_swap 6952889 zpool_vdev_clear is broken 6952968 fstest hanging on symlink/06 testcase 6953257 ibdm_get_waittime() - "hca" pointer should be changed at end of loop 6953403 arc_adjust might adjust MRU unnecessarily 6953725 sporadic syseventd core dump during LUN expansion due to double free 6953835 mem leak in dsl_dataset_user_release_tmp() 6953896 ZFS I/O's got hung on a V210 during iozone 6954140 'zfs inherit' does not override recursively received property 6954429 ZFS_IOC_VDEV_SPLIT missing from truss/codes.c 6954665 system stuck spinning in arc_evict_ghost() 6954821 expose IB interrupt handles and device info for perf optimization 6955695 IBTF V4 interfaces 6955879 panic in dmu_objset_stats while running NFS I/Os 6956280 mutex problem in bpobj_iterate_impl() 6956464 otoro: head panic in zfs:dnode_hold_impl; during system disk zinject testing 6957089 race between dedup prefetch and table remove 6957090 ddt_zap_prefetch() induces deadlock, panic 6957113 accessing a FIFO special file in .zfs snapshot dir panics kernel 6957974 assertion failed: 0 == sa_lookup(zp->z_sa_hdl, SA_ZPL_ZNODE_ACL(zp->z_zfsvfs) 6958874 bpobj_close() tries to dereference a NULL bpo_dbuf 6959054 stack overflow due to nested bpobj's while deleting a share 6959651 assertion failed: ddo_total->ddo_dspace == 0, file: ../../common/fs/zfs/ddt.c, line: 460 6959659 extending end of file MAY get lost on replay of writes 6959846 DMU traverse prefetch size should be a global tunable 6960054 faulting data/log device causing cluster head inaccessible 6960399 need better connection management 6960798 hermon should use FMA to report downrev 2.5 firmware 6960864 U9 failsafe archives group ownership disagrees with prototype 6960907 zfs_rezget() has uninitialized z_mode variable 6960923 rdma_bind() fails in some IPMP configurations 6961378 IPoIB connected mode uses wrong PKEY while requesting connection 6961390 check for invalid DevHandle of 0 before target flush during reset 6963174 user-land libraries shouldn't directly compile uts/common/os/list.c 6963557 ConnectX-2 device with device id 0x6746 needs to be supported 6964162 pointer dereferenced before NULL check in kcpc_reqs_add() 6964442 panic from dmu_recv_begin: No such hold X on refcount Y 6964446 uninitialized variable used in rootnex_coredma_bindhdl() 6965567 zil.c minor tidy up 6965638 potential memory leak in configure_ffc() 6965642 freeing variable that may be NULL in kmem_free() 6965950 mlnx_umap.h needs to be a delivered kernel header in /usr/include/sys 6966214 ztest_freeze(): Assertion failed: list->list_head.list_next == node 6966476 syseventd timeout due to lengthy pool_stats ioctl 6967578 bad trap in zfs_readdir() if access to dir not granted 6968206 mptsas_ioctl should idle component after busy_component 6968281 prtconf needs to be Oracle branded 6973727 E1000g plumbing results in ereports and fabric error panic 6976891 32-bit IB systems panic on boot via hermon_rsrc_hw_entries_init() 6977850 NULL pointer dereference at ibcm:ibcm_process_rtu_msg+18f 6979410 panic on Seville system from mpt_sas driver: vmem_hash_delete() : bad free 6979552 hermon driver panics with assertion failure running udapl test on 32-bit kernel 6981618 ibt_free_qp() fails if QP has an SRQ associated with it (from 125171-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 126896-01 into Solaris S10U4 update. (from 125171-01) 6431969 dad driver issue on Solaris 9 and 10 (from 126896-01) 6545564 machine hangs when uata tries to read bad block resulting in corrupted blocks/files (from 144055-01) 6398342 SATA Framework should support ATA PASS THROUGH command (from 144256-01) 6701026 UNIX03: *vsc* ls -i does not fail for nonexistent target (from 138377-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138293-01 into Solaris S10U6 Update. (from 138293-01) 6605515 ls misrepresenting file permissions when ACLs are in effect when mounted with NFSv4 (from 144548-01) 6580731 wrong test for UDFS version (from 145927-02) This revision fixes incorrect target. (from 145927-01) 6637687 recursive mutex_enter() in SCTP's sockfs close function 6878143 assertion failure in sockfs:uri_delete (from 145944-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 145870-01 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 145963-01) 6974223 kernel bcopy on Niagara2/T3 sometimes does not restore error handler on exit (from 146023-01) 6883788 integrate mcxe/mcxnex 10Gb Ethernet driver for X6275 10GB Module 6985794 ConnectX Ethernet putback breaks IBTF V4 ABI 6988823 one of two ports mcxe instance can't be plumbed OK (from 144571-02) 6980594 vd_setup_partition_vtoc() leaks flabel (from 144571-01) 6949062 vds prints currently inaccessible (error 30) during control domain boot (from 145046-01) 6900735 memcpy on Niagara2 could run substantially faster (from 142542-01) 6507249 memset in sun4v 32 bit libc_psr fails when size argument is 0 (from 145897-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 145868-01 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146070-01) 6947134 memory leak in vsw_fdbe_add 6972633 migration of Guest with Hybrid I/O enabled vnets panics control domain (from 138087-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138085-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138085-01) 6185615 kernel-based audit statistic feature no longer valid; reimplement in audit_binfile (from 140163-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140683-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140683-01) 6635484 sem_undo_alloc using passed-in ksemid which has been freed (from 122408-01) 6217567 mtmalloc allocates invalid blocksize (from 145887-01) 6629380 bge.conf should not be silently overwritten during patching 6924157 Solaris needs support for Broadcom BCM57780 (pciex14e4,1692) 6937229 Solaris needs to support BCM5717 and BCM5724 6961929 bge needs to support public GLD interfaces (from 145889-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 145961-02 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 145889-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 145961-01 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 145889-01) 6903121 sun4v PI enumeration for directly attached disks 6940217 sun4vpi debug msg can dump core 6948399 libmdesc should export md_get_prop_data() (from 145893-02) 6766449 SunVTS test on Oplin LP failed for "Not received any packets in loopback mode" 6940695 changes to relaxed ordering in new shared code can impact performance 6947876 oplin driver detects false hang during specweb tests on X4440 6948648 link LED for 10G interface is not lit (green) for NEM0 with Niantic card connected to Goa NEM 6969304 per-ring statistics mapping register is not set correctly in some cases 6976880 ixgbe does not work after suspend/resume test 6977073 ixgbe attach failure due to DMA allocation/ IOMMU binding failure with multi cards 6984458 ixgbe debug binary panic on S10U9 32-bit x86 during load_unload and MAXQ stress tests 6986578 enable pause frame support by default with ixgbe on Solaris 10 (from 145893-01) 6937833 ixgbe UDP TX lags Nxge on OPL 6946111 ixgbe should use kmem cache as RX buffer on SPARC to improve RX throughput 6968533 ixgbe should use RX Serialization on SPARC to improve RX throughput (from 144567-02) 6936920 integration of Intel ixgbe shared code 3.3.9 6964175 integration of Intel ixgbe shared code 3.5.13 (from 144567-01) 6950973 T5220 panics (pcie panic) at reboot with ixgbe card connected to the network 6957932 SunVTS loopback tests hang on Niantic card after running for long duration (from 145913-01) 6955051 slot labels changed from "Slotn" to "MB/Slotn" on PCI/PCI-X systems (from 145939-01) 6648030 default threshold for faulting a DIMM not appropriate for large memory installations 6860071 libtopo plugin is leaking memory 6875817 FMA does not implement DIMM Replacement Policy Rule #5 correctly 6963237 cpumem-diagnosis fmstat problem 6973299 sun4vpi cpumem does not generate datapath fault for SPARC T3 6975483 sun4v cpumem DE does not generate FRU correctly for datapath fault in some cases (from 146230-01) 6993391 cannot build nxge debug driver on Solaris 10 due to syntax errors (from 145901-01) 6613012 scsi_vhci should report the physical path in error messages (from 138373-02) 6727174 S10 KU127127-11 T2000 panic in fop_getattr while trying to access a freed vfs structure (from 138373-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 127737-02 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 127737-02) 6606372 panic occurred when accessing named pipe in forcibly unmounted directory (from 127737-01) 6525463 fifo I_PEEK ioctl can leak kernel memory with negative databuf.maxlen [IDEF2145] (from 138383-01) 6496355 SIP stack should provide Call Tracing, logging and stat counters (from 128326-01) 6503334 SIP library should support "*" as a valid contact header value 6577343 incorrect assert aborts the program 6583537 sip_create_dialog_req() should add correct value to Contact header (from 125414-01) 6461142 integrate SIP in Solaris 6480199 header files in libsip needs clean-up 6481951 SIP timer doesn't schedule timeouts accurately 6484530 memory leak in deleting partial dialogs (from 140161-01) 6663360 nv_sata driver needs to support LEDs on MCP55/IO55 6747163 Ultra 40 panic when booting 6747598 nv_sata: SGPIO implementation should not even look at CK804 controllers 6748159 nv_sata: disable SGPIO LED support by default due to potential for memory corruption (from 143571-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144759-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143571-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144759-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144759-02) 6882563 svc:/system/filesystem/local should re-run swapadd (from 144759-01) 6464201 LOFS mounts in vfstab fail when losing race for underlying filesystem (from 143575-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142238-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 142238-02) 6801539 iSCSI device not usable on Initiator - "drive type unknown" (from 142238-01) 6847914 iscsitgtd in patch 139555-08/139556-08 fails to read config files saved in 137137-09/137138-09 (from 144315-01) 6429548 tnchkdb succeeds when field delimiters and the comment character are used in tnrhtp template name 6453085 tnctl -h has inconsistent address parsing 6463322 tnctl -H or -T doesn't return proper exit code 6507225 tnctl error msg should provide address field to identify tnrhdb entry (from 144563-02) 6344060 add MSI software support in bge driver 6964801 bge driver dies during jumbo testing 6966086 bge should support jumbo frame on BCM5718 7005647 performance regression on BCM5718 when using snoop (from 144563-01) 6963866 running dladm show-link against unplumbed bge interfaces creates link down notice messages (from 144874-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 145021-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 145021-01) 6876238 snoop should not warn of packet length against di_max_sdu which might be stale (from 145933-02) This revision fixes incorrect target. (from 145933-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144903-02 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 144903-02) 6916057 automountd dumps core when webnfs URL map entry is used and trace is enabled (from 144903-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144754-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144754-01) 6597493 automount using sec= options is broken (from 146062-02) 6980843 nscd core dumps during initialization of session 6983590 connection mgmt should not hold up nscd on shutdown 6983838 libsldap memleak during failover of anonymous connections (from 146062-01) 4624732 ldapaddent not fully internationalized 4877152 performance of ldapaddent 4880322 TLSv1/SSL support needs to become integrated in all LDAP client programs 4942874 RFE: native LDAP client with SSL restricted to ports 636/389 5035244 make ldapaddent a standalone tool 6227396 ldaplist should refer to ldapclient(1M) when LDAP not configured 6238952 4624458 seems to be back 6605670 missing "else" in ldaplist.c:main() 6681185 libsldap: connection management cleanup and enhancement 6712098 PSARC/2008/256 native LDAP standalone tools (Duckwater Phase 0) 6716317 Standalone ldaplist fails on a native LDAP client system 6716362 standalone ldaplist appears to hang when all servers are down 6728407 LDAP Core file got generated on NAS Appliance while trying to enable LDAP services 6783712 libsldap fails to set correct version number for V1 profile 6883892 'ldap_cachemgr' core reported with the thread 'getldap_get_rootDSE' (from 146073-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 146132-01 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146132-01) 6839118 newfs fails on newly-formatted floppy disk (from 146328-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144508-02 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146328-01) 6762020 disassembly support for Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) 6812663 running out of bits in x86_feature 6926635 disassembler support for XGETBV, XRSTOR, XSAVE and XSETBV instructions 6958308 XSAVE/XRSTOR mechanism to save and restore processor state 6970888 panic BAD TRAP: type=d (#gp General protection) due to incorrect use of x86_featureset (from 120994-01) 6236594 AMD64: linker needs to handle the new .lbss section (from 138239-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 118735-02 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 118735-02) 5074336 YP hosts cache should honor DNS TTL 6576955 rpc.nisd_resolv(1M) requires "" support and update 6608309 rpc.nisd_resolv is adding the DNS search path wrongly (from 118735-01) 6220055 rpc.nisd_resolv(1M) dumps core frequently on a SunFire v65x (from 138634-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 123908-02 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 123908-02) 6705792 *ar* 5.10 patches for 6382170 need more deliverables (from 123908-01) 6398391 updating existing archive with ar(1) can corrupt following items 6391407 insufficient alignment of 32-bit object in archive makes ld segfault 6382170 Solaris 10 ar(1) adds newlines to data when creating/updating archives (from 141502-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140921-02 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141502-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140921-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 140921-02) 6816071 fsattr(5) auditing shouldn't attempt to record pathnames for invalid file descriptors (from 140921-01) 6370646 'auditconfig -getcond' no longer requires privilege to run 6414737 auditconfig -setasid, -setaudit, -setauid issues 6795688 fsattr(5) auditing needs to be more careful with certain fad_aupaths (from 144184-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139959-04 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144184-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139959-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 139959-04) 6890681 rpc.yppasswdd cores when user tries to change passwd from NIS client using SHA512 encryption (from 139959-03) 6899781 ypxfr unable to transfer map from N2L gateway that is larger then 2GB to Solaris 9 & 10 NIS slaves (from 139959-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139485-02 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139959-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139485-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 139485-02) 6736920 N2L, ypserv dumping core, trying to free() uninitialized pointer in (from 139485-01) 6644450 nis2ldap gateway creating gigabytes of of dbm files (from 144313-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144254-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144254-01) 4857405 kernel memory allocation problems in sec_clnt_revoke (from 144530-01) 6640675 if_nameindex() broken when used in non-global zone (from 145124-02) 6754889 problem with Solaris utility 6964448 useradd fails for home directory with space 6989741 problem with Solaris utility 6996967 usermod does not remove newly created home directory if move_dir() returns failure 6999216 location of subdir check in move_dir() can create an infinite copy of a directory into itself (from 145124-01) 6753446 usermgmt fix (from 138089-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138079-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138079-01) 6439467 useradd -g and usermod -g fail if specifying groupname containing only numeric (no alpha) characters (from 145885-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144053-04 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 145907-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 145798-03 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 145907-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 145798-02 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146018-03) 6995232 panic in vgen_ldcsend_dring() when trying to send VLAN tagged packet (from 146018-02) 7002294 146018-01 is bad patch: doesn't deliver the fix (from 146018-01) 6969013 problem with Solaris vnetwork (from 146066-02) 6600474 RFE: need IPv6 support on NAT 6730356 legacy test regressions: i2, i4, i11 6744109 incorrect processing of IPv6 fragments in IPfilter NAT v6 6770007 certain IPv6 NAT rules send out packets with link-local address 6807986 fin_flen serves no purpose 6971187 fr_auth_ioctl call has swapped arguments in ip_fil.c (from 146066-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143592-07 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146478-01) 6219078 svc.startd's algorithm for detecting restart loops should be sensible 6311392 The Quick and the Dead: rapid-fire svcadm restart leads to maintenance (from 142342-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141052-02 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141052-02) 6386177 post-SMF inetd does not handle multiple wait transports (from 141052-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141010-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 141010-01) 6556855 inetd stops forking child process, after t_accept() has once failed with TLOOK event T_LISTEN (from 145042-03) 6907595 assertion fails in graph.c on shutdown; system goes straight to maintenance mode 6961251 insufficient error handling in offline_vertex() (from 145042-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138261-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 145042-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138261-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 138261-03) 6889519 SMF methods deadlock even when dependencies shouldn't need to be followed (from 138261-02) 6578671 SMF services keep logging to old SMF logs after log rotation as well, until restarted 6913894 logadm -c should be much faster if not atomic (from 138261-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 126260-02 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 126260-02) 6408445 logadm rotates regardless with -s 2g or when -S argument is larger than 4G (from 126260-01) 5107935 logadm core dumped and ate /etc/logadm.conf (from 122183-03) 6369440 would like logadm to compress non-standard named log files 6497726 logadm -z doesn't work correctly with -A (from 122183-02) 6448850 logadm(1m) doesn't support -l option in conf file (from 122183-01) 4824041 logadm(1m) does not use localtime for logfile timestamps (from 146584-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 145124-02 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 145895-05) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144565-05 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 145895-04) 6615559 mpt writes 0 length SGE (from 145895-03) 6551882 mpt_do_ioc_init_reply should not call drv_usecwait() (from 145895-02) 6902156 3Gb SAS HBA - cable pull less than failover volumes failover back and forth between primary and secondary path (from 145895-01) 6922950 mpt_do_passthru() fails to empty the doneq when processing task mgmt commands resulting in I/O stalls (from 144565-05) 6990321 mpt: panic during firmware download 6996038 pcieb-3: PCI(-X) Express Fatal Error panic during firmware download (from 144565-04) 6984308 2x errors are generated on boot on systems with HBA using mpt driver (from 144565-03) 6617695 mpt_check_flash doesn't handle DMA handles correctly 6957320 disk does not come back to Solaris after it has been deleted from the hardware RAID (from 144565-02) 6971101 panic due to a NULL pointer dereference by mpt BUS/TARGET reset (from 144565-01) 6935197 fix for CR 6863500 not complete/correct in final patch release 143128-04 (from 118842-01) 6235003 integrate support for relocation of kernel pages 5005976 page_upgrade has a rare race condition 6240490 amd64 should defer enabling use of SSE instructions (from 144521-01) 6449250 isp should support SCSI_CAP_CDB_LEN 6449251 glm should support SCSI_CAP_CDB_LEN (from 120061-02) 5026812 need 64-bit glm driver support on x86 platform 5091622 Enchilada+: Unexpected DMA state:IDLE. dstat=90<DMA-FIFO-empty,aborted> 6208932 glm should use gethrtime instead of gettick 6350993 fix for bugid 6258111 not complete in Solaris 10/9 (from 120061-01) 6258111 glm driver reports SCSI bus resets (from 145868-05) 6993186 pciehpc_init() leaves errors disabled 7008964 PCIe EP devices error handling can not work (from 145868-04) 6945319 pcieb_initchild() misinterprets return from ndi_merge_node(), issues bogus warning (from 145868-03) 6983964 Root domain OS accesses the loaned devices even after informing Fabric initialization completed (from 145868-02) 6896094 for Intel 41210 PCIe2PCI Bridge, MPS for F0 and F2 should be initialized at the same time 6956798 invalid kern.warning on USB device: SCSI transport failed: reason 'tran_err' 6973545 pcie module needs failsafe MRRS override (from 145868-01) 6977088 injection of CE, pcie_us_rnr_iowr, in primary domain caused all guests to panic (from 145870-01) 6902219 should use atomics for PCI fast DVMA space accounting (from 145915-01) 6709725 aac driver should use MSI for devices which support them 6769088 aac driver does not response 'cfgadm -x reset*' commands correctly 6823966 dom0 performance with MSI enabled is extremely poor 6862536 aac should support Jbod mode drive 6862982 aac should return bus/slot number for ioctl command FSACTL_GET_PCI_INFO 6920112 machines hang in reboot after aac changes 6920114 X4150 panic: BAD TRAP occurred in module "aac" due to NULL pointer dereference (from 146058-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 146021-02 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146058-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 146021-01 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146021-02) 6942852 format of Hitachi disk does not show progress status (from 146021-01) 6909166 format autoconfigure results in zero size slice 0 (from 146064-01) 6991835 prtdiag -v shows incorrect type number for controller LSI 1064 (from 146069-04) 6998251 ncp: mau stalled and was taken offline, count [6200] / limit [6200] (from 146069-03) 6995423 T2FIPS: POST should be executed on all crypto units 6995742 multithreaded key pair generation fails 6999039 infinite loop in n2cp 7001616 SHA384 operation fails with CKR_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL 7004726 fix n2cp for gcc builds (from 146069-02) 6861954 ncp leaks big time when doing a add_drv/rem_drv test 6976122 online CWQ count is not tracked correctly when CPUs are offlined and onlined 7000641 crypto drivers can't be loaded when FIPS mode is enabled after RE processing (from 146069-01) 6959099 T2 Crypto Drivers (ncp, n2cp, n2rng) need to implement self tests for FIPS 140-2 compliance 6977809 cryptoadm erroneously reports status of n2cp and n2rng modules on a T1000 for FIPS mode 6978170 memory leak in crypto drivers 6985308 panic in ncp_mau_q_unconfigure() with bad mutex (from 141024-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141686-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141686-01) 6284138 cryptoadm stop (still) fails if kcfd is not running (from 146484-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 146440-01 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146570-02) 7007089 UATA driver logs the same message in two independent code paths (from 146570-01) 6746228 panic[cpu0]/thread=2a100dabca0: BERR Error(s) while running ddivs on SUNW,A70 (from 144573-01) 6870382 system hung at uata layer after 138324-03 installation using Toshiba DVD SD-C2732 (from 146842-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 146804-01 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146846-01) 6330018 S10HW1 shows some memory leaks on starcat domain 6999642 unnecessary check and misleading comment in ses_doattach (from 144382-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138880-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 138880-02) 6897299 ses: issue with USCSICMD's (from 138880-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138128-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138128-01) 6667023 ses mishandles uscsi requests 6703124 fix for CR# 6667023 was overaggressive and unnecessarily confusing (from 146855-01) 6960665 SUNOS-8000-FU reported on on OPL during PCI CE events (from 141508-02) 6951809 bootadm may leak extra /var/tmp directory, breaking LU 6969193 bootadm may leak extra /var/tmp directory, breaking flash archive install (from 141508-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141738-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141738-01) 6630948 mkdir: Failed to make directory during JumpStart install for x86 during create_ramdisk 6798895 filling up the rootfs during boot_archive creation can result in driving on with a truncated archive (from 145107-02) 6752721 bootadm lacks 64-bit failsafe support, generates errors (from 145107-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 145047-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 145047-01) 6276367 recovery from boot_archive failures could be more fully automated 6768468 introducing svc:/system/boot-config service 6881648 running reboot in single user mode (reboot -- -s) after 141445-09 is applied gives errors 6942496 boot archive inconsistency message does not happen with ZFS file system on Solaris 10 (from 143592-09) 6952562 significant performance drop in ISP environment 6975201 IPFT_SIZE strikes back (from 143592-08) 6999961 143592-07 does not deliver fixed ipf kernel module (from 143592-07) 6859479 IPF dup-to prevents packets from being forwarded to destination 6912962 need to compute chksum for packet duped on loopback interface 6929403 IPF should discard packet silently on OOW event (from 143592-06) 6935086 IPFilter state module cannot handle IP options correctly (from 143592-05) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141506-10 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143592-04) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141506-09 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143592-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141506-08 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143592-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141506-07 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143592-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141506-06 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 141506-10) 6918206 packets double-counted with "call now" rules 6918859 pools should track bytes as well as packets for better usability 6921174 ippool -ld crashes if nodes are inserted with ioctl and policy rules not in place (from 141506-09) 6900850 limit for number of states in the state table is too low by default 6910994 fr_checkstate function does not release ipf_state mutex in some cases (from 141506-08) 6772643 packets dropped at ipfil_sendpkt if interface index is set at plumb time 6897632 nic_event_v* hook should check if IPF is running before it will proceed further (from 141506-07) 6879740 ipnat rules can't be added into IP NAT because of regression of 6792026 6910106 state entry is->is_ref count must be set to 1 on creation/cloning 6911469 errata for backport of 'fin_nat causes more trouble than it is worth' (from 141506-06) 6859313 large number of rules in ipfilter decreases throughput performance 6891782 ipftest fails to run (from 141506-05) 6688940 ipf module panicked in get_unit() on NULL pointer 6766614 fin_state costs more than it is worth 6767239 fin_nat causes more trouble than it is worth (from 141506-04) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141020-03 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141506-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141020-02 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141506-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141020-01 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141506-01) 6792026 ipnat panics in Divide zero exception (from 141020-03) 6562745 adapt a better TCP statemachine emulation (fr_tcp_age()) from upstream version 6827271 ipfilter TCP state emulation ends up in 5/0 state (Established/Closed) (from 141020-02) 6747420 ipfilter fr_send_reset()/fr_send_icmp() does not work for loopback clients 6845913 fr_make_icmp_*() uses TH_SYN/TH_FIN for testing fin_flx - it's not the intention (from 141020-01) 6681520 panic in frpr_icmp() when trying to access dblk previously freed in fr_coalesce() (from 147053-01) 7013199 need mpt fixes for 6863500 in mptsas 7016044 need mpt fixes for 6935197 in mptsas 7016061 need mpt fixes for 6694720 in mptsas 7016064 need mpt fixes for 6832891 in mptsas 7016073 need mpt fixes for 6902156 in mptsas (from 140784-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138320-02 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 138320-02) 6780919 pmap takes long time on system with large address space (from 138320-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 136889-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 136889-01) 6651195 pmap has strong dependency on libzonecfg in 120011-14 (from 144053-05) 7000059 in.ftpd does not honor supplementary group ids with the allow-gid option in ftpaccess (from 144053-04) 6980385 ftpd problems (from 144053-03) 6927821 in.ftpd is unable to list large directories when client issues 'ls' (from 144053-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140399-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144053-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140399-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 140399-03) 6946945 CVE-2008-4247 ftpd vulnerable to CSRF (from 140399-02) 6219104 FTP and FTPD buffers are too small, cause AD interop issues (from 140399-01) 6716668 in.ftpd handles "LIST ." as "ls -lA *", not "ls -lA ." (from 128000-01) 6514700 when FTP server tries to bind one of extra reserved ports, it gives up (from 126258-03) 6497773 ftp "stou" on Solaris 10 not compliant with RFC 959 (from 126258-02) 6501388 pwd subcommand in in.ftpd truncates first 3 bytes from dirname, if dirname a symlink (from 126258-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 120085-02 into Solaris S10U4 update. (from 120085-02) 5073203 guest user cannot chdir to home directory if nscd is running (from 120085-01) 6239487 in.ftpd has globbing problem in wu_fnmatch() function (from 124237-01) 6319844 unable to suppress automatic sending of SYST command from ftp client (from 145941-02) 6822851 prtdiag reports FRU status of absent components as "enabled" (from 145941-01) 6968284 prtdiag needs to be Oracle branded (from 121559-01) 6237913 need Schumacher support in ON 6336317 need some Makefile cleanup in the Schumacher code (from 146028-05) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144542-05 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146028-04) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144542-04 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146028-03) 7018655 RTI for patch T144501-06 is missing deliverables - libsoftcrypto symlinks 7018658 RTI for patch T146028-02 is missing deliverables - libsoftcrypto symlinks (from 146028-02) 6956768 private crypto framework headers need packaging up 6991109 provide simple access to hardware crypto (from 146028-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144542-02 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146017-04) 6786946 kcf should check the key sizes before passing a job to a provider 6831413 multiple SCF providers advertise wrong boundaries for CKM_DES3_{CBC,ECB}{,_PAD} key lengths 6885193 assignment of ssize_t to uint_t in kcf_check_prov_mech_keylen() produces lint noise 6898136 all callers of kcf_check_prov_mech_keylen() should make sure provider is valid for the mechanism (from 146017-03) 6958733 ssh hangs on n2cp driver when interrupts disabled and processor set created (reworked) 7022466 multiple "recursive mutex_enter" panics on SPARC machines (from 146017-02) 6958733 ssh hangs on n2cp driver when interrupts disabled and processor set created (from 146017-01) 6986897 n2cp AES_CFB mode fails with partial AES block size data (from 146030-01) 6276663 offer TLS_*_AES* ciphersuites (from 144384-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144367-02 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 144384-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144367-01 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 144367-02) 6932563 KSSL implicitly allows cipher suites with NULL encryption 6935267 KSSL should terminate connection if cipher suite cannot be found and there is no fallback point (from 144367-01) 6860305 OpenSSL 0.9.8k fails to establish ssl3/tls1 connections with a KSSL server (from 127998-01) 6512691 kssladm dumps core when given invalid input (from 146327-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 146287-01 into Solaris S10U10 update. (from 146287-01) 6886912 trapstat loses track of the multitude of CPUs (from 146336-03) 6786011 LDAP SASL bind operation should not disable metaslot globally 7026308 workaround for crypto pkcs11_softtoken hang with nscd (from 146336-02) 6943753 pam_ldap bind does not follow referrals during a login 6959739 libsldap does not follow referrals correctly (from 146336-01) 6968952 __ns_ldap_is_shadow_update_enabled() calls __ns_ldap_getParam() with NULL pointer in 3rd argument (from 146447-02) 6939364 in.iked misses RTM_NEWADDR messages (from 146447-01) 7001157 /usr/lib/{amd64,sparcv9}/ should be 64-bit (from 144311-03) 7026002 certlib has some strcpy issues 7026003 certrldb has an artificial size check (from 144311-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142046-04 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144311-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 142046-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 142046-04) 6927188 DPD should destroy Phase 1 once it considers a peer to be dead (from 142046-03) 6867399 fix for 6626246 can send 0-length kilobyte lifetime payloads 6879636 p2_idletime_secs greater than p2_softlife_secs might make in.iked enter infinite loop 6892028 fix for 6867399 can send wrong values of kilobyte lifetime payloads 6911599 cannot import private key into PKCS#11 keystore (from 142046-02) 6317032 IKE needs to tell IKEv2 peers to fall back 6872913 setting p2_pfs to 0 in ike.config(4) no longer works (from 142046-01) 6219638 in.iked(1m) should not have to read PKCS#11 pins off-disk 6780866 ikeadm should use authorizations 6782288 certlocal -C needs to set CKA_PRIVATE attribute 6794856 ikecert missing some PKCS#11 attributes when generating on-token keys 6797489 in.iked can sometimes lose PKCS#11 key references on restart 6801195 certlib keys backpointer could speed up certcache operations 6810080 certlocal generated self-signed certs should always have positive serial numbers 6829651 private key deletion routine allocates storage but doesn't use it (from 146482-01) 6803949 ASI_NQUAD_LD in sun4v/sys/machasi.h should be changed from 0x24 to 0x27 (similar for the _L version) (from 146701-01) 7008173 [FUJITSU] persistent CE storm may cause system slow down (from 125549-01) 5003383 logins(1M) is inconsistent on what makes an account locked. PSARC/2005/492 6290721 logins(1M) is linty and has no style 6294509 logins(1M) -l is pig dog slow (from 143561-10) 7018120 kadmin has problem specifying principal value under ja locale (from 143561-09) 7011626 kdc problems with LDAP backends 7013230 need to backport data comparison and conversion macros from Solaris 11 to 10 (from 143561-08) 6997879 kerberos accepts unkeyed checksums and possibly a forged KRB-SAFE message (from 143561-07) 7010760 CVE-2010-4022 kpropd denial of service (from 143561-06) 6885914 KDC doesn't enforce the password min-age policy (from 143561-05) 6557188 included pam_krb5 doesn't function correctly as 'auth required' in pam.conf 6938652 krb5_sendto_kdc should initialize the addrlist structures (from 143561-04) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141500-08 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143561-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141500-07 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143561-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141500-06 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143561-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 141500-05 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 141500-08) 6807853 cannot unset min/max pw life from a password policy once they are set in a KDC database 6835384 KDC doesn't rebind after rebooted LDAP server 6886219 kadmind code should be utilizing sigaction() rather than signal() 6886235 kadmind will not rebind with LDAP server if LDAP server is restarted 6940688 need to remove date in past check from kadmin_parse_princ_args() (from 141500-07) 6945196 GSS-API library issue (from 141500-06) 6516568 warning messages still being displayed on krb ccache ownership 6908114 Kerberos integer underflow bugs in AES and RC4 decryption [MITKRB5-SA-2009-004] (from 141500-05) 6787354 kpropd cored when converting incremental update to kdb entry for a particular principal (from 141500-04) 6857627 slave KDC dumping cores, error path snprintf using db_lf_file instead of db_lf_name (from 141500-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140074-09 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141500-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140074-08 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 141500-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140074-07 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 140074-09) 6301844 mech_krb5 has problem working on 64 bit systems (from 140074-08) 6822062 multiple vulnerabilities in SPNEGO, ASN.1 decoder (CVE-2009-0847, CVE-2009-0845, CVE-2009-0844) 6822066 ASN.1 decoder frees uninitialized pointer (CVE-2009-0846) (from 140074-07) 6749302 pam_krb5 auth fails with key table entry not found (from 140074-06) 6758625 pam_krb5 is unable to communicate with ktkt_warnd; 50-second delays to login/screen unlock (from 140074-05) 6802931 krb5 NFS issues (from 140074-04) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138371-05 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140074-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138371-04 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140074-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138371-03 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140074-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 139478-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 138371-06) 6799884 pam_krb5 could allow authentication to an attacker's KDC (from 138371-05) 6746597 kpropd full resync window does not time out (from 138371-04) 6756312 krb5int_pbkdf2_hmac_sha1() should not call C_DestroyObject() after C_GenerateKey() fails 6756928 kerberos incorrectly displays the error message "krb5 conf file not configured" (from 138371-03) 6543610 possible memory leak in krb5_acct_mgmt 6607659 despite calling pam_end, pam_krb5 module data not being freed 6736781 memory leak in when obtaining FQHN for comparison to host principal 6754169 memory leak in __pam_display_msg() where pam_response structure is not freed (from 138371-02) 6245750 kadmin "Bad encryption type" error should state the enctype 6604635 kdb ldap integration removed rev/recurse kdb5_util dumps 6612490 kdb5_util should not coredump if krb5.conf is misconfigured 6621129 generic_gss_release_oid() should check for oid == NULL before dereferencing 6621239 adb_policy_init makes the wrong assertion 6641415 kadmind cores when using ldap backend and "sunw_dbprop_enable" is set to true 6647708 cannot create des keys with afs3 salt 6658621 configuration checks for kerberos daemons should be done by daemons themselves 6658624 missing error strings for new kerberos DB error types 6658627 kpropd should use its executable name, not the full path when logging error messages 6658631 error messages in kerberos daemons need cleanup 6664832 various memleaks in krb libs (from 138371-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 138291-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 138291-01) 6548599 AES encrypt function in kmech_krb5 broken for 16-byte input, causes NFSsec interop problems (from 139478-01) 6200894 pam_krb5 shouldn't use setreuid and friends -- that's not MT-safe 6455225 pam_krb5 should overwrite ccache with new credentials when handling pam_setcred (PAM_REFRESH_CRED) 6531864 ktkt_warnd not warning after login 6607813 pam_krb5 setcred coredumps on successful refresh if auth was not previously called 6691206 pam_krb5's store_cred should always store new credentials if previous auth pass successful 6724557 potential for a memory leak in krb5_setcred's krb5_renew_tgt routine 6724959 pam_modules/krb5/utils.h`set_active_user() declaration is adrift (from 125167-01) 6253622 gssd core dumping in searchMechList (from 144542-06) 6207374 C_Encrypt() returns CKR_OK when ciphertext buffer is non-null and length is zero 6805678 rwlock in n2cp_start is hurting scalability on multi-socket T2 systems 6931499 n2cp_hmac_verifyatomic() corrupts cd_length 6974980 n2cp: panic is seen at block_start() on Rainbow Falls 6977749 ncp + Oakley Group 5 == occasional mismatched DH agreements (from 144542-05) 6831413 multiple SCF providers advertise wrong boundaries for CKM_DES3_{CBC,ECB}{,_PAD} key lengths (from 144542-04) 6977839 poor performance using pkcs11 using WebSEAL (from 144542-03) 6443649 softtoken should honor $HOME, avoid getpwuid 6884140 softtoken touches $HOME too soon 6990672 create_keystore() code is redundant and can be improved 7001577 use of global variables could be improved in get_keystore_path() and create_keystore() (from 144542-02) 6728680 T2000 SoftToken slot reports absent but non-removable token when .sunw directory inaccessible (from 144542-01) 6834849 dsa_sign() produces invalid signature when pkcs11 engine is used via openssl(1) for certain keys 6878996 shared library generates memory leaks when running SUNWstc-security-ef testsuite 6936557 kernel_get_func_list does not set fl_verify* flags 6948723 crypto to pkcs11 error mapping has wrong boundary checks 6964651 ncp can produce invalid DSA signatures (from 144552-01) 6955409 password changes in NIS+ fail, if the fix for CR#6563443 is only installed on NIS+ master server (from 145788-03) 7009010 unable to delete ZFS file on NFSv4 share once refquota has been reached (from 145788-02) 6983481 sporadic system hang or panic (from 145788-01) 6967232 78.5% vdb407_nvSeqReadBs128kFs1g_zfs-raidz performance regression x86 (from 147182-01) 7002015 problem with utility/sec_labeling (from 143559-10) 6492415 ignore UsePrivilegeSeparation keyword in SunSSH 6628516 old OpenSSH privilege separation code is not needed in SunSSH 6968233 problem with ssh server 7020701 problem with ssh server (from 143559-09) 7013910 Sun ssh lacks mandatory diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 support (from 143559-08) 6688153 sshd should not call setsockopt() on a non socket 6714346 sshd does not enforce empty password restrictions 6978348 ssh/sftp via inetd records the peername as a "UNKNOWN" after HW crypto change 6993643 VerifyReverseMapping handling of ifdef IPV4_IN_IPV6 incomplete: cannot verify (from 143559-07) 6989182 CVE 2008-7270 change SSL_OP_NETSCAPE_REUSE_CIPHER_CHANGE_BUG behavior 7015771 fix CVE-2010-4180 in OpenSSL (from 143559-06) 6983497 ssh and scp commands with multiple @ fail with node name or service name not known (from 143559-05) 6336266 ssh SIGWINCH handling races; some servers are very unforgiving 6543577 ssh hangs when logging out 6953845 sshd monitor process needs better debugging 6953854 channel handler could process just created channels (from 143559-04) 6480090 ConnectTimeout functionality desired for SUNWssh 6541995 honor Host directives when processing ConnectTimeout option (from 143559-03) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143140-04 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143559-02) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143140-03 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143559-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 143140-02 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 143140-04) 6898546 fix TLS renegotiation problem in OpenSSL (CVE-2009-3555) (from 143140-03) 6599821 CVE-2007-3108 needs to be fixed (from 143140-02) 6850734 enabled aes192/aes256 support in ssh/sshd does not work on S10U3 or older releases 6882255 sftp connection fails when .bashrc generates output on stderr 6886656 unlimited window size causes problems with limited buffer sizes 6894519 USE_PIPES is not used on Solaris and should be removed (from 143140-01) 6868716 dangling sshd authentication thread after timeout exit of monitor (from 144574-06) 6981647 "luxadm display" command shows all paths in secondary class 7044871 need to fix package build warnings generated for CAS i.scsivhciconf (from 144574-05) 6910030 panic in scsi_vhci:vhci_mpapi_update_tpg_data due to NULL in SCSI inquiry (from 144574-04) 6953699 scsi_vhci hangs if iSCSI target name length is larger than 128 6959914 Anago: FC LUN became inaccessible to client during takeover (from 144574-03) 6998562 vhci_scsi_tgt_free panics when there is a path to the client node (from 144574-02) 6897810 panic - page fault in module "scsi_vhci" due to a NULL pointer dereference (from 144574-01) 6935296 host gets reservation conflict when I/O moves from non-optimized to optimized path 6943048 another panic in vhci_mpapi_update_tpg_acc_state_for_lu 6945276 non-optimized path is used for I/O despite optimized path coming online 6950815 load balancing policy is not restored after reserved LU is released 6953798 system may panic on unit attention asc/ascq=0x2a/0x6 (asymmetric access state changed) 6961237 never get callback on MP_RegisterForObjectPropertyChanges MPAPI functions for SAN events 6965938 mpathadm design breaks where more than one target driver is multipathed (SAS + SAN LUNs) (from 145798-08) 7016616 lpmove(1M) of a job from lpd-printclient fails: source to destination: not-found 7023681 lpmove does not print localized message for unprivileged users (from 145798-07) 6972225 latest lp subsystem cannot handle -i option on lp client side (from 145798-06) 6956653 latest lp systems cannot handle "user-equivalence=true" option normally (from 145798-05) 6734022 lpsched dies in a Sun Ray env with a lot of USB printers 6926315 lpmove(1M) shows quite different message between C and non-C locales 6961804 lp does not output v entry in request log file (from 145798-04) 6953351 lpstat(1) doesn't set the logging facility (from 145798-03) 6925888 printer job submitted via suid program 6982777 customer requests 'lpstat -p TEST -l' output 'On fault' item even if none (from 145798-02) 6946115 lpstat -o <remote jobID> return bad-argument error even when jobID is valid (from 145798-01) 6962640 lp error message has changed for lp -q {priority} (from 146449-01) 6988396 incorrect fmtopo label for second xaui (from 146677-01) 7020355 hxge fails to enter promiscuous mode leading to vnet failures 7029427 hxge driver cannot be built with HXGE_DEBUG flag enabled (from 146778-02) 7023630 nxge reorders UDP datagrams when fragmentation is present with multiple RDCs (from 146778-01) 6805126 nxge needs modification to provide Hybrid I/O support on RF-NIU 6938085 false warning message by nxge in nxge_hio_init 6977351 nxge interface fails after dynamic reconfiguration operation of I/O 6977504 nxge does not tell HV it is no longer using logical pages (from 146802-03) 6847912 S10U6 panic'd due to 'dqput: dqp->dq_cnt == 0' 6890486 X4600 hung with mtm_lock owner spinning on CPU in deltamap_push() (from 146802-02) 4748578 panic: segmap_getmap bad len caused by write() (from 146802-01) 6594239 interrupting fssnap when it is being trussed will wedge the system (from 140387-02) 4518230 problem with network locking (from 140387-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 140190-01 into Solaris S10U7 update. (from 140190-01) 6745856 statd has a fixed limit of max 256 file descriptors (from 144488-17) 7047558 backout 7016532 - fix requires more work (from 144488-16) 6969657 taking DINFOFORCE devinfo snapshot in libtopo may cause a long delay for fmtopo and fmd 7000989 problem with kernel TCP/IP 7003802 using dlcosmk with interfaces providing hardware checksumming causes checksum errors 7014840 fmd_dr_event() should filter out EC_DEVFS events that don't imply a topology change 7043423 Solaris 10 fix for 6888468 contains mistake (from 144488-15) 4461538 TCP connect does not pick local port well 6263346 fast path accept(3SOCKET) does not return ECONNABORTED on a reset endpoint 6486764 tcp_eager_kill() does an extra CONN_DEC_REF() 6546584 LSO kstat entries miss from tcp_kstat2_init() 6818574 IPv6 fragment reassembly time needs to be 60 seconds 6821270 NFSv4 open state id table exhausted 6854700 NFSv4 reaper_thread only runs at 5 minute intervals 6919646 inconsistent TLB entry on OPL leads to repeated 06c trap through uiomove/xcopyout/copyout_more 6954033 problem with network/socket 6966123 segvn_softunlock: addr fec00000, ap 0, vp fffffe9b46eb7840, off 0 panic 6969110 OBP USB is still using memory which Solaris will later reclaim 7020673 system panicking due to deadman timer 7023443 failure paths of ire_create and ire_init could leave error uninitialized 7030766 kssl_cache_count manipulation is not atomic 7031081 tcp_time_wait_collector() leaks KSSL memory under pressure (from 144488-14) 6894195 race condition between ident_alloc() and ident_release() 6904790 more races in ldi: bug 6894195 does not give the full picture 6940069 kssl should advertise secure renegotiation awareness 6947183 kssl generates invalid SSL records in response to SSLv2-only Client Hello messages 6957773 tcp_get_next_priv_port() for TCP_ANONPRIVBIND can assign non-privileged port number 6961070 kssl should send close_notify on socket shutdown 6970328 thread blocked via holdwatch() but all other threads for the proc are in stop() 6971725 kssl should send close_notify when client socket is closed 6971743 client_notify_srvr flag should be handled better 6983313 T5220 w/ e1000g patch 142257-05 still panicked in PCIe fabric (0x0)(0x41) 7016371 nscd under very heavy load sometimes returns NSS_NOTFOUND for local entries that do exist 7023736 mblk linkage could get broken with leading cooked mblks followed by referenced mblks 7024556 kssl_lock should be always held when entering kssl_build_single_record() 7028991 problem with kernel_ssl/other (from 144488-13) 6888468 libc nss lock vs fork battle causes spurious SMF method timeouts 6956102 BAD TRAP: reapq_add was interrupted by priv_rtt while reaping the status of zombie process 6987984 strncat dumps core on Solaris SPARC 7008672 panic occurred due to accessing already freed memory in pollhead_delete() (removed) 7016532 panic at tcp_xmit_early_reset 7016592 fix to 6888468 incomplete 7020099 deadlock in routine ire_cache_lookup() on IRE bucket's irb_lock rwlock (from 144488-12) 6246564 if_mpadm -r <ifname> doesn't bring up IPv6 link-local data address 6672480 NFSv2 and NFSv3 client panic in nfs_async_inactive() when mounted with rsize=0 6738234 problem with TCP/IP 7007880 IPv6 link local address of a shared zone is not pingable after an IPMP failover 7019630 rcm script SUNW, scripting protocol error 7023209 Solaris 10 KU 144488-10 rdsv3 module modload fails during patchadd (from 144488-11) 6322069 unscalability of AH_LOCK_SIZE causes anonhash_lock contention on larger systems 6875273 Intel IOMMU needs a rewrite 6877258 Virgo will kernel panic with VT-d enabled under heavy network traffic 6885148 huge network performance drop with multiple NICs on x86 platforms with IOMMU 6889212 interrupt remapping and Queued Invalidation need not be clubbed with IOMMU (DMA remapping) 6889221 Intel IOMMU must support force physical functionality 6890819 slow reboot got much slower on my Tecra M10 6910946 Westmere Class System panics: Freeing a free IOMMU page: paddr=0x8379c000 under I/O load 6922954 potential null dereference in get_gfx_devinfo() 6923494 IOMMU on G5 can make USB devices unusable 6925263 fiber channel initiator I/O very slow running with IOMMU enabled 6926010 map_bios_rsvd_mem(): Variable "mrng" tracked as NULL was dereferenced 6928761 provide a way to disable/enable IMMU (Intel IOMMU) via rootnex.conf 6946750 pcf mutex contention in page_create_putback 6949020 iommulib should not get used when disabled from rootnex.conf 6950042 enabling interrupt remapping causes a panic during boot on x4170 6953610 Intel IOMMU code needs a more flexible way to specify per-driver DVMA use 6955192 Intel IOMMU code performs unnecessary write buffer flushes 6955196 Intel IOMMU code should use higher-level abstraction interface 6955206 iommulib code looks up nexops too often 6955973 Intel IOMMU code has too many checks in the DMA bind handle path 6956536 Intel IOMMU code does too much work during cookie manipulation 6964515 interrupt remapping panics on big machines 6964516 Intel IOMMU code should use passthrough for unity mappings 6968209 fss_tick() should not spin while holding a thread_lock 6968824 Intel IOMMU ACPI DMAR table code can call kmem_free with the wrong size 6975766 Intel IOMMU interrupt remapping should be on by default for x2APIC 6977187 PSMs must switch to x2APIC ops early in PSM init if firmware enables x2APICs 6977555 process_madt fails to process x2APIC entries, leads to lgroup exhaustion 6979892 machine with mpt fails to boot with Intel IOMMU switched on 6980237 i86pc rootnex will report the wrong length in ddi_dma_getwin 6982417 allow x2APIC IDs whose values are below 256 6982493 x4600 system panics due to rootnex driver load failure on XVM 6989510 problem with kernel lofs 7000721 Solaris 10 backport of IOMMU, x2APIC, and Interrupt Remapping 7001342 Coverity uncovers memory leak in cpucaps_zone_set() 7003425 SCTP stack improperly returns ECONNABORT after accept() with outstanding data 7012308 apic_intrmap_init() has a bug in using the apic_mode variable (from 144488-10) 5105708 socket creation retains hold on accessvp 6467111 sockfs should provide a dynamic way to load and unload different socket modules 6785041 assertion failed: so_verify_oobstate(so), file: ../../common/fs/sockfs/sockcommon.c, line: 620 6786163 read 0 length message should return success instead of EWOULDBLOCK 6787347 dgram_peek sotest fails with unexpected result 6787350 udp_send_zero sotest fails with unexpected result 6787381 SO_POLLEV_ALWAYS flag not inherited from listener 6788242 SO_{SND,RCV}TIMEO {set,get}sockopt fail with 32-bit binaries on a 64-bit kernel 6789917 SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO should return EAGAIN when timeout occurs and no data was received or sent 6801736 sockets should handle POLLWRBAND 6837188 MSG_WAITALL skips over urgent mark 6850013 RDS driver upgrade to version 3 6865109 defaultrouter disappears after IPMP failback for zones configured with defrouter 6902396 su_recv does not call pollwakeup() for zero-len datagrams when protocol uses uio recv 6916965 Hermon FMA should print error code when fatal internal error occurs 6928074 need to improve interrupt to tasklet handover mechanism in Solaris RDSv3 6931933 backport Volo socket module interface for RDSv3 6940747 rdsv3_wake_sk_sleep is called without checking if any threads are waiting to be awakened 6942740 poll on RDSv3 socket may not wakeup on send completion 6943440 race in solookup() can cause smod_refcnt to be bumped multiple times for single sockparams 6947318 improve RDSv3 performance by pre-allocated receive buffers 6947377 need to bind receive tasklet thread to multiple CPUs 6947384 multiple taskq threads required for RDSv3 worker 6947648 missing conn->c_cm_lock exit on errors in rdsv3_ib_cm_handle_connect()/ib_cm.c 6948085 socket close should not return until all references to the socket are closed 6948206 resync with Linux RDS 1.5.1-4 stable 6948603 change all L0 and L1 debug messages to L2 6949013 need FMR pooling to improve the performance of rdsv3_ib_free_mr 6949297 rdsv3_ib_get_mr: remove setting DDI_UMEMLOCK_LONGTERM when calling umem_lockmemory() 6949459 rdma_bind() for IF_ADDR_ANY called just after client driver attach fails 6950897 need to optimize rdsv3_poll_cq() for performance 6952827 upgrade to Linux RDS 1.5.1-dev 6953258 on error ret from umem_lockmemory rdsv3_ib_get_mr() needs to negate that errno before its return 6953781 error return values are sometimes ignored in sol_ofs 6954116 IB drivers declare invalid ELF dependencies, confuse pkgdepend, cause build noise 6954762 convert event processing worker threads from taskq's to kthread's 6955311 support of rds-info 6955657 RDS port space should be IP-address specific 6956094 RDS tools do not compile with sys/rds.h header file 6958745 few issues during RDBMS bring-up with RDSv3 6959079 need to improve how statistics are gathered in RDSv3 6961816 unexpected recvmsg of cmsg type RDS_CMSG_RDMA_DEST 6961877 small WR array limits message sizes causing panic 6964889 reduce the number of calls to kmem_alloc and kmem_free from rdsv3_cmsg_rdma_map 6965606 high lock contention rdsv3_bind_lock in rdsv3_recv_incoming() 6965740 rdsv3_ib_tasklet_fn does not drain the CQ 6969584 caught signals ignored when process is blocked in RDSv3 socket 6973305 scalability of worker threads that handle delayed tasks 6973605 RDSv3 does not work with RDS_CMSG_RDMA_DEST flag 6973698 workaround is needed against 6973697 6974271 IB statistics are not displayed 6974536 rdsv3_exit hangs during cfgadm unconfigure if rdma_listen fails to create listeners 6976456 high lock contention between rdsv3_ib_inc_free and rdsv3_ib_drain_inclist 6976554 stale OpenOwner entries are not reaped for active clients 6977358 rds-stress doesn't work if there are more than one P_KEY on the underlying link 6978505 FMR statistics are removed 6978515 no free FMR resource 6978884 panic at rdsv3_ib_send_ack+0xb7 6980308 sequence number on receiver doesn't match expected one 6980347 ib_addr_get_{s,d}gid does not copy gid information 6981075 need to reduce contention on global rdsv3_conn_lock 6981420 run out of memory with an rds-stress run with 4 HCAs and 11 storage cell 6982145 panic occured in ip:tcp_fuse_rcv_drain() 6982158 hermon driver violates the DDI 6986151 deadlock on delayed work mutex 6986509 rdsv3_af_thr_destroy must wait for the thread to exit before returning 6988506 addresses that failover cannot be pinged from localhost when using if_mpadm to test IPMP 6989079 rds-stress with 1M bcopy message size reports 0s 6989171 RDSv3 recovery after reboot of one node fails 6991378 recursive mutex panic in rdsv3_conn_shutdown() 6992257 kernel panic seen on Westmere-based x4170M2 running ORION 6992508 calling listen(3socket) on an RDSv3 socket panics the system 6992691 mckey coredump on x86 systems 6995292 some RDSv3 connections go into confused state with Orion test 6996185 remove lingering 3.0 protocol version code 6996199 rdsv3_queue_delayed_work() and rdsv3_ib_queue_delayed_msg() should take ticks instead of secs 6998647 memory corruption on low-memory systems 6998775 Oracle DB hangs due to missing messages 7000915 RDS delivered duplicate message on IB loopback connection 7001365 rds-info counters are not accurate 7007491 disable non-blocking in sendmsg 7014371 connection stalls due to RDSV3_LL_SEND_FULL races in the transmit ring 7017395 rds.h file should be installed in /usr/include/sys directory (from 144488-09) 4849539 leak in sysevent event channels 6678463 ever-increasing number of BOUND sockets not tied to process FDs 6840779 stale TTE in the tsb may corrupt kernel data 6910483 ip_wput_ire can pass NULL q pointer to putq if icmp dest unreachable happens 6977090 some guest configurations fail boot with a fast-data access MMU miss on sparse memory machines 6994017 ioctl sometimes returns errno EBADF on a valid open file descriptor for /dev/poll 7000036 problem with TCP/IP 7014204 copyright year needs updating to 2011 for S10U10 (from 144488-08) 6834183 problem with network SCTP 6961334 race during zone destroy 6967561 race between zone shutdown and unmount in NFSv2 & NFSv3 6996339 problem with sun4v kernel 6996729 nfs4_end_open_seqid_sync() should use cv_signal() instead of cv_broadcast() 6998078 race condition between cap_disable and cap_kstat_update (from 144488-07) 6927545 NFSv4 reaper thread can exit without clearing up DB entries 6974219 ddi-mp: fail-up to 4 node config after initial install on 2 nodes does not preserve instances 6977958 need interface to affect NUMA memory allocation policy for ISM before it is created 6988352 ddi-mp: 10x Aura cards run into instance collisions on first boot 6995027 Batoka maximum memory configurations (256GB) cause MMU miss during boot of 3-way degraded configs 6998596 Solaris 10 prior to Update 10 sees ACLs where there are none (from 144488-06) 6598652 potential SCTP receive deadlock with zero window 6759500 [CVE-2008-4609] FICORA #193744 TCP vulnerabilities 6910378 WARNING: Memory pressure: TCP defensive mode on 6910716 unable to map shares from Windows 2008 R2 or Vista Ultimate 6919534 panic Page fault occurred in module "ip" due to a NULL pointer dereference 6930900 TCP fails to send final data segment when FIN flag is set and it's prepared for using LSO 6972966 SYN-ACK-ACK is not handled properly when accepting connection from Linux client using HTTP benchmark 6991235 SCTP connection stalls with certain 'rcvbuf' values 6998762 backport of CR 6928798 missed tcp_conn_reclaim 6999137 tcp_eager_unlink ASSERTs out of order, can deref NULL pointer 6999168 TCP can send RST when rate limited when lbolt rolls over (from 144488-05) 6638604 tunable for configurable buffer space for packets with unresolved ARP entries 6942436 ARP can drop valid outbound packets whilst awaiting L2 address resolution 6945825 Solaris can transmit TCP segments out of order when destination IRE expires 6957273 packets to off-link hosts occasionally lost 6974916 RPC RDMA can leak SEND buffers 6974921 readv() with NFS and RDMA needs more work 6975422 NFS/RDMA can register unneeded buffers (or NFS/RDMA readv needs even more work) 6978473 ip_newroute() misleading comments 6981651 svc_rdma_krecv can free a clist twice in an error path 6981666 data read into wrong buffer 6982729 typos in ip_ndp.h 6983156 kmem_alloc(..., KM_NOSLEEP) should never panic 6989219 "alignment error" panic on SPARC when a process dumps core 6990328 "alignment error" panic on SPARC when trying to execute an ELF file 6990768 panic when executing or dumping a core through references to unmapped memory (from 144488-04) 6583458 zoneadm halt won't halt a DEAD zone with residual NFS rnode4 6638967 UDP recv (think DNS) suffers from thundering herd problem 6909553 e1000g stall reset leaves GLDv3 link state as "unknown" 6916212 NFSv4 client recovery thread deadlocks after failover 6920403 NFS/RDMA NFSv3 client directio READs fail for read size between 869 - 1023 bytes 6932109 optimizations to vm_getusage() interface to make it faster 6935135 NFS/RDMA ipv6 mount incorrectly if client's hostname in access_list 6937215 sort returns after 2bt 2.5 sec delay in memory capped ngz 6972525 NFS RDMA doesn't always handle iovec structures correctly 6978171 ereport 'SP unavailable' not generated if host is powered on after SP is in degraded mode (from 144488-03) 6325956 resumable_error doesn't check for PIL 15 6757037 zone-spawned LWP needs to be able to run on a processor set 6814017 mr_sas driver should support timeout 6856797 kstat unix:0:system_misc:nproc not zone-aware 6859073 kmem leak in kmem_alloc_64 in case of fork failures in branded zones 6942564 BAD TRAP occurs when halting a zone stuck in 'down' state 6944465 SCTP should be more robust when the peer does not conform to the standard 6947664 injecting hdl2ndma,kildauitlb generates reproducible bad kernel MMU-miss panic 6952813 mr_sas driver is racy, gets kernel page fault panic on Sun x86 and Dell platforms 6956116 deadlock between squeue_worker() and cpu_add_unit() during boot due to preemption and cpu_lock 6962689 application DCMD timeout count is truncated by OCR 6962691 OCR timeout daemon thread should be one and only 6965789 migrated domain hangs if it has CPUs that are offline, faulted or spare 6976138 4964150 fix broke "cfgadm -c unconfigure xxx" 6976222 process counter for a zone (from 144488-02) 6525509 MOD2() and TIMEOUT() macros are missing parens 6836258 exportinfo 16-way hash is too small 6900487 bad unknown trap at TL 1 6923763 break followed by sync results in panic dump timeout 'dump aborted' 6930814 share/unshare issues 6931194 exportfs() uses exportinfo_t after dropping exported_lock and without doing exi_count++ 6953045 put implementation of the Pearson's hashing algorithm into a separate file 6954736 stop -f /SYS on one Otoro head causes the other head to panic 6967825 panic "sync initiated" can hang attempting a crash dump 6970064 missing VN_RELE in exportfs (from 144488-01) 6490542 panic with swapslot_free: null anon 6598517 kmdb can't look at device tree if first activated early in boot 6861114 system panics with FMA 6876953 memory leaks found in e1000g_alloc_rx_sw_packet 6885819 ip_squeue_soft_ring_affinity calls dls:soft_ring_bind with NULL pointer 6903932 failure creating SCTP association to multi-homed remote host 6923628 system panic with genunix:timeout_generic while booting up 6929733 cascaded squeue_drain can still induce stack overflow 6943798 HP x64 system panics with: lpl_topo_verify failed: -3 6945160 netlbtest fails with "Can't set loopback mode on device e1000g6" 6951733 RTO for retransmitting INIT is not capped by sinit_max_init_timeo 6959155 4964150 fix broke event processing 6960959 panic in e1000g_receive 6964207 FireEngine project seems to have backed out the fix for 4840464 6965127 in.mpathd all interfaces failed message and network failure after SCTP interface link downed 6965600 mdb subcommand ::prtconf doesn't work on S10U9 6965855 e1000g (Intel 82571 adapter) needs to support MTU size of 9000 6967873 e1000g needs to clear the link-down status when being unplumbed 6977457 KU rejuvenation post Solaris 10 Update Release 9 6977715 6903292 fix incomplete - RUNNING flag not set on IPMP underlying e1000g interfaces (from 144532-01) 4799074 NFS authentication cache needs some sort of TTL 6906432 file system space on globalfilesystem shared by NFS not returned after rm(1) of files on NFS clients (from 120044-01) 6248421 unable to bind LWP to a processor set if the process owner is not root (from 123319-01) 6367316 time that CPU used is not updated correctly to /var/adm/pacct in Solaris 10 (from 144302-01) 6819008 i_Pobject_iter() needs to update mappings more often to avoid bogus prmap_t usage (from 144536-02) 6959312 pthread rwlock race condition issue on multi-CPU configuration (from 144536-01) 5105920 fconvert fails when ndigits is too large (from 144550-01) 6869670 NFS server is responding from wrong IP-address (NFSv3, UDP) (from 145794-01) 6966638 shutdown() sometimes appears to shutdown the wrong channel in a full-duplex socket (from 144459-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 144490-01 into Solaris S10U9 update. (from 144490-01) 6682524 fix for 4415038 incomplete: still fails to produce core (from 141534-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 126655-02 into Solaris S10U8 update. (from 126655-02) 6724237 polling on /dev/poll can hang even though UDP data is available (from 126655-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 126319-01 into Solaris S10U4 update. (from 126319-01) 6422458 /dev/poll dp_nfds checking off-by-one; application failures ensue (from 144508-02) 6478684 isainfo/cpuid reports pause instruction not supported on amd64 6737947 "file" command dumps core on certain files (from 144508-01) 6748160 problem with -zrescan (from 144561-02) 5081180 adjust rl_roll_log() comment to reflect reality 6965375 fsck can fail to umount after log roll (from 144561-01) 6823148 "fsck -y" dumps core and exit with error 139 when fixing "ROTATIONAL POSITIONS BLOCK COUNT WRONG" (from 145792-01) 6942874 loop in autofs/lofs mount causes stack overflow, leading to crash (from 145796-02) 6869573 mac_txloop can race with mac_txloop_remove resulting in a deadlock (from 145796-01) 4947121 multiple multicasts mapping to same Ethernet address cannot be used on gld (from 146019-02) 6982170 system panic caused by sd driver when using flash device 6984599 F5100 getting I/O errors running Dex and vdbench (from 146019-01) 6912703 ssd LUN with EFI label presents SMI minor device :h rather than EFI device :wd 6943465 Solaris 10U8 panic'ing while doing 7x10 FC target takeover/failback in fcp:ssfcp_cmd_callback 6967658 sd_send_scsi_READ_CAPACITY_16() needs to handle SBC-2 and SBC-3 response formats (from 146440-01) 6977235 panic occurs in putq() which is called from dld_tx_enqueue() (from 138387-01) This revision accumulates generic Sustaining patch 136892-01 into Solaris S10U6 update. (from 136892-01) 6653976 potential vulnerability in BIND may lead to execution of arbitrary code or DoS [CVE-2008-0122] (from 144554-01) 6964278 per-user nscd: main nscd daemon keeps FD open for a door to a per-user nscd, after that has ended (from 146277-01) 6390155 file descriptor leak in libnsl using NIS during setgrent/getgrent/endgrent loop 6942764 file descriptor leak in libnsl using NIS+ during setpwent/getpwent/endpwent loop 6970617 getipnodebyname() sets error_num to HOST_NOT_FOUND even for temporary errors (from 146857-01) 6989182 CVE 2008-7270 change SSL_OP_NETSCAPE_REUSE_CIPHER_CHANGE_BUG behavior 7015771 fix CVE-2010-4180 in OpenSSL (from 145961-02) 6896885 fmd fabric-xlate doesn't create temporary files securely 6981448 fabric-xlate tries to parse partial XML file, resulting in unexpected telemetry seen (from 145961-01) 6929405 sysevent flood can cause fmd to accumulate topo snapshots leading to memory exhaustion 6938816 zfs-retire: zfs_vdev_repair leaks nvlist 6981178 fmadm faulty on sun4v PI platforms must report specific model (from 146442-01) 6953679 sun4v: SIGTERM coming from libldom on topo_snap_release() (from 146443-01) 6985170 fmdump -a is displaying only one memory page fault; expected many 6996144 offset field on memory UE ereports is always set to 0 (from 146804-01) 6983193 from disk-transport in guest domain (from 144748-02) 6234679 useradd, usermod, userdel fail when run by a user that has the "User Management" profile assigned (from 144748-01) 6925883 new diskless utility (PSARC 2010/020) should be run by authorized user only

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