ControlsInsight: Features and Benefits

Track and communicate your security progress with ControlsInsight

Automated Assessment

Measure how well critical security controls are deployed and configured across your endpoints.

Intelligent Threat Model

Analyze your security posture using an intelligent model relating the latest threats to effective mitigating controls.

Prioritized Action Plan

Improve endpoint security with a dynamic action plan for controls deployment, prioritized based on risk.

Controls Trending

Monitor controls deployment trends and track progress in reducing risk across your organization.

Flexible Reporting

Choose from different reporting options for communicating security metrics and priorities with the business.

Nexpose Integration

Leverage your Nexpose deployment to get a complete picture of security risks with a single scan.

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Automated Controls Assessment

ControlsInsight centralizes critical endpoint controls information to measure how well they are deployed and configured across your organization, giving you a complete picture of defenses you have in place. See the controls we assess

Automated Controls Assessment

Automated Collection

Increase efficiency with automated collection of critical endpoint controls information without agents or connectors.

Endpoint Monitoring

Track security patches, applications, configurations and mitigation settings across endpoints in one central place.

Trust But Verify

Verify accuracy and effectiveness of security tools, projects and processes with a second source of information.

Intelligent Threat Model

ControlsInsight analyzes your security posture using an intelligent model relating the latest threats to effective mitigating controls based on best practices, so you'll always know how secure your endpoints are. See the controls we analyze

Intelligent Threat Model

Dynamic Analytical Model

Updated dynamically with the most effective mitigating controls mapped to the threats they defend against.

Aligned with Best Practices

Supported by leading security experts and best practices such as the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls.

Simple Security Grade

Quantify the effectiveness of controls in place at protecting your endpoints with grade out of 10.

Prioritized Action Plan

ControlsInsight prioritizes controls deployment based on ability to reduce risk specifically for your environment, enabling you to create an action plan for the greatest impact on improving endpoint security. See the controls we prioritize

Prioritized Action Plan

Remediation Workflow

Build and improve processes for identifying, prioritizing and remediating endpoint risks based on controls in place.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Reduce time to action with detailed implementation instructions and useful references for the importance of each control.

Actionable Reporting

Create reports with information needed for IT operations to deploy each control broadly across identified assets.

Flexible Reporting

ControlsInsight provides different reporting options for communicating security metrics and priorities with the business, helping you to talk the same language and get alignment across the organization. See the controls we report

Flexible Reporting

Executive Reporting

Communicate security performance with an overview of controls metrics and prioritized action plan.

Export Asset Data

Create personalized reports by exporting detailed asset data to CSV format for further analysis.

Third Party Integration

Integrate controls assessment and trending data into third party solutions via the open REST API.

Nexpose Integration

ControlsInsight leverages your existing Nexpose deployment to automatically assess your controls effectiveness and give a complete picture of security risks, allowing you to get-up-and-running and start securing endpoints faster.

Nexpose Integration

Complete Risk Assessment

Get visibility into risk profile of assets based on both vulnerabilities and effective countermeasures in place.

Seamless Integration

Automatically import asset data from sites set up in Nexpose and select for segmented controls assessment.

Fast Unified Scan

Reduce impact on network with a single scan for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and mitigating controls.

Security Controls Assessment

  • Anti-virus installed, enabled and DAT file up-to-date: McAfee, Symantec, Sophos, Trend Micro, Microsoft, Kaspersky
  • Browsers up-to-date: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
  • High-risk applications up-to-date: Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, Microsoft Office
  • Operating systems up-to-date: Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP
  • Passwords hardened: Strong local password policy, unique admin password
  • Code execution prevention deployed: EMET, ASLR, DEP, SEHOP
  • User Access Control enabled
  • Browsers fully hardened: URL reputation scanning, third-party URL filtering
  • USB access blocked
  • Windows firewall enabled
  • Email client attachment filtering enabled
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Why ControlsInsight?

Endpoints are one of the most likely assets in an organization to be compromised, but are also one of the least secure. With ControlsInsight, you can assess the effectiveness of controls at protecting your endpoints, and track your progress in reducing risk across the organization. ControlsInsight is the only solution that uses a threat model to analyze how secure you are and give a dynamic action plan, prioritized to address the most significant risks.