Metasploit: Network Discovery & Imports

Scan your network or import third-party reports

Scan your network with Rapid7 Metasploit's built-in discovery feature or import more than a dozen third-party formats to discover what's on the network prior to your penetration test.

Run a discovery scan from Metasploit

Kickoff one of two types of scans from within Metasploit

  • Launch an advanced nmap scan with our secret sauce of parameters and additional fingerprinting techniques.
  • Start a Nexpose vulnerability scan from within Metasploit that delivers the results back to the Metasploit console.

Import data directly from Nexpose and over a dozen file formats

Connect a Nexpose scan engine with Metasploit to import vulnerability scanning results directly or import one of the following file formats:

Metasploit vulnerability scanner import formats
  • Metasploit PWDump Export
  • PWDump
  • Metasploit Zip Export and XML
  • Nexpose Simple XML and XML Export
  • Acunetix XML
  • Amap Log
  • Appscan XML
  • Burp Session XML
  • Core Impact XML
  • Critical Watch FusionVM reports
  • Foundstone Network Inventory XML
  • IP Address List (One address per line)
  • Libpcap Network Capture
  • Microsoft MBSA SecScan XML
  • Nessus XML (v1 & v2)
  • NetSparker XML
  • Nmap XML
  • Qualys Asset XML and Scan XML
  • Retina XML
  • nCircle IP360 (XMLv3 & ASPL)
  • Spiceworks Inventory Summary CSV

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