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Easily eliminate mobile security risks via Mobilisafe’s unique mobile risk assessment and management capabilities

As your employees bring in the latest and greatest smartphones and tablets to access company data, this device diversity presents a challenge for you to determine their trustworthiness. Mobilisafe is the only mobile risk management solution that automatically performs a mobile risk assessment of all the devices in your organization and provides easy-to-use tools to eliminate these risks.

The mobile ecosystem is complex and software updates require coordination between handset manufacturers, OS vendors and carriers, and can take months to deploy, creating large windows of risk. If you are looking to gain an overall view of your mobile threat landscape you should perform a mobile risk assessment to get a clear view as to what risks need to be eliminated to maintain company security. In order to achieve this, you need a mobile risk management solution like Mobilisafe.

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Mobile risk management with Mobilisafe allows you to eliminate security risks

Mobilisafe's mobile risk assessment and management features let you:

Discover users and the devices they are using to access company data

Detailed device information including device name, model, operating system type and version.

Gain comprehensive application risk management capabilities via new AppSentinel™

By gaining visibility to and having the ability to block applications installed across the company's devices, you can work with employees to only download and use applications that do not create security risk for the organization

Monitor and assess the vulnerability risk of each device

It's the easiest mobile security solution to automatically identify all vulnerabilities on mobile devices.

Mitigate risks

It's the only solution to automatically give employees an easy way to update their devices to the latest available firmware to eliminate their vulnerabilities, or by blocking these devices from accessing the company network.

Our mobile risk assessment solution is easy to setup and operate

Our mobile risk management solution is very easy to set-up and operate

Installation takes minutes

Typical deployments take less than 15 minutes with a minimal footprint installed on your existing servers. There is no software deployed on any of your mobile devices!

Security is complex, working with Mobilisafe isn't

From getting up and running with our product, to understanding mobility within your organization and its security risks, to eliminating risks with our tools, Mobilisafe is easy to work with.

We identify the relevant risks

There's a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt about mobile security. Mobilisafe's mobile risk assessment capabilities make it explicitly clear which risks are relevant to your company and gives you and your employees the tools to eliminate those risks.

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