UserInsight: Detect and Investigate Incidents

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Visibility to user behavior over VPN

  • Collect data from LDAP and VPN as event sources
  • Detect network access to VPN from multiple location in short timeframe
  • Detect account compromised in data breaches (e.g. Adobe, LinkedIn)
  • Discover user accounts, domain administrators and service accounts
  • Gain visibility to user VPN authentication locations
  • Link VPN IP to users to shorten investigation time
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Fully-Featured Edition

Detect and investigate attacks within the firewall, cloud services, and mobile environments

  • Collect data from various systems, including LDAP, VPNs, Firewalls, OWA, DNS servers, ActiveSync, corporate provisioned cloud services, SIEMs, and honeypots
  • Detect and investigate incidents involving compromised credentials
  • Detect and investigate indication of attacker's lateral movement in the network
  • Detect and investigate abnormal access to critical assets
  • Detect and investigate attacks within the firewall, cloud services and mobile environments
  • Discover user accounts, domain administrators, service accounts, processes running on endpoints, mobile device and cloud services in users
  • Discover other users effected by phishing campaigns
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