UserInsight: Find the Attackers You're Missing

Detect compromised credentials and investigate incidents to stop attacks - fast

Stolen user credentials have become the most common way of breaching the network, and are a critical step in almost every successful attack chain, yet current monitoring solutions fundamentally fail to detect attacks involving compromised credentials. Smart security leaders realize that prevention is no longer enough. Security teams need the ability to spot attackers moving within the network and thoroughly investigate critical incidents without having to craft custom rules for difficult-to-maintain monitoring solutions.

Rapid7 UserInsight is the most effective solution for detecting and investigating attacks leveraging compromised credentials, user impersonation and lateral attacker movement. It’s the only solution that can detect breaches across on-premise, cloud and mobile environments with the innate analytics to detect the changes in behavior that can signal an attack.

To understand more about finding and stopping attacks on users, see our webinar on Breaking The Kill Chain.

Are attacks on the network going unnoticed?

UserInsight Enables Security Teams to:

  • Detect: Automatically detect compromised credentials, breaches and lateral movement across on premise, cloud and mobile environments with an built-in understanding of how attackers think. Thanks to agentless endpoint inspection, UserInsight can see things other solutions will miss. And it's the only solution that can monitor activity across all the BYO-IT your users are introducing to your environment.
  • Investigate: Slash investigation time with a full picture of user activity before and after any incident. Rapidly contain the attack by identifying everyone who may have been involved.
  • Discover: See what's really going on with your users' on-premise, cloud and mobile activity without installing heavyweight proxies or device management systems.
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Are attacks on the network going unnoticed?

Stolen credentials are now the most common attack vector.

We understand how attackers think. Based on Rapid7's knowledge of attack methodologies and ability to analyze security data from across your environment, UserInsight has the detection capabilities to identify and alert you to the events which really require your attention.

Are attacks on the network going unnoticed?

76% of attacks involved compromised user credentials

66% of breaches remain undiscovered for 6 months+
Verizon 2013 DBIR

UserInsight can help you spot hundreds of common attack patterns including pass-the-hash, impersonation of an administrator, and harvesting credentials. With easily-deployed honeypots and honey users, attackers are quickly spotted when mapping your network.

UserInsight builds a baseline of normal activity for each user that highlights unusual behavior and minimizes false positives. It also leverages a vast knowledge of common attack patterns so we can spot activity you might otherwise miss.

Does incident investigation take too long?

UserInsight gives you the ability to see what happened before, during and after an attack so you can focus on the things that matter.

Are you losing valuable time investigating and containing incidents?

86% of security professionals claim incident detection is too lengthy

74% of security professionals claim incident investigation solutions lack integration with existing security products
Ponemon Institute LLC, 2014

By uniquely tying incidents to users, UserInsight cuts investigation time from hours to minutes, provides visibility into user behavior before and after a breach, and identifies other users who may have been impacted. Existing customers have reported that they can investigate incidents up to 5 times faster, resulting in more efficient and effective security.

UserInsight is your one place to see all of a user's mobile devices, cloud services, and asset information including vulnerabilities and processes. Get the tools to rapidly assess an incident and identify the needed actions for remediation and containment.

How do you discover risky user behavior?

Many security teams struggle to understand what’s happening across their entire environment. What's normal behavior and what's an attack pattern? Which users are violating policies, misusing accounts or transferring data to cloud services?

How do you discover risky user behavior within the firewall, cloud services and mobile device?

75% of organizations use cloud services

80% of organizations have BYOD deployedRapid7 customer survey

Easily spot normal benchmarked behavior, discover exceptions, and quickly investigate outlying activity. Since UserInsight has visibility into endpoints, mobile devices and cloud services, you can see everything your users do and everywhere attackers may be lurking.