UserInsight: Find The Attacks You’re Missing

Raise confidence in the security of your environment by detecting and investigating breaches and compromised credentials

Rapid7 UserInsight is the most effective solution for detecting and investigating attacks leveraging compromised credentials, user impersonation and lateral attacker movement. It’s the only solution that can detect breaches across on-premise, cloud and mobile environments with the innate analytics to detect the changes in behavior that can signal an attack.

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detect and investigate the attacks you’ve been missing.

Free Download

In order to successfully install a free trial of UserInsight, your system must meet the following criteria:

Minimum Hardware

  • 2 GHz+ processor
  • 4 GB RAM recommended
  • 10 GB+ available disk space

Supported OS

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2 (64 bit only), 2008 R2 and Windows 7
  • Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS (64 bit only), Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit only)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x (64 bit only), 6.x (64 bit only)

Supported Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox 17
  • Google Chrome (latest stable release)

Minimum network bandwidth

  • 100Mbps network (required)
  • 1000Mbps (Preferred)