UserInsight: Fast and Easy Incident Detection and Investigation

Detect and investigate attacks targeted at users within the firewall, on cloud services, and on mobile devices

Attackers have shifted from brute force attacks to sophisticated attacks that are based on deceiving users. With the broadening of the perimeter into cloud services and mobile devices, the surface area security teams need to monitor has grown dramatically yet most of today's security solutions detect threats only within the firewall.

As organizations rapidly expand to the use of mobile and cloud environments, not being able to detect compromised credentials in cloud or mobile environments significantly reduces the effectiveness of an organization's incident detection.

Start detecting malicious activity across your network, cloud,
and mobile environments

Free Download

This free, limited features, trial of Rapid7 UserInsight enables:

  • Simplified discovery of user behavior: UserInsight enables discovery of user behavior at a glance, providing a simple snapshot of all user accounts including: service accounts, disabled accounts and administrator accounts.
  • Smart detection of attacks targeted at users: Based on Rapid7's understanding of the attacker's mindset, UserInsight automatically detects and alerts on indicators of compromise and signs of attacks on users.
  • Fast incident investigation: UserInsight was built to cut incident investigation time from hours to minutes by uniquely tying incidents to users, enabling security teams to immediately identify which user took a specific action.

In order to successfully install a free trial of UserInsight, your system must meet the following criteria:

Minimum Hardware

  • 2 GHz+ processor
  • 4 GB RAM recommended
  • 10 GB+ available disk space

Supported OS

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2 (64 bit only), 2008 R2 and Windows 7
  • Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS (64 bit only), Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit only)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x (64 bit only), 6.x (64 bit only)

Supported Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox 17
  • Google Chrome (latest stable release)

Minimum network bandwidth

  • 100Mbps network (required)
  • 1000Mbps (Preferred)