BYOD, cloud services and virtualization mean we have less control over our environments. Meanwhile, our adversaries are strengthening—they're shifting tactics and learning to better deceive. In the midst of this change, choosing the right path to protection is challenging for even the most experienced pro.

Security At THE

Crossroads January 14 - February 13, 2014
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This half-day seminar, led by industry experts and fellow security practitioners, will show you how to:

  • Think like an attacker to keep ahead of those who would do you harm, whether an outside attacker or an unknowing end-user
  • Prepare for threats against mobile, cloud, and on-premise assets
  • Identify and anticipate attacker techniques, from blunt brute-forcing to social engineering and malware
  • Monitor your security posture and get answers on how your security controls are performing
  • Develop strategies your IT and executive teams will support
  • Move quickly and efficiently in the event of a worst-case scenario

Attackers never stop learning and adapting, and neither do you. Register today at a location near you.