Wireless Security Assessment Services

Analyzing your wireless network security

Wireless network assessments involve simulating real-world attacks to provide a current view of vulnerabilities and threats to the client's wireless network.

  • Wireless network assessment services begin with a reconnaissance phase to enumerate both authorized and rogue wireless access points. Once a baseline of information is gathered, Rapid7 utilizes a number of tools to perform a more in-depth analysis including manual probing, attempting to:
    • Uncover detailed data from identified wireless devices, including but not limited to SSID, Channel Information, access point location, access point name, equipment vendor details, hardware MAC addresses
    • Gain access to the wireless network
    • Capture sensitive data

Wireless network assessments provide you with:

  • An understanding of real-world risks posed to the organization from the perspective of an attacker, going beyond the limitations of automated scanning.
  • A prioritized risk rating (DREAD framework) that takes multiple business-driven criteria into account.
  • Direct communication with an offensive security expert with years of industry experience and with direct access to the product team of the most widely used penetration testing framework.