CyberScope and CyberScope Reporting

Use our CyberScope reporting features to standardize your reporting on federal agency security compliance

CyberScope is a web-based application launched by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to provide for secure and efficient FISMA focused Cyberscope reporting by federal agencies.

All federal agencies must report critical security metrics through CyberScope, including their compliance with major initiatives like USGCB, FDCC and FISMA. FISMA reporting used to take place annually, but with CyberScope in place that requirement is now monthly. This means faster required CyberScope reporting turnaround-time—and more information delivered more quickly than ever before for security practitioners to use in their decision-making. We have built CyberScope reporting features into our products to make this easier for you.

Rapid7 Nexpose comes with CyberScope reporting in an XML format support built in to the product, which makes monthly compliance reporting for FISMA an automated and simple process. To try out our Cyberscope reporting features, download a free trial of Nexpose Enterprise.

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