PCI Compliance Testing Solutions from a Rapid7

If you handle credit card data, you need to demonstrate PCI compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) and PCI Approved Scanning Vendors (PCI ASV) exist to fight the rising tide of credit card information data loss and theft. All five major payment card brands work with PCI to ensure that merchants and service providers protect consumer credit card information by demonstrating PCI compliance through PCI compliance testing. The PCI Security Standards Council set standards in place in order for organizations to become PCI Approved Scanning Vendors, or PCI ASV. Rapid7 has met those standards and can help with your PCI compliance needs.

If your organization handles any kind of credit card information, the PCI DSS (PCI Compliance Testing) applies to you.

Rapid7 is a PCI ASV that can help with PCI compliance testing by:

PCI compliance testing with Metasploit and Nexpose

Conducting required penetration tests and vulnerability scans

Both Nexpose and Metasploit can help you complete the PCI-required vulnerability scans and penetration test, either in preparation for or as part of official PCI compliance testing.

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PCI compliance testing reports make you more efficient

Automated PCI compliance testing audits and reports

PCI compliance testing is a lot easier when it's automated. With Nexpose, automating your PCI audits and compliance reports is built right in to the product. Nexpose is a certified PCI ASV.

PCI compliance testing services from Rapid7 professionals

Providing professional PCI compliance testing services from a PCI ASV

If you need extra help in identifying PCI-related deficiencies in your security plan, our professional services team can help with consultations as well as internal and external penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

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