USGCB Compliance

Federal agencies need to demonstrate USGCB compliance with this government security initiative

The United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) is a United States government-wide initiative that guides federal agencies on what they can do to improve and maintain effective configuration settings focusing primarily on security. This initiative aims to create security configuration baselines for IT and security products, specifically on desktops and laptops, deployed across federal agencies. While it's not a standalone regulation like FISMA, USGCB compliance is a core requirement of FISMA.

Here's how Rapid7 can help you with USGCB compliance:

Use Nexpose to achieve USGCB compliance

Check and report on asset settings

You can use Nexpose to easily and automatically check the settings on all the assets in your organization to make sure they're passing USGCB compliance requirements-and quickly generate reports on their status. Nexpose is both SCAP validated and a USGCB Certified Scanner by NIST.

Nexpose is our premier vulnerability management tool that helps you achieve USGCB compliance

Find exploitable vulnerabilities

Nexpose scans all your physical and virtual assets for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malware exposure and provides the contextual risk for each found threat, so you can easily prioritize how you want to remediate or mitigate what you find. See what vulnerabilities are keeping you from achieving USGCB compliance.

Easily submit your USGCB compliance cyberscope reports

Generate and submit CyberScope-compatible reports

The ability to generate a CyberScope-compatible report is a core component of Nexpose, so your monthly USGCB compliance reporting requirements can be hands-free and easier than ever. In addition, in Nexpose you can customize a number of other reports, from executive trend summaries to detailed remediation plans.

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