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Find out how Rapid7 solutions can work for your security consulting business

We've optimized our solutions to be consultant-friendly, so you can be sure you're delivering solid recommendations to your customers. Our vulnerability management and penetration testing solutions are powerful weapons in a consultant's arsenal, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your security tools.

If you're a security consultant, you can use Rapid7 solutions to bolster your analysis and recommendations

Provide rich infrastructure and compliance assessments

Identify key areas for improvement and compliance gaps with actionable advice.

Take advantage of our deployment services

When you leave behind an evaluation license of Nexpose or Metasploit, you help your client's security posture and benefit from the subsequent sales.

Employ social engineering techniques

Test the depth and breadth of your customers' security awareness with social engineering techniques in Metasploit.

Provide Rich Infrastructure and Compliance Assessments

Provide rich infrastructure and compliance assessments

You can set your clients on the road to better security with comprehensive scans of their IT infrastructure through Nexpose and provide suggestions for ways to improve. In addition, built-in compliance scans in Nexpose let you tailor your remediation advice based on the regulations your clients need to comply with, helping you provide even more effective and relevant services down the road.

Take Advantage of Our Deployment Services

Take advantage of our deployment services

Help your clients help themselves by leaving them an evaluation license for Rapid7 Nexpose and Metasploit. Not only will they improve their security posture and practices, but also you reap the benefits for any future license and services sales through the Rapid7 reseller program.

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Employ Social Engineering Techniques

Employ social engineering techniques

You can drive home key security principles by deploying social engineering techniques, such as phishing emails, to test how security savvy your customers' employees really are. If you find that there's room for improvement, it's a great opportunity for you to deliver security awareness training.

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