Mobile Risk Management and Assessment Solution

Now With AppSentinelTM, Mobilisafe's  New Mobile Applications Risk Management Capability

Rapid7's mobile risk management and assessment solution Mobilisafe helps you mitigate the security risks resulting from the "bring your own device (BYOD)" trend. In a recent market research study1, 71% percent of the businesses surveyed said that mobile devices have caused an increase in security incidents, citing significant concerns about the loss and privacy of sensitive information stored on employee devices, including corporate email (79%), customer data (47%) and network login credentials (38%). This data shows that it is important to have a mobile risk assessment solution in place to protect your organization's data.

See how Rapid7's mobile risk management solution, Mobilisafe, is the best way to trust employee devices with company data.

Rapid7's Mobile Risk Assessment Solutions Provide the Following Benefits

Discover Devices

Discover and identify mobile devices connecting to the organization's Exchange server.

Discover Applications via AppSentinel

Discover at an individual device and aggregate company-wide level, the applications downloaded by employees.


Assess vulnerability risk of each device via a simplified TrustScore, based on severity and number of vulnerabilities.


Mitigate risks via a policy framework that provides access controls, administrative alerts and employee notifications.

With Rapid7's mobile risk assessment solution, Mobilisafe, you get the easiest way to identify and eliminate mobile security risks. The mobile security solution automatically identifies and eliminates vulnerabilities on mobile devices through firmware updates, or by blocking these devices from accessing the company network.

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1 Study by Check Point Software, "The Impact of Mobile Devices on Information Security", January '12