Vulnerability Validation Solutions

Verify and prioritize your security risk with closed-loop vulnerability validation in Rapid7 Nexpose and Metasploit

Vulnerability scanners can determine installed software and its vulnerabilities but not whether it poses a real risk in the context of your network. This can be dangerous and wasteful because IT teams need to fix all vulnerabilities with equal priority.

Vulnerability validation helps you to determine if a vulnerability poses a high risk to your environment. It focuses on vulnerabilities with known public exploits that provide an easy way into your network - even for less experienced attackers.

With Nexpose and Metasploit's vulnerability validation features, you'll know which security issues really matter


Identify and validate vulnerabilities on your network. Discover assets, scan for vulnerabilities, and then validate vulnerabilities you found.


Connect the dots to prioritize vulnerabilities. Triage threats based on what attackers commonly use and whether they are successful on your network.


Focus your remediation efforts. Create mitigation reports of validated vulnerabilities that include remediation advice and build your credibility.

Nexpose for vulnerability management and Metasploit for vulnerability validation increases efficiencies

With Nexpose and Metasploit, you'll have a simpler and better way to stay in control: Identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malware-related threats, and then use vulnerability validation to find out if an attack would be successful on your network. Then deliver prioritized reports to IT operations, including proof of compromise and remediation advice.

Need help building a security program? Talk to one of our security assessment consultants on how we can help you with our professional services.

Use Metasploit for vulnerability validation and risk verification on you network

Visibility: Identify and validate vulnerabilities on your network

The first challenge in assessing an organization's security isn't finding the risks, it's knowing what you're protecting. Discover all assets in your infrastructure, including virtual hosts. Next, find vulnerabilities on the network with Nexpose and use Metasploit's vulnerability validation wizard to see what vulnerabilities can actually be exploited.

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With Rapid7 vulnerability validation solutions, you can:

  • Automatically discover and inventory your physical and virtual assets.
  • Organize and dynamically update your assets into categories that make sense to you
  • Dynamically scan for threats, including vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • Safely simulate attacks on your network to gauge the risk level of your vulnerabilities.
Metasploit helps with vulnerability validation and risk verification so you can prioritize your biggest security issues

Management: Connect the dots to prioritize risks

Don't know which vulnerabilities to prioritize? Vulnerability validations saves you time and helps you gain credibility.

Working through long vulnerability reports can be overwhelming, especially when you're working in a small team. Learn how verifying risks can make your life easier.

Nobody has enough resources to address all security issues. And that's okay if you know which ones are important.

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With Rapid7 solutions focused on vulnerability validation, you can:

  • Filter for vulnerabilities that are commonly used in attacks in the wild because their exploits are publicly available or even part of malware kits.
  • Focus on the vulnerabilities that were successfully exploited when you safely simulated an attack on your network.
  • Create exceptions for threats that pose an acceptable risk.
Rulnerability validation allows you to focus on the risks that are the most threatening to your organization

Action: Focus your remediation efforts

Now that you know what's important, work with the rest of your organization to fix the issues.

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With Rapid7 solutions, you can:

  • Provide reports that only contain high-risk vulnerabilities with simple, pragmatic remediation advice.
  • Include evidence of compromise to overcome objections and gain credibility.

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Only Rapid7 offers closed-loop vulnerability validation with Metasploit Pro, built on the world's most used penetration testing software, and Nexpose Enterprise, our vulnerability management solution.