Rapid7 for IT Operations Security Teams

Get specific remediation advice to quickly fix critical issues

Great. You're IT operations security team has just been told that your systems have hundreds of vulnerabilities that need to be patched. You don't want to risk the security of your organization and your customers, but you're just not sure how you're going to be able to triage and fix every threat on the list. Where so you start? What exact remediation and mitigation steps do you take?

Rapid7 can help your IT operations security team by:

Telling You Which Issues are Validated and Exploitable

Telling you which issues are validated and exploitable

Our report specifically states the vulnerabilities that have been identified and validates those that are exploitable. That way you're only fixing issues that really need your attention.

Giving You The Exact Steps You Need to Take to Fix Issues

Giving you the exact steps you need to take to fix issues

The information you've been getting from your IT operations security team is either not relevant or too comprehensive. Rapid7's remediation reports outline exactly what you need to do. You'll have the required info and be clear on what steps and actions to take in order to patch or mitigate your system to prevent the security threats from exploiting any types of holes in your environment.

Categorizing Remediation Information by Asset Group

Categorizing remediation information by asset group

With Rapid7, you are only given instructions on how to address issues that pertain to your specific assets, so there is no need to wade through pages of information that does not apply to your area. If you are the database administrator you'll only see security issues related to databases. You'll get very prescriptive information telling you exactly what matters and what is relevant in your environment, specific to the assets for which you are responsible.

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