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Managing the data in a large penetration test is a challenge. You've got to keep track of all the machines, all the evidence, all the sessions during the test and then report on the test at its conclusion. Capturing all of your testing data is important as documenting the tactics and techniques that got you quickly and deeply into your network is invaluable. Our pen testing tools are designed to make your life easier.

Rapid7's pen testing tools designed for penetration testers can help you by:

Safely simulate realistic attacks with our pen testing tools

Giving you the ability to simulate safe and realistic attacks on your network

Use our pen testing tools to find systems on your network and uncover their weak spots. With the Metasploit penetration testing software, you'll apply the same methods attackers would use to gain access to your network - in a safe and controlled way.

Our pen testing tools help increase the productivity of you and your IT team.

Increasing the productivity of you and your team

Rapid7's pen testing tools include features like team collaboration, tagging, automation and filtering to help you work more efficiently as individuals and as a team. The products also give you the power to configure an automated workflow that enables you to fully control what happens without needing to do each section by hand.

Our pen testing tools document all aspects of your test with customizable reports

Documenting all aspects of your test with quick and easy reporting

Our pen testing tools collect all the evidence during the penetration test making it very easy for you to report what you've done and the end results of your test. Reporting can be automated saving you even more time.

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