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Scaling Under Pressure: 5 Focus Areas for Talent Acquisition Leaders

Over the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of spending some time with several recently promoted recruiting leaders who are asking the big question: “Where do I start?” Those of us who have answered the call of a new talent acquisition opportunity can attest that once you are hired and in your new seat, the pressure to produce results is enormous. Any credible plan must include input from stakeholders – partners need to see that their feedback is included if you expect to have their ongoing b

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Job Seekers: Advice on Long Term Career Planning

David Muller is the Sr. Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Rapid7. When you're networking for a job, don't just focus on your next career move – think longer term. With hundreds of open jobs and talent scouts actively recruiting, both passive and active candidates in today's market have no shortage of options. This incredible talent demand can have huge benefits to your career, but if you aren't thoughtful about your approach to job seeking, you can adversely impact your future jobs sear

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Recruiters and Mission-Driven Hiring

I've spent the better part of the last ten years interviewing talent scouts across the globe. I continue to be amazed at how many of them market themselves as having found the “secret sauce” for recruiting success through their vast knowledge and discipline demonstrated via use of the tools and tricks. Most of the time, I come away from interviews having learned something new or insightful. That said, I rarely hire a candidate who frames their skill set in this way.  Why? It doesn't align with m

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Preparing to Crush Every Job Interview

I'm often asked about candidate experience and how Talent Scouts can best prepare candidates for interviews. I view it as a very simple equation: Talent Scout Prep Candidate Prep = Informed, Productive and Hopefully Very Successful Interview. As Talent Scouts, we know what we need to do to execute on our piece of this equation.  However, it raises the question: What can candidates do to ensure they are truly prepared before an interview? Here are five things candidates can do ahead of an int

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The Secret to a Successful Rapid7 Interview

With over 90 open jobs and hundreds of active candidates, Rapid7 is adding new team members on a daily basis. One of our biggest challenges is making sure the quality of our hires remains high as numbers increase. High volumes of interviews coupled with eager managers and recruiters, and the business need to move at an accelerated pace, can often result in small, inadvertent concessions in quality. Being mindful of this challenge and helping our organization scale while maintaining an incredibly

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Employee Referral Event: Networking with a side of beer, hold the BS

If you think about the goal of the interview process, it's about getting to a point somewhere down the road where both sides (candidate and company hiring) can say “this works for me,” and then come to an agreement of terms. That's it, boiled down to its most simple form. And not unlike many Talent Acquisition leaders, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how to make that simplest form come to life for the majority of our interactions while keeping quality high. It's easier said than