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5 min Ransomware

I have ransomware and I didn't back up! What do I do now??

There is an old proverb, attributed to various cultures, which says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” The same goes for backups. If you've been hit by a ransomware incident, the best way to recover is to restore from your most recent backup. But let's say your backup process isn't as mature as it could be. And if that's true, your backups, or lack of backups, has created a gap in your business data that you cannot endure. What then, are your option

4 min Skills

Are You Enabling Corporate Espionage?

While I was flipping through some news stories the other day, a small headline appeared that piqued my interest [] . The headline reads: Former St. Louis Cardinals Exec Pleads Guilty To Cyber Espionage Charges Cyber espionage… in baseball? That was too intriguing to pass up! It essentially describes this: employees from one club, the St Louis Cardina

2 min Cybersecurity

3 Things Executives & Boards Should Know About Cybersecurity for 2016

As we ramp down the activities of 2015, the cybersecurity landscape has certainly shaped strategy for the new year and beyond. Effective strategic planning is important and can lower risk and operational costs for organizations. Managers will usually plan for the changing threat landscape, looking at weaknesses and vulnerabilities internally and make a plan for how to shore up defenses. To plan effectively, you'll want to consider information on the coming changes in the security landscape as we

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Tis the season! For user outreach

As we prepare to move into the end of the year holiday season, organizations tend to enter into one of two modes: they are either winding down end of the year activities in preparation to close their books, or they are sprinting to get things done before the end of the year. Sometimes it's a mixture of both these things. One common theme no matter what mode you are in, is your users will be distracted by the holidays. And if they are distracted, they are more prone to error, which means more vul

2 min Security Strategy

FTC can charge public companies with unfair trade practices for failure to protect customers data

The Third Court of Appeals upheld the Federal Trade Commission's decision [] to sue Wyndham Worldwide for at least three data breach incidents that occurred between 2008 and 2010. The incident exposed more than 600,000 consumer payment card account numbers and led to more than $10 million dollars in fraud loss, according to the FTC complaint. Wyndham Worldwide had challenged the FTC complaint in an appellate court, saying the FTC was over-reachin