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1 min Research

Snakes Masquerading as Vines

We spend a lot of time identifying trustworthiness in our day-to-day lives. We constantly evaluate trustworthiness in both the people that we meet and in the products and services that we decide to interact with. Imagine that you're like Tarzan in the jungle; you're trying to navigate your way through products and services using the vines that hang in your path. Each vine either helps or hinders your path forward. Some are stronger than others and help you swing a far distance quickly and effec

4 min Release Notes

Significantly Enhanced, yet Simplified Reporting

The new year is just around the corner and the Internet has been available to users for almost two decades now. We have had user experiences that have pushed the boundaries with software, touchscreen devices and mobile applications. We are now witnessing radical changes in user expectations. We at Rapid7 are constantly striving to understand these expectations and live up to them. At Rapid7, our mission is to solve complex security challenges with simple, innovative solutions that offer speed w

3 min Authentication

Nexpose shared scan credential to your rescue

As per the Verizon data breach investigations report [] , last year witnessed 855 security incidents, which resulted in a staggering 174 million compromised records. Not to mention that this record reflects only data that has been reported. It also mentions that 96% of attacks were not highly difficult. This means that most attacks really used unsophisticated ways to steal data. This implies that