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Synergistically Yours, IoT Security-Usability

Let me tell you a story…. …a few months ago, I was going home from an airport in an Uber with my wife. We recently bought a house and were looking for some renovation work and discussing few ideas on the way. The very next day, I received a call from an unknown number—the caller said “Hello Mr. Dutta, I am [caller's name] calling from [company name]. I would love to discuss the home renovation project you are planning to undertake in your home”. At this point his words started blurring as my min

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Granular asset searches and a new "Policies" tab?

I am part of product management team at Rapid7 and I am responsible for the user experience across all our products. I am fascinated with new technologies specifically related to artificial intelligence and HCI. My weekend leisure projects range from creating an ambient mail informatics system with an arduino (a small processor) to creating a sensor-laced cane for blind users. I wrote about some cool UI improvements [

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Technology Meets Empathy

I am a member of the product management team at Rapid7, and I am responsible for the user experience across all our products. One of my ongoing efforts is to bring our product development team closer to our users. In the upcoming release of Nexpose, we have updated the user interface to make it simpler and more consistent with Metasploit so that your experience can be more productive and seamless. As the entire team at Rapid7 is working hard to get Nexpose 5.0 out of the door, I thought I'd take