Last updated at Wed, 26 Jul 2017 16:28:15 GMT

InfoWorld has just released the Best of Open Source Software Awards. The Metasploit Framework received an award in the category of Best of open source in security:

"When we first saw Metasploit back in 2004 at the DefCon hacker conference, we knew it would become a staple for security professionals the world over. And sure enough, Metasploit has become the de facto standard attack and penetration toolkit. Extremely extensible, and constantly updated to home in on the latest server and host vulnerabilities, Metasploit has the right stuff to test the perimeter of your network for holes, or determine whether your SQL or Web server or Unix, Linux, or Windows host can be compromised. If you have important systems to protect, point Metasploit at them yourself before someone else does"