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…  and it starts now.

Welcome to the Rapid7 blog.  This is the first of many new things you'll see from us, and it's very cool to be writing the inaugural post.  So on that note, on with my first post:

Despite my best efforts to remain low profile, word of my recent move has started to circulate with friends, friends-of-friends, and former co-workers wondering where I was going.  I know of at least one office pool in Toronto and the street seemed to have me moving to Telus.  As a matter of fact, a handful of people have asked me outright: “why Telus”?

As you can now tell, I am not at Telus.

The inevitable next question then is: “why Rapid7″.  There are two reasons …

First, it's incredible here.  There is an energy, consistency of purpose, commitment to thought leadership, ability to execute, and underlying technology that is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  As a customer, consultant, or vendor, I have not seen a company this healthy and well organized from top to bottom.  This was not my perception of Rapid7 – particularly with my enterprise experience – and now that I've seen it from the inside, I get it.  There is a method to what others have tried to paint as madness, and it really is that good.

Second, this move is an opportunity to be part of a fundamental change in the Risk and Compliance space – a change that I've wanted to be a part of for a long time.

The time is now  to raise the bar for our industry.  We, as vendors and service providers, have not fulfilled our promises to protect our customers, feed the community, and catalyze change.  I'm not talking about specific vendors, or just scanning solutions; I'm talking about Security, Risk and Compliance.  We can do better.  We *need* to do better.  We will *be* better, and it starts now.

There are some really exciting things happening within the company and some big announcements coming out shortly.  I'm looking forward to sharing them with you and learning from all of you.  Customers, Community, and Competitors – we will drive change together.

It starts now and the future is friendly.