Last updated at Wed, 25 Oct 2017 14:21:24 GMT

We have recently introduced a nice feature – tagging. A tag is a small piece of information you can pinpoint to the event to highlight its meaning and severity. The tag is displayed in graphs and enables easy break down to different event categories.

The easiest and immediate use is to shows errors. Bold colored marks give you immediate navigation to “interesting” events.

Here is how it looks in the graph. Those red circles clearly shows where those errors are:Log and Data Analysis: Tagging

Tags are also displayed in the log events as is shown in the event list below:

Start using tags now. Go to the log, click on Tags in the menu, then New/Edit. Select the tag name, the Tag category and pattern. The pattern can be either a keyword or a regular expression if you start it with /. Enjoy!

Log and Data Analysis: Tagging Features