Last updated at Wed, 30 Aug 2017 16:08:17 GMT

As we're all recovering from the epic RSA Rapid7 party at Ruby Skye last night, I wanted to thank Dual Core for the debut performance of
"mastering success and failure - msf" featuring the
Metasploit Framework. Awesome track - the room went nuts!

lostinsecurity asked us to publish the lyrics, so here they are:

_you should meet this friend of mine, allow me if i may
this guy is going places, believe me when i say
advanced for his age, has a blog and his own page
just starting out, still in high school most days
friends called him jim, but his parents named him james _
couldn't tell the difference either way it seemed the same
computers were his thing, took the knowledge as it came
challenging his brain while his friends were playing games
he stayed inside reading and pursuing what he dreamed _
with his nose buried in his book, slowly learning C _
hit an error in his program, guessing what it means
memory corrupted, debugger on the screen
found his first overflow, the bug was in his math _
but he'd read about these hacks and this metasploit app
_ using tools, he created up a pattern found the offset
shellcode encoded exploit for his project

here's another story, this one's not his fault
googled for his address, was shocked at the results
a list of every student from his college up and down
full credentials, everything on each of the accounts
where'd they get his password?  now he's gotta know
in a zone, all alone, with his db_autopwn
scanning for the systems in the labs and all the classes
big surprise, they were way behind on patches
he called up the helpdesk, explained it at his best
they didn't understand, told him hold for a sec
passed him on to senior staff, again report the steps
what he thought would happen last then became what happened next
they took it as a threat, you could say they jumped the gun
told him he could be expelled for pulling off this little stunt
said he violated policies and now his name was cursed
“so just turn yourself in before you make it worse”

_graduated up, now his exploits are homemade
remembering in school and just thinking it like “no way”
checks getting cashed every time he finds an 0day
the upgrade to pro, left the others back to role play
lives in his own place, mortgage and his loan paid
full benefits, health insurance skip the co-pay
remembers when he started with his linker and his loader
_ now he's writing payloads and made his own encoder
plus he made a name, now the internet was buzzing
writing tons of modules from scanning into fuzzing
leveraging the framework and tools that he was loving _
he was living out his dream so he wouldn't stop for nothing
finally he made it, he could walk the talk in code _
but the journey's where it happened, remember how you grow
the right tools and hard work he found that he could show
all's well that ends well, i guess that's how it goes


Like the Metasploit Framework itself, Dual Core's track will be available for free download. The studio recording still needs the final mix, so we'll keep you updated!