Last updated at Wed, 25 Oct 2017 14:25:28 GMT

Using the logentries Tags feature you can visualize and categorize specified events in the log graphs with colored indicators. This feature also allows you to display these events in a filtered list according to the specified category (e.g. fatal error, critical event, exception).

We are happy to announce an extension to this popular feature: user-defined tags. This enhancement allows you to define custom tags with a unique visual appearance, i.e. you can select your own colored indicators and match them to new user defined categories (e.g. login, logout, new_user).

Log Analysis: User Tags

To use this feature, in the main menu, select Tags to display all available tags. Select the plus icon next to Tags to add a new tag. In the form, specify the name of the new tag, a title and a description. The title you specify will be displayed on the colored tag indicator. Finally, select a color for the tag, and you are done. The tag is immediately available for assignment in your logs.

Log Analysis: User Tags Defined

Tag filters now allow you to augment events with more that one tag at the same time. This is handy, typically in cases where a certain activity (tagged as DBA as database access for example) is also erroneous (tagged as Critical at the same time).

We have also modified the statistics panel to make it easier to view information on your tagged events. Only tags with non-zero activity are displayed. That makes the panel clearer especially when a lot of tags are defined.