Last updated at Wed, 26 Jul 2017 13:15:10 GMT

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As some folks may have noticed, the startup process for the Metasploit Console (msfconsole) has changed this morning. Windows users are now greeted with a slightly different message than they are used to:

By the same token, Unix users will notice that the console has become a little more aggressive in terms of choosing targets on startup:

The April Fools code can be disabled by setting the 'NOFOOL' shell environment variable to any value. Unix users who want to see the Windows version can also set the 'WINFOOL' environment variable prior to starting msfconsole (and likewise for Windows users by setting 'LINFOOL').

That's it for this year, we hope you enjoyed it!

- The Metasploit Team

PS. We have a shiny a new web site as of this morning, no joke!