Last updated at Wed, 25 Oct 2017 14:35:32 GMT

Windows support has been added as part of our latest release. You can now:

  • monitor logs from any applications running on Windows
  • monitor Windows event logs
  • configure the Logentries agent as a Windows service

The Logentries agent comes in the form python script or as a Windows executable. The executable is useful if you don’t want to download Python for windows and the Python/Windows extensions. Configuring Python on Windows may not be ideal if you have lots and lot of servers that you want to collect logs from – in this case use the executable we provide.

Log Management: Python Applications

Python has some nice supports for allowing you to access the windows event logs and for configuring a process as a windows service.

There’s also a bunch of supports for turning your python scripts into windows executables so that they can be more easily distributed.

Pythons and lizards don’t always work so well together, but the Python and JLizard seem to get on just fine… 🙂