Last updated at Wed, 25 Oct 2017 15:00:35 GMT

Our friends at have developed a nodje.js Logentries library allowing you to make use of the node.js event driven model to log directly to your logentries account – thanks Richard!!

Whats’s this Node.js I hear you say ??? See Felix Geisendörfer’s post Understanding node.js for some background explanation. Manuel Kiessling’s Node.js tutorial is also pretty good if you are coming from a more traditional server side programming background (like me).

Node.js is pretty good at low response/high concurrency tasks. You can download a VM for your server, however it’s now being supported by a number of the PAAS providers such as Heroku, Cloudfoundry, dotCloud, Nodejitsu , Nodester …. We’re expecting more to follow suit shortly.