Last updated at Wed, 25 Oct 2017 15:03:14 GMT

We’ve been busily working away on our new site (we hope you like it).

One of the main challenges we have faced to date is configuring users logs with our service. While this can be as simple as a one line configuration in your syslog config file, if you do not know your way around it can be a little confusing. We’ve found that once people get their logs into Logentries they generally love it and stick with it – so we’ve decided to make it even easier to get configured!

To quote Dean MCCleland, CEO of (a cool new site for getting one over on your friends):

Wow – now I can see and understand what’s happening in my systems
without having to “know the command line”

To get configured in less than 5 mins (generally a lot less…), you can follow our configuration wizard. The wizard gives you a quick tour of our UI so you know how to use our features right away, and helps you get configured whether you are a linux/syslog lover, or if you are running from windows and you would prefer to install the Logentries agent. We also have a pile of docs for different PAAS platforms and languages if you would prefer to log directly from your code.

And what’s best of all is that you can try it now for free. You don’t even need to sign in… simply click the link, configure some logs and if you like it (most people do) … register your email address, your configuration will be saved and we’ll email you a free account.

Go on give it a whirl…