Last updated at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 19:46:42 GMT

The idea behind the PCI Compliance Dashboard is to provide you with one unique document to manage your PCI journey. I want to avoid you having to open multiple PDF documents to get all the information you need.

Many of you suggested to add an executive summary part. This is now done!

What's new?

To this end, the new version of the PCI Compliance Dashboard includes:

              • An "Executive Summary" showing your progress along your PCI journey. The Executive summary takes into account your merchant type.
              • A Graph sheet depicting the severity level and compliance  percentage for each requirements.
              • A column severity for each section. The severity equals the PCI defined priority as soon as a requirement is not in place.
              • List boxes for the selection of the merchant types and compliance status.

The PCI Compliance Dashboard

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Didier Godart