Last updated at Wed, 25 Oct 2017 15:31:24 GMT

We’re happy to announce Logentries is now available as an add-on service on AppHarbor.

Data and Log Analysis from AppHarbor

AppHarbor is a .NET Platform-as-a-Service. It makes deployment of .NET application easier and more fluent than has traditionally been the case. Azure done right as they say.

Developers push code to AppHarbor using either Git or Mercurial. AppHarbor then builds the code and runs any unit tests. If everything checks out, the code is deployed to AppHarbor’s scalable cloud platform.

AppHarbor lets developers spend their time coming up with ideas and developing applications, not patching servers, worrying about deployment, messing with configuration files, or scaling.

Naturally a certain level of debugging is required when building new applications that you want to deploy and scale on the cloud 😉 This is where we come in. The Logentries addon allows you to send log events from your source code running on AppHarbor directly to your Logentries account.

To make this as seemless as possible we’ve provided some .NET NuGet packages that extend the common logging modules (Nlog and log4net) so that your log events get sent directly to logentries. Setup is pretty straightforward, simply grab the relevant NuGet package, configure your Logentries account details and log from your .NET code as normal.

The code is also available from our GitHub account.

AppHarbor looks like a great platform for the .NET community and we’re looking forward to crunching lots of your .NET logs!!!