Last updated at Wed, 25 Oct 2017 15:33:13 GMT

We are happy to introduce real-time alerts. And no need for third party integration – alerts are fully supported by Logentries. Use alerts to get informed about the events of interest in your log data via email or use our web hooks feature to integrate alerts with your systems. For example, configure an alert to email you for every unhandled exception in your app. Don’t fail silently, get alerted on error messages that matter so that you can react and keep your systems running as they should.

And best of all, it’s so easy! To add a new alert, select the plus icon next to Alerts in main menu:

Alerts for Data and Log Monitoring
Define what you would like be alerted on, by defining a pattern/regular exception or tag, and then how you would like to be alerted (e.g. send me an email please). Piece of cake, right?

Alerts for Data and Log Monitoring: Set UpIf you want to edit the alert later, select Alerts in the menu bar to display all your configured alerts. Then simply select the alert’s name. Older alerts that you no longer require, can be removed by selecting the Remove icon (to the right of the alert) twice.

Alerts for Data and Log Monitoring: List of Options

If you would like to use another channel for alert notification, do let us know. Our alert infrastructure is both flexible and scalable, so it enables us to add new channels in matter of minutes. Feel free to ping us on our online support channel with your alerting requirements.