Last updated at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 18:26:58 GMT

I am part of product management team at Rapid7 and I am responsible for the user experience across all our products. I am fascinated with new technologies specifically related to artificial intelligence and HCI. My weekend leisure projects range from creating an ambient mail informatics system with an arduino (a small processor) to creating a sensor-laced cane for blind users.

I wrote about some cool UI improvements in Nexpose 5.0 release in November 2011. As our developers are tweaking code for Nexpose 5.1, I thought of writing about couple of my favorite UX features in this release.

New filters for granular asset searches

We talked to you and you asked for more filtering capabilities. Addition of new search filters allow you to create dynamic asset groups based on risk scores, export and malware exposures, CVSS metrics, PCI scan results, and scan dates. These expanded searching capabilities provide more granular ways to isolate assets that affect your security posture in critical ways and prioritize them for remediation. In our future releases, we are continuing to look at expanding filtering capabilities. Please leave us your comments on what you may want to see in Nexpose and why.

New policy page shows compliance at a glance

You asked for improvement in policy compliance capabilities and we delivered "Advanced Policy Engine" in Nexpose 5.0. our new release comes with a new Policies tab where you can get a quick overview of your assets' compliance with Advanced Policy Engine policies and baselines for which you have run scans. The page shows compliance statistics at the policy and rule level to help you quickly gauge compliance across your entire organization. Nexpose fully integrates with FDCC and USGCB scan templates. As we expand our policy compliance capabilities, we need your feedback. Let us know how do you want to use these policies in your environment and how can Nexpose help you achieve your task.

While introducing Policy tab, we have also reshuffled position of some tabs to make the workflow more logical. Please comment with any ideas or features that you you'd like to see.We are also looking for participants for our user feedback program to help us define requirements for our future releases. If you would like to participate, please let us know, and we would love to talk to you.