Last updated at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 18:17:05 GMT

I'm the manager for the Nexpose Documentation team at Rapid7. I want to tell you about what's new in our user's guide as of the Nexpose 5.1 release. The 5.1 guide, of course, covers the exciting features we've added to the 5.1 release. It's also been expanded with richer reporting information.

New dynamic asset group search filters

Find out how to search for assets and create dynamic asset groups based on new criteria:

  • risk scores
  • exploit and malware exposures
  • CVSS risk metrics
  • PCI scan results
  • last scan dates

See the section Using asset groups to your advantage for steps, use cases and tips on using these new search filters.

The "pass-the-hash" credential

In our improved section on configuring scan credentials for sites, we've added instructions for using captured LM/NTLM hashes for running credentialed scans on Windows assets via the standard SMB/CIFS protocol. See the section Configuring scan credentials.

Richer information on reporting

You can now open the user's guide and find more detailed instructions, use cases, and best practices on configuring and scheduling reports, working with CSV export and pivot tables, and reading reports to get the most out of them. See the section Working with reports.

All of this information was previously available in a separate reporting guide. In order to make it easier to find what you need in one document, we've consolidated the user's guide and reporting guide into the Nexpose 5.1 User's Guide. We've also removed the reporting guide, so that you'd have fewer documents to look through to find the information you need.

The Nexpose Doc team is dedicated to making information more accessible and more comprehensive for you. Your input is critical. Please let us know what information you're looking for, what's not clear to you, what we can do better. And stay tuned for more improvements to your Nexpose documentation!