Last updated at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 17:45:13 GMT

With Nexpose 5.1, you can now create platform-independent backups in order to migrate your installation to newer hardware or different supported OSes. For those of you on 32-bit platforms looking to migate to more modern hardware, look no further. Here is how you do it:

1. Navigate to the Nexpose Administration->Maintenance view and select the "Backup/Restore" tab. Check the "Platform-Independent" checkbox, provide a description and click "Start backup":

2. As long as there are no reports or scans running locally, Nexpose will restart into maintenance mode in order to perform the backup. Log back in and you can monitor the progress of the backup:

3. Install Nexpose on your new host and make sure it is fully initialized and ready to go. Create a new directory at <installdir>/nsc/backups. Copy the backup file from the backup location on the old host, <installdir>/nsc/backups/nxbackup_<dateofbackup>.zip, to the newly created "backups" directory on the new Nexpose host. Log in to the new instance of Nexpose and navigate to the Administration->Maintenance->Backup/Restore tab. You will see an entry for the backup that you made in step 2 and it will show as a "Platform-Independent" backup which means it can be restored to any supported platform. Click the "Restore" button to restore the backup:

4. The server will restart into maintenance mode and you can log in to monitor the progress. NOTE: Platform-independent backups may take longer to restore than platform-dependent backups. However, they take up much less disk space than platform-dependent backups. You may want to use this new feature in order to save disk space used by your backups.

5. Once the restore has completed, you should be able to log in and see all the data and customizations that were part of the backed-up Nexpose installation. Make sure you de-commission the old instance by shutting it down and uninstalling it so that the new install will be ready to accept new product and content updates. 

With the Enhanced Backup and Restore you can now save disk space on backups and migrate your Nexpose installation to new hardware or a new OS. Enjoy!