Last updated at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 19:18:44 GMT

You might have noticed a slight change in this site today, so I'd like to take this time to introduce both myself, your Community Manager, and the new, sleek, and easy to use Rapid7 Community, now named SecurityStreet.

My name is Patrick Hellen, a two year veteran here at Rapid7.  My background in both sales and account management has given me a real passion for customer engagement and outreach, and my ability to write and talk nonstop about subjects I find interesting hopefully makes me a great fit for this role.  I'm really looking forward to talking with you and hearing about your infosec experiences.

I've got a pretty big task ahead of me, but I'm excited to be here, and to make sure that the content and random brain-bits I end up putting up on this site will be both entertaining and informative. least informative.

That's more than enough about me.  I'll be making a few posts in the coming days, about all the features of the new-look SecurityStreet, starting with the following...

Let's start right at the top.  The row of icons on the top nav bar are a completely new add on, and they're going to make your browsing and collection of information much easier.  From left to right we've got the Activity, the Communication, and the Action Content Streams.

What's that mean for you?  It will mean the most if you are logged in.  When these icons turn green, it means that there is new content for you to see, so click away and you'll be presented with the information that you'll find most interesting.  The content, people, and places you follow will appear in these streams, allowing you to easily browse to the most important items.

We figure that the more information we can put in front of you, the more ammo you have to make sure you're secure. So be sure to follow, like, & comment on the people, places, and posts that mean the most to you!

Now it may take a few days for you to know your way around SecurityStreet, so if you have questions, or feedback, feel free to send it my way.  If you want to just say hi, or welcome, I'll take those too.

Securely yours,