As you may have already seen, Rapid7 is making a series of videos to highlight some of the attributes we value in our team and prospective candidates that may join the team.  We're doing this by paying tribute to some of our favorite movie scenes that we think represent these key attributes in some way.  We started with the head of engineering for Nexpose, Eric Reiners, mounting up on his trusty steed to demonstrate his leadership skills in delivering the “freedom” speech from Braveheart to his team. 

This week we put out the second video in our series, an homage to Rocky displaying the dedication one of our LA team, Wes Wharton. The bit with the eggs is particularly impressive. If there's an iconic movie scene you think we should tackle, let us know in the comments section below.

The videos are just a bit of fun, but we hope they give some insight into what kind of people we are and what it's like to work at Rapid7, voted “Most Admired Startup in MA” by the Boston Business Journal and one of the “Top Places to Work” by the Boston Globe. If you think you'd fit in here and you have the traits demonstrated in the videos, contact us. Rapid7 is hiring across all of our teams and offices and you can see a full list of open roles here, but it's always worth contacting us even if you don't see a role currently open that's an exact fit. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for updated job openings.

We look forward to hearing from you!