Last updated at Wed, 25 Oct 2017 18:28:11 GMT

If something is seriously broken in your application, you want to know about it immediately. But you can’t study your logs all the time – you have better thing to do (like coding right…). That’s why Logentries provides real-time alerts through both email and HTTP. And by real-time, we mean ‘real-time’ not 15 minutes later.

Today, we bring real-time to a completely new level. We are happy to announce the availability of our iPhone application for receiving Logentries alerts on the go. Using Apple’s push notifications, we can send you the most important alerts literally within a second.

The application is pretty much similar to standard Mail. You have an inbox of incoming notifications where you can search and select the notification of interest to see more details. Unread messages are clearly emphasized with a red mark.

Log Management Alerts via iPhone

Only the title of the alert is sent in the notification, this is actually due to restrictions in the push technology. The rest of the message – including the context of the log event – is stored on our server and retrieved when needed.

In order to receive the alert via push notifications, enable the “Notify me on phone” option in the Alert settings.

Then, download the application from the App Store (search for the keyword Logentries). It’s free!

Finally, you have to enter your inbox code, which is available with your Logentries main Account screen and then you are ready to go.