Last updated at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 16:16:48 GMT

I'm Rob, and I work on the Nexpose sustaining team at Rapid7. The mission of this team is to work closely with our customers in defining key new capabilities that will help solve customer challenges and enhance existing capabilities based on customer input. Many of the features the sustaining team works on may not get the same spotlight as some of the new core feature areas get, but enhances the user experience nonetheless.  In this blog entry, we'd like to tell you about things the sustaining team is working on "behind the scenes" in Nexpose, things you may not see or encounter as directly, but will make Nexpose a more rock solid product.

In our January 2012 release (Nexpose 5.1), we added USGCB policy and further improved our VMware vCenter integration, while the sustaining team worked to enhance logging so that support can more efficiently diagnose any issues our customers may encounter.  This will help get our customers up and running faster, and allow our development team to better pinpoint the root cause of those issues that need fixing.

In Nexpose 5.2 (launched in March 2012), the sustaining team optimized our build process and removed excess code, so that our installers became much smaller, while the other teams cranked out an amazing Customizable CSV Export feature and Policy tab enhancements.

For Nexpose 5.3 (June 2012), while other teams  delivered exciting new features like Global Credentials Management and Cyberscope XML Export, the sustaining team  added some important fault tolerance features into our update process, helping to make the updating process smoother.

The changes the sustaining team is making to Nexpose may not be as exciting and glamorous as our cool new CSV export feature or Global Credentials Management, but we're working hard "behind the scenes" to make sure the experience our customers have with Nexpose is as close to perfect as possible.  We take pride in our work, and look forward to making Nexpose more powerful with every release!