Last updated at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 14:50:11 GMT

Hi Open Source aficionados,

As Androguard and Cuckoo Sandbox were announced as the initial winners of the Magnificent7 Program a very cool opportunity presented itself for the developers. Alan Shimmel of Network World, who does a great job covering a lot of security topics, sat down (via Skype) with the two developers to pick their brains about why they decided to start these innovative open source projects. Anthony Desnos of Angroguard and Claudio Guarnieri of Cuckoo Sandbox shared what they hoped they would gain from being part of the Magnificent7 Program. Because open source developers are often lone rangers, Rapid7 wanted to help them by providing internal expertise that the developers didn't have. We were able to help Anthony with some advice on his technical roadmap and help Claudio refine his marketing game. Representing Rapid7, Marcus Carey added how he saw the Magnificent7 program unfolding in terms of new projects and how he hoped to help the current projects.

For more information on the Magnificent7 you can click here and for the full podcast, you can check it out here.