Last updated at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 14:27:28 GMT

As anyone who is familiar with using vulnerability management solutions to provide reports knows, the information can become very overwhelming very quickly.  One way to reduce the flood of information is to use asset filtering. However, depending on the environment and the network, this could be daunting as well, since you still will see vulnerability information that you may not care about.

In addition to the fine-grained asset filtering allowed during report creation, Nexpose 5.4 also allows you to filter the vulnerability findings themselves so that you can separate the signal from the noise and give remediation teams exactly what they need to get their job done.

The new feature allows for reports to be generated and filtered by Vulnerability Category, so that it can be tailored to certain target audiences.  Previously, the generated report could be 50 MB of information, with pages and pages of information, through which people would have to sort through in order to get to the information that pertains to them.   The new Vulnerability Category filtering feature will allow an Administrator to generate a filtered report tailored to focus on one or more specific vulnerability categories, and significantly reduce the size of the report; allowing the report itself to provide the focus needed.

For example, here's a report being configured to filter for vulnerability categories concerning Java and Browsers:

And here's the report generated:

Having focused reports leads to less time searching for information in the report, and more time acting on the report, keeping your team focused.