Last updated at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 13:23:25 GMT

Nothing frustrates me more than searching online for something I desperately need to put out a fire, and getting tons of results...except for that one critical nugget that I'm looking for.

Well, actually, one thing does frustrate me more: when I hear that Nexpose users are having that experience! (Full disclosure: I'm the Nexpose documentation manager.)

So, we're doing something about it. We're revamping our search in Nexpose Help for a future release so that you can find what you need quickly, without a lot of digging.

First, we're streamlining the number of search hits so that you get relevant results, not every instance of a term. For example, you may be looking for guidance on how to filter reports by certain vulnerabilities. You don't want to dig through every instance of the word "vulnerability," which occurs pretty frequently in our Help. You just want THAT page that tells you how to filter reports by vulnerabilities.

Second, we're improving our keyword mapping. You can search on a phrase for a task or problem that you're trying to solve. Even if the phrase doesn't include keywords that produce relevant search results, we'll map your search string to those keywords or phrases. For example: The query "How do I set up a Scan Engine" will produce results on configuring a Scan Engine and pairing it with the Security Console.

Here's where you come in. Our Help needs your help. Have you done searches in Nexpose Help and not found the information you needed? Contact me ( with queries for which you haven't found the results you needed. As the Nexpose Doc team continues improving the search, we'll incorporate these queries.

By the way, we're also reorganizing our Help contents in sections that match the major tasks of a typical Nexpose user: discovering security issues, assessing the discovered data, taking action by creating reports and tickets, tuning scans and result data, and administering and troubleshooting Nexpose. These main sections will give you context for why you're using a certain feature. For example: The Discover section explains why you need to create a site: Because you need a site to run a scan, which will enable you to discover assets and vulnerabilities.

Our mission is to deliver you the information you need when and where you need it.