Last updated at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 13:11:46 GMT

My last post from the UNITED Security Street is on the last session of the conference: Nuggets of Wisdom, the Takeaways from United.

Bernd Leger, Rapid7's VP of Product Marketing, is running this last session Panel style, with our speakers collecting and commenting on the most valuable advice they've received from their time here at UNITED. Our panel members for this final session are:

Steve Ragan - Security Editor for Tech Herald.

Stephan Meier - General Manager, Siemens AG

Shane Benting - Converged Security Architect, ADP

Mark Arnold - Security Engineering Manager - TJX.

The panelists all had their own interesting takeaways from their time here in San Francisco. From topics like securing the cloud, dealing with the inertia of updating, or how small teams managed to stay safe with less resources and people, to the very specific items discussed in the presentations. For a good snapshot of some of the talking points, check out our hashtag #UNITEDSummit and our twitter account @UNITEDsummit, as we've been updating the best quotes during this panel. Steve Ragan's takeaway resonated the most with me (WARNING: Shameless SecurityStreet Plug coming) in that he finds nothing more important then talking to people, so the networking, and the discussions he engaged in and overheard were by far the most valuable.

My own takeaway is full on agreement with Steve. The networking aspects, and the many conversations I've had with various people here over the last few days have broadened my view of my customers and the unique issues they're all dealing with. They also got a chance to know me, those lucky people, and got to hear my pitch about how I'm providing them a place to continue these types of discussions so we can all do a better job with the security issues of the day.  I'm a firm believer that the old fashion process of putting faces and names together makes online interaction far more engaging and successful. Also, raising a glass or two and discussing these topics after hours makes the takeaways from the last few days settle into our minds a bit more "securely"

Steve's final point of, "keep up your peer connections," ties nicely in to this community site that i'm running, so why not join up and help keep those connections and discussions expanding.

Thanks and we'll see you at the next show!