Last updated at Wed, 25 Oct 2017 19:06:05 GMT

Earlier this year we announced logging integration with our friends at PHP Fog.

One limitation of our initial integration however was that it was possible to log only access and error messages from PHP Fog accounts. Using our new PHP library you can now send your application log events to Logentries as well as the server access and error logs so you will have the full picture of what is happening in your application. Track critical application errors as soon as they occur, use highlighted tagging or set up email or phone alerts to be notified when serious issues occur..

The Logentries PHP library uses a custom-built logging library to forward log messages to our server via TCP. It provides a similar interface to other major language loggers, including the standard range of severity levels:

$log->Error("Hello Logentries, I'm an Error message");
$log->Warn("Hello Logentries, I'm a Warning message");
$log->Notice("Hello Logentries, I'm a Notice message");
$log->Info("Hello Logentries, I'm an Info message");
$log->Debug("Hello Logentries, I'm Debug message");

For more information on using Logentries in your PHP application, check out our documentation.