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The new year is just around the corner and the Internet has been available to users for almost two decades now. We have had user experiences that have pushed the boundaries with software, touchscreen devices and mobile applications. We are now witnessing radical changes in user expectations. We at Rapid7 are constantly striving to understand these expectations and live up to them.

At Rapid7, our mission is to solve complex security challenges with simple, innovative solutions that offer speed with control. It goes without saying that we focus on a better user experience for our products, time and again, with every new release. The four vital elements of user experience are Value, Usability, Adoptability and Desirability.

Based on:

For our enterprise products like Nexpose and Metasploit, I see Value, Usability and Adoptability roll up into one element and that is efficiency - How efficiently can a user get the job done?  We started out with prioritizing the features and since reporting is one of the most used features of Nexpose, we decided to start with improving the reporting experience for Nexpose 5.5 release.

One place for all reporting needs

All reporting needs are rolled up into 3 user goals: Create report, View report and manage report templates. With a streamlined interface, you can build and run reports, and create report templates faster than ever before. The Reports configuration panel now features a clean layout and a three-tab navigation that simplifies all report-related tasks. The 3 tabs representing these 3 goals are designed to follow the concept of “Don't make me think”. Based on the users' goals, they can select the specific tab to directly access the desired tasks.

Simplified report creation workflow

The “Create New Report” UI is far more intuitive and efficient than before.

Flexibility and efficiency of use

Our research showed that most of our users use only some primary report creation settings. Only a few users occasionally need flexibility to configure advanced settings. Based on that, we have hidden the advanced settings making the UI simple and clutter-free. The system can now cater to both inexperienced and experienced users.

Recognition rather than recall

All canned report templates now come with a preview image that minimizes the user's memory load by making options visible. You no longer have to remember report names. Using the new carousel feature, you can scroll through template previews and enlarge views to see them in better detail.

Easy recovery from errors

We understand “To err is human”. Inline error messages will help you quickly recognize and recover from any errors.

Cleaner, minimalist interface

The new minimalist table UI reduces clutter, and is designed for visual relief, without having to sacrifice any of the existing functionality. In new design we have also ensured that the system status is visible and obvious.

Easy to use powerful Report template configuration features

It was never this easy to create and customize report templates.  You can now choose from 3 different ways to create report templates:

Report template type 1-Document (PDF, HTML, RTF formats)

Simply drag and drop available report sections to create a customized report template.

Report template type 2-Export (CSV format)

Use this type when you would like to export specific data fields.

Report template type 3- Upload a template file (New)

This is one of the most exciting and powerful features introduced in Nexpose. The new reporting engine allows you to upload additional report templates which can be downloaded from Rapid7 Community.

New Report Templates

Two new report templates isolate the assets that have a high number of threats, so that you can prioritize remediation tasks accordingly:

• Top 10 Assets by Vulnerabilities lists 10 assets with the most vulnerabilities. It displays total vulnerabilities, malware and exploit exposures for those vulnerabilities.

• Top 10 Assets by Vulnerability Risk lists 10 assets with the highest risk scores. It displays risk scores, total vulnerabilities, and malware and exploit exposures for those assets.

At Rapid7 we are committed to improving the user experience for our customers.  Feel free to leave me a message here or you can directly contact me at