Last updated at Mon, 24 Jul 2017 20:07:24 GMT

The Rapid7 content coverage team is pleased to announce support for the Debian Linux distribution starting with the current stable release 6.x aka 'squeeze'.


With over 20,000 packages, Debian is one of the most widely installed and flexible of the Linux distrbutions and is notationally ranked #2 by Alexa Traffic Ranking and #6 by DistroWatch. Winning "Server Distribution of the Year" given by the Members Choice Awards 5 out of the last 7 years, it is a well regarded and widely installed operating system in both desktop and server configurations.


One of the challenges in supporting Debian is that the Debian Security Advisories target source packages instead of binary packages. In many cases this is one and the same however at times the vulnerability in one package will impact other packages. For example, Debian -- Security Information -- DSA-2580-1 libxml2 notes that there is a buffer overflow problem with the libxml2 library. Consequently a list of affected packages would include the debug version of said library, the development version, as well as the Python binding packages.

Debian Security Advisories are released asynchronously so the content team will provide updates to the Nexpose database in its recurring content update.

Enabling the Awesome

To get in on the fun, add the Debian Linux Category to your Scan Template as well as suitable authentication credentials and that's that.